Start Routes Through Höllental valley (Höllentalklamm gorge) to Zugspitze
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Through Höllental valley (Höllentalklamm gorge) to Zugspitze

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    Photo: Bettina Plank, CC BY-SA, GaPa Tourismus GmbH
m 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 10 8 6 4 2 km Zugspitze Ostgipfel Rauschende Wasserfälle Höllentalgletscher Höllentalangerhütte Das Brett Höllentalklamm
Probably the most famous and most difficult route to climb Germany’s highest mountain, Mount Zugspitze. A high Alpine tour including a glacier and fixed rope routes, which is one of the most varied and, in terms of nature, most impressive tours in the Wetterstein mountain range.


Distance 10.3 km
9:30 h
2,781 m
606 m
2,955 m
770 m
From Hammersbach on you follow the wild mountain stream through the impressive, easy to walk, Höllentalklamm gorge. Follow it all the way up to the Alpine hut Höllentalangerhütte, which in the middle of the high Alpine vistas offers a cozy place to spend the night. This way you can spread the hike up to Germany’s highest mountain across two days. You will cross the Höllentalanger, which is a bit wider, on a short fixed rope route to Höllentalferner, a glacier, which is now small, but must not be underestimated. There are still crevasses, which should be approached with respect. After that, you will follow another fixed rope route, which takes you almost vertically up the tall rock face nearly all the way up to the summit. For your return down to the valley you can then take the easy route down in the Eibsee cable car or the rack railway.


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Author’s recommendation

This tour is beautiful, but also very well known. If you are looking for the seclusion of the mountains, it is best to do the tour between Monday and Friday. Day walk into the mountains: If you do not want to go all the way to the summit, part of this hike is definitely worthwhile, too. Just go through the gorge to the Alpine hut Höllentalangerhütte and stop for coffee and cakes.


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A difficult
Highest point
2,955 m
Lowest point
770 m
Best time of year

Rest stops

Hammersbacher Hütte
Münchner Haus

Safety information

This tour takes you across a glacier and on a fixed rope route. Alpine experience, glacier and equipment for fixed rope routes, helmet and security of step as well as a good head for heights (considering the very high and exposed fixed rope route) are essential. The most relaxed way of approaching this tour is together with our experienced mountain guides, who can provide you with good advice and help with equipment before embarking on the tour.


Phone number for Alpine emergencies: Phone 112 (Mountain Rescue Service)

Weather forecast for the local mountains of the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahnen cable car company: Phone +49 8821 797 979

Tips and hints, (cable car timetable), (DAV Alpine huts)


Hammersbach car park for hikers/Hammersbach stop (770 m)
47.465064, 11.044991
47°27'54.2"N 11°02'42.0"E
32T 654114 5258874


Wanderparkplatz Hammersbach / Haltestelle Hammersbach

Turn-by-turn directions

If you travel by car, you can get a summary of the tour by looking at the information board at the large car park for hikers. From here you follow the road to your right into Hammersbach, where you will reach a small chapel next to the stream.

If you travel by Zugspitzbahn, you will take the footpath from the platform to the road, which will also take you to the chapel. The bus stops right here, so the chapel is an ideal starting point. To the right of the chapel, the footpath takes you straight into the forest. Follow this path uphill, ignoring the signs for “Höllental über Stangensteig” (Höllental valley via Stangensteig trail), following the signs for “Höllentalklamm” gorge. At the entrance to the gorge you will reach the Alpine hut marking the entrance, where you can pay your entrance fee (Adults 2.50 EUR/children 2 EUR/concessions for DAV-members and the disabled). Now you will reach the impressive Höllentalklamm gorge. It may be advisable to put on a rain jacket before entering, as the water is raging down the torrent and you may be splashed from above. You will go through the wild gorge on well secured paths, planks and bridges, through galleries and tunnels. Here you will experience the original force of water and nature. Don’t forget to look up every now and then: You can see thousands of little rainbows in the sunlight, innumerable waterfalls and a huge rock which got stuck between the walls of the gorge. After exiting the gorge, the path will take you further on through the steep, narrow valley all the way to Höllentalangerhütte. If you planned this tour to take two days, you can spend the night here (Especially during the main season, it is advisable to book in advance). To the right behind the hut, the path goes off to the glacier (signposted Zugspitze). At the end of the valley you turn left in the direction of Riffelscharte (watch out for the signs for Zugspitze) and you will walk on the so-called “Brett” (board) and “Eisenstifte” (ion pins) secured by an iron wire across a rock face to the “grüner Buckl” on the Höllentalferner glacier. You will then cross the moraine and the glacier (Watch out for crevasses – we recommend crampons) until you reach the start of the fixed rope route, which is to the right above the glacier field. The transition from glacier to the fixed rope route (bergschrund) can be problematic and may require additional rope equipment on the glacier! From the beginning of the fixed rope route to the right and then to the left through the rock face, at all times secured by a rope up to Irmenscharte (2,660m) it is absolutely essential to be secure on your feet and to have a good head for heights (Equipment for fixed rope routes and helmet recommended). You will then follow a narrow Alpine trail, which will take you straight up to the summit cross of Mount Zugspitze. From here, it is truly just a few steps to the terraces of the top terminal of the cable car. You can return to the valley by using the Eibsee cable car to Lake Eibsee and then taking the rack railway to the Hammersbach stop or by taking the glacier cable car to SonnAlpin at the Zugspitz glacier and then taking the rack railway to Hammersbach.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport

Take the national train service to Garmisch-Partenkirchen (connections from Munich every hour, regular connections from Innsbruck and Reutte/Tirol). Right behind the Deutsche Bahn train station you will find the Zugspitzbahn station. There are hourly Zugspitzbahn trains leaving for Grainau, coinciding with the Deutsche Bahn timetable. Take the Zugspitzbahn train to the Hammersbach stop (NB: Request stop – please press the stop button in good time after the Kreuzeckbahn/Alpspitzbahn stop to indicate that you want to get off at Hammersbach).


Getting there

Take the motorway A95 from Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. At the end of the motorway near Eschenlohe, follow the state road B2 to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. After the Farchant Tunnel first follow the signs for the Garmisch part of town/Grainau/Zugspitze. Carry on through Garmisch in the direction of Grainau/Zugspitze. Leave Garmisch-Partenkirchen and then take the first exit left into Grainau and follow the main road. After approx. 1.5 km a road leaves to the left to Hammersbach (signposted). Just after crossing the tracks of the Zugspitzbahn, you will see a large car park for hikers to your right.

Coming on the state road B2 from Innsbruck/Mittenwald carry on until you reach the intersection in front of the town hall in Partenkirchen. Here you take a left in the direction of Grainau/Zugspitze/Fernpass/Reutte and then follow the course of the main road (Bahnhofstrasse, St.-Martin-Strasse). Leave Garmisch-Partenkirchen and then take the first exit left into Grainau and follow the main road. After approx. 1.5 km a road leaves to the left to Hammersbach (signposted). Just after crossing the tracks of the Zugspitzbahn, you will see a large car park for hikers to your right.

Coming from Ehrwald/Tirol or Grainau/Zugspitze on the state road B23, you will take the second road to Grainau before you reach Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Follow the main road for approx. 1.5 km until you reach a road going off to the left to Hammersbach (signposted). Just after crossing the tracks of the Zugspitzbahn, you will see a large car park for hikers to your right.


Large car park for hikers


47.465064, 11.044991
47°27'54.2"N 11°02'42.0"E
32T 654114 5258874
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Sturdy, ankle-high boots, telescopic poles and crampons recommended, weatherproof clothing, equipment for fixed rope routes and helmet, sufficient provisions and beverages, sunscreen.


Questions and answers

Question from Lukas Spieß · September 16, 2020 · Community
Muss vorab ein Ticket gekauft werden, oder macht man das auf dem Gipfel? Und kann die Zahnradbahn mit dem gleichen Ticket wie das von der Eisenbahn gefahren werden?
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Answered by Bartos Gwozdz · September 16, 2020 · Community
Wir haben das Ticket für die Talfahrt oben auf der Station geholt und sind dann mit der Seilbahn runter und mit Zahnradbahn weiter!
Question from Dirk Kunert · November 06, 2019 · Community
hi. ich interessiere mich für die Strecke aber mit Bergführer. wie teuer ist den das dann? Grüße dirk
Show more
Answered by Michael Klaus-Hartmann  · November 06, 2019 · Community
Hallo Dirk, die Tour habe ich ohne Bergführer beschritten. Daher kann ich Dir leider nicht sagen, wie teuer das ganzen sein wir. Vielleicht wirst Du aber eine Möglichkeit vor Ort finden. Dazu würde ich mich an den Ortsverband wenden. Die geben meist gerne Auskunft.
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Michael Fischer
August 14, 2020 · Community
Sehr schöner Aufstieg. Der Weg ist das Ziel. Leider ist der Gipfel total mit Sandalen-Touris überfüllt, sehr Schade aber trotzdem empfehlenswert.
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Harry A.
August 04, 2020 · Community
Geniale Tour. Klettersteig ist aber B/C und nicht A wie hier angegeben. Ich habe ein Video zu dieser Tour gemacht, das euch vielleicht bei der Planung der Tour helfen könnte:
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Video: Harry A., Boulderaner
Carla Miau
September 07, 2019 · Community
Das Brett
Photo: Carla Miau, Community

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A difficult
10.3 km
9:30 h
2,781 m
606 m
Highest point
2,955 m
Lowest point
770 m
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