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Hiking trail

Walk to Weggis

Hiking trail · Luzern
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  • 1. Starting point.
    / 1. Starting point.
    Photo: Jo Payne, Macs Adventure
  • / 2. Left route after crossing train track
    Photo: Jo Payne, Macs Adventure
  • / 3. Lower left path into trees
    Photo: Jo Payne, Macs Adventure
  • / 4. Lakeside town of Kussenacht
    Photo: Jo Payne, Macs Adventure
  • / 5. Ascensing out of Kussenacht
    Photo: Jo Payne, Macs Adventure
  • / 6. Path ascending over to Weggis
    Photo: Jo Payne, Macs Adventure
  • / 7. Final descent to Weggis
    Photo: Jo Payne, Macs Adventure
  • / 8. Your lakeside finishing point
    Photo: Jo Payne, Macs Adventure
m 700 600 500 400 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 km

A long walk which can be shortened with the use of public transport in various places.  

Say goodbye to the busy town of Lucerne! You will be walking back into it in about a week's time. Follow the national trails 3 and 4 to the town of Adlingenswil before continuing on country roads and descending to lake level at the town of Kuessnacht. From here, ascend once more to follow country trails along the hillside, offering fantastic views of the lake. Pass by Greppen (a short detour into the town is optional) before continuing to the picturesque lakeside town of Weggis.



21.3 km
6:00 h
616 m
609 m

The day starts at bustlling Lucerne but soons heads onto quiet country roads, into forests and through open pasture where cows graze.

The route is well marked with yellow ''wanderweg'' signs, yellow diamond markers and/or signage to the various villages and towns you will pass through. However, please always refer to your route notes, maps and if you are using it, the navigation app for the specific directions for this route.

Leaving Lucerne town, walk along the waterside before ascending up through residential roads, forests and fields of grazing cows (where you can hear the gentle tinkle of their bells!). Descend to the small town of Adlingenswill, where you can refuel with food and fuel if required (there is co-op, cafes and an ATM within a few metres of arriving into Adlingenswill). Climbing out of Adlingenswill via paved and gravel routes leads once more through cow-filled fields and past traditional wooden farmhouses and their well-tended flower boxes. Soon you will be presented with lake views and the town of Kuessnacht below. Descending to Kuessnacht (just over halfway) where there are plenty of opportunities to sample locally produced Swiss chocolates and enjoy a lunch at one of the many cafes. Beyond Kuessnacht, the route offers excellent views of the lake, with higher peaks coming into view. There are plenty of picnic benches along the route so take a seat and relax with the wonderful views! The long paved climb out of Kuessnacht, descends towards Greppen before the final climb towards Weggis, through several farms. On the approach to Weggis, higher peaks dominate the sky line as you begin your final descent towards the lake.


Options to shorten:


Lucerne to Weggis - Ferry (40mins)

Lucerne to Kussnacht - Train (20 mins)

Kussnacht to Weggis - Bus (20 mins)

Greppen to Weggis - Bus (5 mins)

Author’s recommendation

Today you're never far from villages and small lakeside towns, so there is plenty of time to appreciate the stunning Lake Lucerne. Howevrer, the second half of the route from Kussenacht onwards has many more panoramic lake views. You may like to consider taking a coffee break and a quick bite in Kuessnacht (just over half way) before continuing on the ascent towards Weggis. Along this route there are plenty of picturesque benches where you can enjoy a picnic, accompanied by the gentle sounds of traditional cow bells. Alternatively, Kuessnacht is the best spot for lunch today in one of the many bars and cafes behind the large church (see the note at km 13.6).

*If you are walking on a Sunday many shops and services are closed so do purchase provisions the night before.

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Jo Payne
Updated: July 25, 2018
Highest point
626 m
Lowest point
401 m
Best time of year

Safety information

Always be prepared for a change in conditions and do wear weather appropriate kit. Always carry enough food and water with you and personal kit that is neseccary to your well being. Good, sturdy walking shoes are required.

The routes are well marked and generally in very good condition. You will be walking through fields where cows and other livestock graze. Although docile, do keep your distance and walk calmly when passing through fields of cows. Be vigilant of cows when passing cows with calves.

You will walk through towns, villages and along country and farm roads. Please always be mindful of traffic, especially on sections that have no pedestrian footpath.

Tips, hints and links

Points of Interest

1) Lion at Lucerne. The Lion Monument in Lucerne is an impressive and moving monument to those soliders from central Switzerland who lost thier lives, serving King Louis XVI during the French Revolution. On 10 August, 1792, the soliders defended the Royal Tuileries Castle in Paris to allow the French Royal family time to escape. Carved into the rock, above the water, the monument is worth the detour on foot and takes around 10-15 minutes to reach from the Seebrucke Bridge.  The Lion can be visited at Lowendenkmal, Denkmalstrasse.

2) Appreciating lake views and cowbells. Today will be the first of many days where you can happily realx on a bench amongst alpine farms, gardens and the enchanting sounds of Swiss cowbells. A simple but very enjoyable pleasure.

3) Astrid Kappelle Chapel. In 1935, Queen Astrid of Belgium died in a car accident here. A lakeside chapel was constructed in her memory and is also a musuem to her life and death.  Born in Sweden, Queen Astrid was a princess of Sweden's royal House of Bernadotte and the chapel is visited by many Swedish and Belgium nationals since her death.


This tour is available on the following itineraries:




Seebrucke Bridge (north side) at Schwanenplatz (see image 1). (428 m)
47.053154, 8.308985
47°03'11.4"N 8°18'32.3"E
32T 447517 5211302


Lakeside in Weggis. Infront of Hotel Berchtord and Kantolalbank (see image 8).

Turn-by-turn directions

0.0km - Standing at north end of the Seebrücke bridge, start your walk from the tall black sign ‘Schwanenplatz’ (refer to image 1). The lake will be on your right and the old town will be on your left. Begin by following the lakeside around to your right (the large Scheweirhof Hotel on your left) and continue walking lakeside. Your next turn will be at the lakeside tennis club.

1.3km - TURN LEFT just after the tennis club and courts on your left (a bench overlooking the lake is on your right). Immediately after turning you will reach a busy road. TURN RIGHT along pavement and continue to the crossing at the traffic lights ahead (Hotel Europe on your left).

 - At the crossing, cross the road (beware of traffic) and TURN RIGHT, followed by an immediate LEFT UPHILL signed ‘Felsental’. On your right will be a distinct cream building, ‘Funiculaire’ (see image 2). Continue up this residential road, ignoring right hand turn (be mindful of cars using this quiet road).

1.8km - After white houses on your left (one is a yoga studio), BEAR RIGHT, under old tracks, up a steep paved road.

2.0km - TURN RIGHT at junction and BEAR RIGHT passing a bench and trees. Here you will reach busy road. At the crossing in front of you, cross here and TURN LEFT followed by an immediate HAIRPIN RIGHT TURN up a narrow gravel track (following wanderweg sign). Continue up the track to the church.

2.5km - At Church car park TURN LEFT across car park and then TURN RIGHT following the wanderweg sign uphill into the trees which leads through open pasture and back into the trees.

3.4km - At end of narrow gravel track, a large farmhouse will be down to your left. Ahead of you, TAKE THE LOWER LEFT PATH, back into the forest directly ahead of you (see image 3).

4.0km - TURN LEFT and immediate RIGHT (signed Talacheri, Adlingenswill, Meireskappel). Within a few metres, BEAR LEFT uphill (golf course to your left). Follow this track towards the farm buildings and descend between farmhouses, TURNING LEFT at the very large green tanks. Continue on paved road towards Adlingenswill (be mindful of traffic on this route).

 - Continue descending to Adlingenswill (church on right). In Adlingenswill provisions and an ATM are available.

5.4km - You have reached Adlingenswill. TURN LEFT along pavement (Gasthoff Russli ahead of you), then TURN RIGHT at roundabout signed ‘Kussenacht’. Shortly after there is another roundabout. Using crossing, CONTINUE ACROSS the roundabout and UPHILL along 'Dottenbergstrasse'.

6.0km - CONTINUE UPHILL as road snakes up between fields, ignoring any turn offs.

7.0km - TURN RIGHT at large farmhouse, signed ‘Stegmatt and Meierkappel’. There is a bench and ‘Restplatz 400m’ sign here.

7.5km - TURN RIGHT downhill towards following wanderweg signs towards ‘Meierkappel’.

8.3km At busy road, cross with caution and TURN RIGHT along narrow gravel path, following road. Continue along to the crossroads head of you (signed Meggen, Tschadigen).

- At crossroads, cross with caution and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD down the gravel track (large wooden red building to your right and a shooting gallery in the trees ahead).

8.9km - TURN LEFT onto narrow gravel track signed ‘Udingenswill’.

 - Shortly after TURN RIGHT over the stream and BEAR LEFT towards ‘Udingensweill’ back over stream.

9.4km – Take a sharp hairpin RIGHT TURN uphill signposted ‘Meggen, Waggenmouse’

9.7km – TURN LEFT at top of hill signpost ‘Kussenacht’. After 200m, follow the wanderweg and TURN RIGHT onto narrow path (just before a bench). Gentle descent and follow wanderweg signs to junction.

10.6km – BEAR RIGHT signed ‘Kussenacht, Barbramen’. Shortly after TURN RIGHT downhill at wanderweg sign and KEEP RIGHT and you will see the wide track swing left through the trees ahead of you. Follow the wide track around.

10.0km – At tarmac road, TURN RIGHT and then LEFT onto gravel track towards farmhouse, signed ‘Kussenacht, Sunnehofli’. Continue descending and be mindful of traffic.

11.8km – BEAR RIGHT down hill towards Kussenacht.

12.00km – CONTINUE DOWNHILL to Kussenacht following this small road. Be mindful of traffic. You will see Kussenacht train station come into view.

13.3km – BEAR RIGHT downhill towards junction towards train tracks. The road will swing round to the right under train tracks. Cross the road immediately after passing under bridge and TURN RIGHT uphill towards train station.

13.6km – TURN LEFT down stairs (bar on your right). Follow yellow diamond wanderweg signs. On reaching busy road, use underpass to your left to cross the road safely. TURN LEFT towards the lake, onto ‘Quaistrasse’. With lake on right, continue around until you reach car park with large church to left and Hotel du Lac Seehof on right.

 - In the streets behind the church are a number of cafes, ice cream parlours and restaurants.  

CONTINUE WALKING ACROSS carpark taking the residential road ’30 Zone’, leaving lakeside. Follow the road UPHILL and round to your right.

14.6km - TURN LEFT up stairs signed ‘Rigi Seebodenalp’ and TURN RIGHT at top of stairs along road. Continue to crossing on roa, heading for the ‘Rigi Seebodenalp’ cable car and cross the road and TURN LEFT uphill ( the cable car station will be on your on right) continuing uphill on residential road. Head through small carpark and descend small staircase, TURNING RIGHT and head uphill and up the long staircase ahead.

- At the top of staircase, TURN RIGHT uphill and continue on road until you reach a junction with sign ‘Landschi’.

15.6km - CONTINUE UPHILL on paved road signed ‘Landschi’, ignoring left and right turns. Continue up this route (see image 5).

16.3km – TURN RIGHT at farmhouse down track signed ‘Weggis’.

16.9km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON following signs for ‘Weggis, Greppen’

17.7km – CONTINUE ON towards Weggis

17.9km – TURN LEFT off the road, uphill onto gravel track towards Weggis (at the time of writing there was a very large green tepee at this junction).

- At this point if you wish, you could venture down into Greepen and back again.

18km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON through Langrieden Farm, following wanderweg markings and signs.

18.5km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON through houses. At the bushes ahead, you will reach a wanderweg sign. TURN RIGHT down the track, across a stream and up a very short rise where you will TURN LEFT onto paved road at the top.

- Take the immediate LEFT UPHILL TURN to Weggis and Rigi Christene Weg (blue sign 'Durrenbuhl') and CONTINUE UPHILL on gravel track, following signs to Weggis through Langiflue Farm (see image 6).

19.7km - CONTINUE ON following signs to Weggis, following Weggis Oberdorf.

- Continue following road down following signs ‘Weggis 15 mins’. The residential road is quiet but be mindful of cars where there is no path (see image 7).

21.2km - At the roundabout TURN RIGHT and cross the road at the crossing. Walk to the water’s edge where there are several yellow benches. Behind you, there is a bakery, Hotel Berchtord and Kantolalbank. This is your finishing point for today (see image 8).

- Sit and absorb the views, grab a beer, ice cream or head to your hotel to freshen up!


all notes on protected areas


47.053154, 8.308985
47°03'11.4"N 8°18'32.3"E
32T 447517 5211302
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Despite not walking high into the mountains, the weather can change. It's always useful to pack an extra layer, waterproofs and sun protection. Do wear clothes clothes comfortable for walking, ones which have quick drying properties are excellent in very hot or wet conditions. Good footwear is essentilal. A good sturdy walking shoe will suffice but you may prefer to wear boots.

Do take a supply of food and drink with you and any neseccary meditcation, together with a very simple first aid kit.

Please refer to the kit provided in your information pack for a list of other suggested items.

Lastly - don't forget your maps and route notes!

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21.3 km
616 m
609 m
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