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RheinBurgenWeg – Complete Trail (South - North)

June 29, 2021 · Community
We've walked the Rheinburgenweg from Bingen to Bonn late September/early October 2020 and took us 9 days. The route goes up and down the hills, through forests, vinyeards and beautiful scenic towns along the Rhine. And there are castles everywhere! When we didn't feel like climbing all day, we sometimes just walked along the shore, which is also really nice. Towns like Bacharach, Sank Goar, Boppard, Andernach and Bad Breisig are really cute, and a bigger city like Koblenz is nice for a change as well to stay for the night. I didn't really expect a lot from Bonn, but it is a great place to finish and we've ended up staying there for 3 nights because we liked it so much. I'd highly recommend this route, perhaps in late Spring or (early) Summer because of the weather. In Fall it can be a little cold and rainy, which makes it a bit more of a challenge.

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