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Start Routes Nahesteig - long-distance hiking trail along the Upper Nahe River
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Nahesteig - long-distance hiking trail along the Upper Nahe River

· 14 reviews · Hiking trail · Obere Nahe · closed
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  • Nahesteig
    Photo: Sebastian Caspary, Birkenfelder Land
m 500 400 300 200 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 km Kriegerdenkmal in Nohen Rastplatz Scheidwald Aussicht in … Höhe Frauenburg Bistro Gleis 4 Hof Café Frauenberg

The Nahesteig leads past impressive rock formations, down to the river and up to heights with great views. Five train stations along the route allow for individualised tours.

Distance 37.1 km
11:00 h
838 m
930 m
466 m
253 m

The Nahesteig is a moderately difficult tour in various sections, and challenging in some places. The young Nahe has produced an impressive landscape in its upper reaches. The river has dug its bed deep into the rock, with steep rock faces alternating with gentle passages along the banks. Ropes are useful for ascent and descent in some places. The route alternates between passages along the water, in the forest and repeatedly up onto the rocks, where you can enjoy magnificent views of the Nahe Valley.

Many hosts along the route offer a special Nahesteig-picnic. It is asked that you book in advance.

Weekend hiking packages with accommodation are available here.

Author’s recommendation

Nahetalbahn timetables for individual planning at: www.rnn.info  

Tasty Nahesteig picnic (from €6.50) to order in advance. Further information here.

Profile picture of Sandra Wenz
Sandra Wenz
Update: February 28, 2023
Highest point
466 m
Lowest point
253 m
Best time of year

Track types

Asphalt 8.59%Dirt road 5.06%Forested/wild trail 42.37%Path 36.69%Road 2.67%Unknown 4.59%
3.2 km
Dirt road
1.9 km
Forested/wild trail
15.7 km
13.6 km
1 km
1.7 km
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Rest stops

Bistro Gleis 4
RISCHtig lecker bei DECKER's in Hoppstädten-Weiersbach
Café Allerhand
Hof Café Frauenberg

Safety information

A sure footing is essential. Ropes are useful for ascent and descent on some short sections.

The Nahesteig starts off gently and on wide paths in all places. You should not be deceived by this, some passages have real climbing character.

Along the route, there are 8 service stations providing plasters and some bandage materials. Whoever takes something, please inform the operators by email, so that it can be replenished quickly. This way to the locations of the service stations.


Tips and hints

New route between Kronweiler and Weibersprung! Since 18.3. the Nahesteig in the area of Kronweiler

Sonnenberg-Winnenberg runs along a new path. Shortly after the “Ulmenpfad” (elm path), the new route leads down to the Nahe, through the centre of Sonnenberg and finally on to Weibersprung. The “Lorettablick” service stations is missed out. Stamp cards are also considered to be completely filled in without the “Lorettablick” stamp as long as all other stamps are present. The route has new signposting in this area.

Along the route, there are good opportunities to plan the respective day’s tour individually by using the various railway stations and bus stops. The trail is linked to three dream loops and several local hiking trails, making many hiking variations possible.

A sure footing is essential on this trail!

On the way, it is worth stopping off at the Frauenburg ruins. If you want, you can directly access the “Countess Loretta” dream loop here and therefore vary your hike.

The other dream loops and the other hiking paths on the trail also make great individual hiking variations possible.

Information for dog owners:

Level of difficulty: medium to difficult, little tarmac, few narrow paths, well suited for an adventurous dog walk over uneven terrain

Distractions: Over the course of the Nahe Trail, country or district roads have to be crossed from time to time, roads can sometimes be heard, but this does not detract from the hiking experience. Over the 35km, you will pass over several paddocks. There is a medium volume of hikers on the premium trail, so you should expect to encounter oncoming hikers.

Water/shade: The Nahe-Trail leads mainly through wooded terrain parallel to the Nahe river. Dogs and their two-legged friends have direct access to water at the start from Neubrücke to Hoppstädten-Weiersbach at the water adventure trail, shortly before Nohen at the old mill and the “Nahe Island”, in Kronweiler, in the Devil's Gorge near Sonnenberg, in Enzweiler and “in the Kama” shortly before Idar-Oberstein.

Rubbish bins/cleanliness: On the dream loop, the principle of “what you take on the trail goes home with you” is applied as far as possible. There are only rubbish bins available at selected points. The waste from dogs and humans should not be left on/along the trail so that the enjoyment of the trail is maintained for all


Hoppstädten-Weiersbach or Idar-Oberstein (336 m)
49.609598, 7.175789
49°36'34.6"N 7°10'32.8"E
32U 368211 5496823
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Idar-Oberstein or Hoppstädten-Weiersbach

Turn-by-turn directions

The route is described in the direction of flow of the Nahe, i.e. from Neubrücke/ Hoppstädten-Weiersbach to Idar-Oberstein.

If you come to Neubrücke by train, start walking to the right in front of the station. Walk along the main road a few metres in the direction of Hoppstädten (the railway station is in the district of Neubrücke). Immediately after the town sign, a road leads to the right into the countryside.

Those arriving by car should drive to the Hoppstädten hikers’ car park and then join the trail here as well.

Just after the Hoppstädten town sign, a road leads to the right into the countryside towards the river. The path leads under a railway bridge and finally over several stepping stones across the Steinaubach stream.

When water levels are high, there is a short diversion here from the car park. The Nahesteig leads from here along the Upper Nahe water adventure trail. On the banks of the Nahe, numerous inhabitants of the floodplain landscape are explained at play stations and display boards.

After around 1 km, the Nahe is crossed over big stepping stones. There is some nice water playground equipment all around - time for a first rest! The path continues past the parish church of St. Markus in Bleiderdingen and finally up “Auf Werdenstein” and into the forest.

The Celtic tree circle makes it worthwhile to search for your own birth tree.

The trail following the historic church path towards Heimbach. Now begins a very natural passage in forest and floodplain landscape: through a steep slope, the trail first goes downhill almost to the bank of the Nahe and then through forest and meadow up to the old cross in the Scheidtwald. From here down to Heimbach and immediately at the entrance to the village uphill again in the direction of Heimbacher Höfe.

Attention: If you don’t want to walk the trail in one go, you can stop here: In Heimbach there are regular chances to take the train from the station to Idar-Oberstein or the bus back to Neubrücke station.

If you continue walking, you will reach the heights above the Heimbacher Höfe after a somewhat more strenuous climb. A magnificent “almost 360° view” is compensation for the climb. Further on, the trail leads to a viewpoint called “Railwayman’s Luck”, the name says it all!

Again, we descend into the valley and continue on a picturesque old fishermen’s path to Nohen. The trail now follows the route of the Nohener Nahe-Schleife dream loop for a short distance. In Nohen you may once again stop the hike and take the train back to the starting point. Nohen is also a great place to stop for a bite to eat; an inn and a café look forward to welcoming hikers.

The trail now continues through the village to the nearby edge of the forest and finally into a shady hollow way, in the direction of Kronweiler. In a narrow valley, the Rohrbach is crossed and another circular trail is reached, which the Nahesteig now follows for a short distance. The “Odels-Uwe-Path” is named after a cave along the way. Finally, the local community of Kronweiler is reached, where you may once again cut the hike short by taking the train. In Kronweiler, a small grocery shop provides food for the hikers (open weekday mornings, on Fridays also in the late afternoon).

In Kronweiler, the trail leads uphill again and finally through the so-called Iron Lay via a forest path towards Sonnenberg-Winnenberg. This used to be a mining area, hence the term Iron Lay.

The trail runs beyond Sonnenberg towards Winnenberg. In Sonnenberg, there are refreshments on offer at Gasthaus Sonnenberg, approx. 500 m from the trail. Past the Winneberg cemetery, the Nahesteig now leads downhill again towards the river and meets the "Countess Loretta" dream loop, whose course it now follows for a while. When you reach the Nahe, the dream loop turns right and the Nahe Trail continues straight ahead to the Oberbrombach fishing hut. This is a wonderful place for a rest, tables and benches are ready and waiting and often the association opens its fishing hut and the hiker can get cool drinks.  Here you also have the opportunity to dip your tired feet into the cool waters of the Nahe - in several places you have direct access to the river here. After the rest, the route goes uphill again to one of the most beautiful views on the route - from Naheblick you have a great view of the river and of Hammerstein, a district of Idar-Oberstein.

We continue through the forest and then go down into the valley on an ancient path. For a few metres, the trail leads directly along the main road 41 - behind the crash barrier and only for a few steps. Then it goes further down into the valley, under one of the huge bridges of the main road. In a moment it becomes quieter again, the mouth of the Siesbach into the Nahe is reached. The Siesbach is crossed over a small bridge and right at the mouth there is another nice place for a rest on the rocks. Through Enzweiler (also a district of Idar-Oberstein), the trail finally leads up to the dream loop “Around the Kama”. It now follows this for the remaining 3 km or so through the magnificent floodplain landscape of the Nahe, outlined by spectacular cliffs.

The tour ends at the Kammerhof. If you want to return by train, you can reach Idar-Oberstein railway station from here via the access road after about another kilometre.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport


By rail, the train stations in Idar-Oberstein, Kronweiler, Nohen, Heimbach (Ort), Hoppstädten and Neubrücke are easy to reach. The regional express stops in Idar-Oberstein and Neubrücke, whilst the other stations are linked by regional rail.

There is a good bus link between Heimbach and Neubrücke.

All infos at www.rnn.info 

Please note: On the map, the trail and the railway line are almost parallel to each other. This does not mean, however, that you can get back to the starting station directly from each of the stations, but (watch out, this is unfortunately getting a bit complex):

A regional express runs very regularly between Idar-Oberstein and Neubrücke, so if you walk the entire trail in one day, you can get back very quickly in both directions without changing trains.

The train stations between are linked by regional railway. Most regional trains run between Idar-Oberstein, Kronweiler, Nohen, and leave the river here for Heimbach (towards Baumholder). Individual trains run through to Hoppstädten and Neubrücke. In any case, it is advisable to enter the connection at www.rnn.info beforehand, because it is possible that the journey with the connection you want will initially go in the wrong direction and you will have to change to the regional express in Idar-Oberstein. It also works well, but you have to be aware of this and take it into account when planning your route.

From Oberstein railway station, follow the access road to the “Around the Kama” dream loop, the starting point is identical to that of the Nahe-Trail.

Walk from Kronweiler station to the centre of the village, the trail runs through the middle of the village.

Nohen train station is located directly on the route.

From Heimbach station, walk downhill in the direction of the Nahe, the trail runs past the entrance to the village. There is currently a major road construction site on the future regular access road.

From Neubrücke station, walk approx. 300 m to the right (downstream), this is where the trail begins.

Getting there

Idar-Oberstein: To Gaststätte Kammerhof, please use the signposted car parks for hikers.

Hoppstädten-Weiersbach: Straight after the “Birkenfeld” exit, take the first exit to Hoppstädten-Weiersbach / Bahnhof Neubrücke. Past the train station, turn left after approx. 400 m directly to the hikers’ car park at the trail starting point


Idar-Oberstein, Kammerhof inn / Hoppstädten-Weiersbach: Hikers’ car park Hoppstädten / Nohen: Hikers’ car park Nohen 


49.609598, 7.175789
49°36'34.6"N 7°10'32.8"E
32U 368211 5496823
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Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

The WanderZeit hiking brochure can be sent to you free of charge by the Tourist Information Office for the Birkenfeld region.

There is also a leaflet with holiday offers on the trail - hikes with transfer, snack package, picnic, hiking socks and more - simply just order by e-mail.

Send orders to info@birkenfelder-land,de 

Author’s map recommendations

The trail is included in the new “Leisure map Around the Erbeskopf” - available from the Tourist Information Office for the Birkenfeld region, e-mail to info@birkenfelder-land.de 

Book recommendations for this region:

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Recommended maps for this region:

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Sturdy hiking boots, clothing to suit the weather conditions and enough to drink are recommended.

Questions and answers

Question from Bernd Schneider · September 14, 2021 · Community
Ich frage mich warum man für die Nahesteig schmale und rutschige Wege nimmt ohne Sicherung. Wir wollten von Heimbach nach Hoppstätten-Weiersbach gehen und der Weg ging am Hang hoch über der Nahe entlang und wurde immer schmaler und rutschiger. Über dem Bahntunnel ging der Hang ganz steil runter und wenn man abgerutscht wäre, dann wäre man auf den Bahndamm gestürzt. Danach kam eine Stelle noch schmaler und schräg, da haben wir auf dem Boden gekniet und waren im Panik. Mit Hilfe von Stöcken haben wir Tritte in den Weg gegraben und Steine weggescharrt, und durch gegenseitiges Festhalten sind wir nicht abgerutscht und konnten zurück. Wir mussten dann von Heimbach aus auf der Hauptstasse laufen und kamen erst im Dunkeln an. Das war die schlimmste Wanderung jemals.
Show more
Answered by Jan S · September 24, 2021 · Community
Weil der Begriff "Steig" hier mal zutrifft im Gegensatz zu all den Spaziersteigen, die sonst erfunden werden. Endlich mal Pfade! Endlich eine Wanderung, für die sich die Wanderschuhe lohnen! Eine Wanderung zeichnet sich auch dadurch aus, dass man nal eine kitzlige Stelle meistert. Und wie die Witterung das beeinflusst, damit muss man dann auch mal umgehen. Natur... gleich wieder nicht recht.
1 more reply
Question from Insomnia87 · August 11, 2021 · Community
Hallo, wo die schwarze gestrichelte Linie ist, geht ein Weg hoch, dieser auch mit einem Umleitungsschild gekennzeichnet. Leider bin ich dieser Umleitung gefolgt und kam wieder an der selben raus. Da ich die ODA App nutze steht auch nichts davon das genau dieser Abschnitt gesperrt ist. Schade, wäre die Etappe gerne zu Ende gegangen aber so bin ich dann mit dem Zug wieder zurück.
Show more
Photo: Insomnia87, Community
Answered by Marion Leonhard · August 12, 2021 · Birkenfelder Land
Hallo, tut uns leid, dass Sie den Weg nicht zu Ende wandern konnten. Leider können wir auf diesem kleinen Kartenausschnitt nicht erkennen wo die Umleitung sein soll. Derzeit besteht keine aktuelle Umleitung von unserer Seite. Bitte teilen Sie uns den Streckenabschnitt mit, damit wir uns kümmern können. Danke für Ihren Hinweis.
1 more reply
Question from Jürgen Heyne-Pietschmann · September 29, 2020 · Community
Der eingestellte gpx track vom Nahesteig läßt sich bei mir nicht in die aktuelle Basecamp Fassung auf meinem MAC mit aktuellem Betriebssystem importieren. Gibt es etwas besonders zu beachten?
Show more
Answered by Sandra Wenz · September 29, 2020 · Birkenfelder Land
Hallo, das wissen wir leider auch nicht, wir haben die Frage an Outdooractive weitergeleitet. Viele Grüße aus Birkenfeld!
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Ella ✖️ 
February 19, 2023 · Community
Wunderbar abwechslungsreiche Streckenwanderung auf schönen Pfaden, gut ausgeschildert und ausreichend Rastmöglichkeiten. Aufgrund der Höhenmeter und Streckenlänge natürlich etwas anspruchsvoller, aber die Mühe lohnt sich.
Show more
Jan S
September 24, 2021 · Community
Bernd Gross 
August 20, 2021 · Community
sehr schöner und abwechslungsreicher Wanderungweg.
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When did you do this route? August 19, 2021
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37.1 km
11:00 h
838 m
930 m
Highest point
466 m
Lowest point
253 m
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