Start Routes 05 From the ELBEL PASS to the De Gasperi Refuge - Sappada
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05 From the ELBEL PASS to the De Gasperi Refuge - Sappada

Long distance hiking trail · Carnia
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  • Panorama verso Piccolo Siera e Creton di Tul dal sentiero passo Elbel - rifugio De Gasperi
    / Panorama verso Piccolo Siera e Creton di Tul dal sentiero passo Elbel - rifugio De Gasperi
    Photo: @ Giovanni Borella, Giovanni Borella
  • Rifugio Fratelli De Gasperi (Val Pesarina, Foto A. Cella)
    / Rifugio Fratelli De Gasperi (Val Pesarina, Foto A. Cella)
    Photo: © A.Cella,
  • Salendo al passo Elbel
    / Salendo al passo Elbel
    Photo: © Piller Hoffer Manuel, © Piller Hoffer Manuel
Map / 05 From the ELBEL PASS to the De Gasperi Refuge - Sappada

Due to the current closure of the beautiful Corbellini path that linked the Siera pass with the De Gasperi refuge employing long exposed sections equipped with permanent fixtures, this suggestion is the easiest and most interesting alternative for access to the refuge itself from Sappada, as well as for the suggestive and isolated environments that it crosses.
2.6 km
1:30 h
222 m
441 m
The route, in full sun, is varied in the areas its crosses with stands of mugo pine, patches of meadow and woods. It is most definitely rewarding especially for the beautiful views of the characteristics dolomitic rocks of the Clap group and the Eastern Carnic Alps. Generally little visited, it deserves greater attention from hikers. User
Giovanni Borella
Updated: August 07, 2019

Highest point
1951 m
Lowest point
1636 m
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Turn-by-turn directions

From the pass, reached from Sappada following itinerary n. 3, follow the path n. 315, which descends with steep hairpins south to the base of the campanile of Mimoias (a small, bold pinnacle located south of the Elbel pass), it skirts the base where it crosses the n. 202a (which goes to the Mimoias pass or the abandoned mountain casera of the same name). Here (signed) the walker instead continues left (eastwards), slightly uphill, then continuing to navigate in the same direction as far as the first big shoulder with larch and fir (there is large boulder with route indications and an excellent viewpoint on the pass and the Creta Mimoias) then descending a short but steep slope to the south to a second, grassy, shoulder. It continues to fall gently amidst dense stands of mugo pine, crossing a pebbly outcrop, a stand of spruce, other patches of mugo, and isolated larches. The route proceeds, heading south-east, through thick scrub, along the entire southern side of the Creton di Clap Piccolo, skirting the grassy clearing where you can see the ruins of the casera of the same name. Here the walker begins along path n. 201 that enters from the Pian di Casa (val Pesarina) and which continues mainly at altitude through large wooded expanses. A little further on, here and there, the path becomes a bit exposed, and requiring care, both for its slippery nature and where reinforcement trunks holding it in position have been lost. It now begins to climb up towards the canyon of the Rio Pradibosco, beyond which the walker traverses further east right up to a short but steep ridge that is overcome by a series of quite steep turns. Having reached the summit, the refuge is very close by.


Along the same itinerary. Very fit and experienced walkers can take routes ns. 10 + 11 or ns. 10 + n. 12.

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Omar Gubeila
May 13, 2019 · Community
Buongiorno! In qualità di attuale gestore del rifugio De Gasperi, mi permetto di segnalare che il sentiero Corbellini dal 2017 è nuovamente percorribile ed agibile a seguito dell'intervento delle guide alpine per il ripristino dello stesso.. Chiedo quindi cortesemente di modificare quanto scritto nella descrizione. Grazie!
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2.6 km
1:30 h
222 m
441 m


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