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Walk to St. Johann

Wanderung · Region Wilder Kaiser
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  • Stop and take it all in!
    Stop and take it all in!
    Foto: Sarah Stone, Macs Adventure
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From the Gaudeamushütte, continue walking on the Adlerweg initially on narrow trails and then on mountain trails and quiet roads to St. Johann.
Strecke 12,5 km
4:00 h
684 hm
1.298 hm
1.568 hm
659 hm
From the Gaudeamushütte, continue walking on the Adlerweg past a few waterfalls until you reach the welcoming Gasthof Rummler, where you can stop for refreshment if you wish. A mountain path then leads to Weiler Hinterkaiser and finally finishes in the centre of St. Johann. In the picturesque alpine town of St. Johann, you can take a pleasant evening stroll around the traffic-free town centre.


3.10 km – Ackerlhütte – panoramic view and a bio WC (can also be accessed even if the hut is closed)

3.90 km – Short detour to the waterfall - great to cool off!

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Sarah Stone
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Today you may be walking past a few different areas where cows graze. Although generally very docile and used to walkers, keep your distance and never turn your back on a cow that is behaving strangely or aggressive. Be particularly vigilant around cows with calves. 

Always allow plenty of time for your hike. The specified walking times only refer to actual time spent walking. Breaks for photos and a rest need to be added to the specified times.

Make sure you find out about current weather conditions and keep an eye on weather changes. Thunderstorms can gather very quickly in the Alps.

Do not leave the designated hiking trails!

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Why not dip your head in the cool water of the Stiegenbach waterfall and refresh yourself ready for the rest of your walk? 

The Schleierfall (or “veil” waterfall) flows over a sheer rock face in the Niederkaiser foothills. If you’re feeling brave, you can even venture behind the veil!

St Johann

Situated between the Wilder Kaiser mountains and the Kitzbühel Alps, the charming Tyrolean town of St. Johann is a great place to relax and while away some time. With no shortage of attractive shops, cafés and restaurants, St. Johann is a definite ‘must-see’ on any itinerary.



Gaudeamushütte (1.264 m)
47.549298, 12.324468
47°32'57.5"N 12°19'28.1"E
33T 298691 5269677
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St. Johann in Tirol - bridge over the Kitzbüheler Ache


0.00 km – With the exit to the Gaudeamushütte behind you, go RIGHT towards the Kaiser mountains. After you reach the lodge gate, keep to the signpost pointing to the RIGHT towards Obere Regalm/Ackerlhütte (trail 824).

0.20 km – TURN RIGHT at the signpost for ‘Gaudeamushütte Nord’ (continue on trail 824).

0.90 km Keep RIGHT at the signpost for Baumgartenalm. Continue on trail 824 Obere Regalm/Ackerlhütte.

1.40 km – At the crossroads for Baumgartenköpfl, go at an angle to the LEFT towards Obere Regalm/Ackerlhütte (trail 828). Do not go up the hill on the left towards Gehölz.

1.5Km – At the fork in the path, keep RIGHT and follow the red-white-red markings to trail 828.

1.7km – At the signpost for Regalmscherm, continue STRAIGHT AHEAD towards Ackerlhütte (trail 828). Do not descend right towards Obere Regalm.

2.20 km – Warning! Steep descent! Keep to the gravel path above Obere Regalm to the Ackerlhütte.

Warning! There are some loose stones on the path!

3.00 km – Climb up the path towards Ackerlhütte. Be aware of the cable car above you.

3.10 km – At the signpost for Ackerlhütte Süd just before the mountain station for the goods cable lift to Ackerlhütte, TURN RIGHT and follow trail 817 towards Schleier waterfall and Graspoint Hochalm, which you can already see on the left on the slope.

3.30 km – Just before you reach Graspoint Hochalm, TURN LEFT at the crossroads and continue on for 100 m at the signpost for ‘Graspoint Hochalm’, then HEAD RIGHT into Tal towards Graspoint Niederalm and Schleier waterfall (trail 817).

3.30 km – You will pass a stream you can use to fill up your water bottles. Continue along the path into Tal along the stream.

3.70 km – Warning! Narrow path along the escarpment.

3.90 km – At the large fir tree, TURN RIGHT into Tal towards Kitzbühler Horn. Do not go left to the waterfall.

4.10 km – At the signpost for Breitau Mitte, HEAD LEFT into Tal towards Schleier waterfall (822) and keep following the stream.

4.60 km – At the end of the field, climb over the fence and head LEFT on the wide gravel path for a short distance.

4.70 km – Take the first fork to the LEFT off the path and climb the steep path up into the forest.

5.10 km – When you arrive at Schleier waterfall, climb LEFT of the waterfall up to the rock face. TURN RIGHT towards St. Johann (trail 822). Follow this path for 1.5 km.

Warning! Shortly after the path crosses a cave you will reach a narrow path which descends steeply to the right. Keep a tight grip on the steel cables for safety and be aware of your footing.

6.90 km – At the exit of the forest, the path forks at a bench. Take the RIGHT-HAND path downhill towards St Johann (Mittlerer Höhenweg 822/33).

7.30 km – At the junction at the main road, TURN LEFT towards St. Johann.

7.70 km – After a few metres, leave the main road again and TURN RIGHT onto the narrow path towards St. Johann which descends steeply.

7.90 km – Cross the track diagonally TO THE LEFT and TURN RIGHT at the signpost in the narrow hiking trail (towards St. Johann).

8.00 km – Cross the wooden bridge ON THE LEFT towards St. Johann/Rummler Hof.

8.60 km – At the Maurerhof, go between the buildings and TURN LEFT onto the gravel track. Follow this track TO THE RIGHT past the barn onto the paved road into Tal.

8.80 km – At the T-junction, TURN LEFT and stay on the road towards St. Johann/Rummlerhof.

9.30 km – At Gasthaus Rummler (refreshment option) walk between the buildings and continue along the road into Tal.

9.90 km – Continue following the main road through the village of Hinterkaiser.

10.30 km – At the smaller farm building just at the end of the village, TURN RIGHT into the wood and cross the stream at the stone bridge.

10.50 km – After a brief incline, TURN LEFT on the narrow path towards St. Johann, which turns off from the main route.

11.00 km – The path joins the road again at a residential building. TURN RIGHT and follow this road towards the city centre (you will see the twin church towers of St. Johann).

12.30 km – Go STRAIGHT ON at the roundabout to continue on the road into the centre.

12.40 km – At the red zebra crossing, TURN LEFT into Kaiserstraße and follow it until you reach the bridge over the Kitzbühler Ache.

12.50 km – You will reach the destination for today at the other side of bridge over which Kaiserstraße crosses the Kitzbühler Ache.

If you are staying in the Explorer Hotel, please follow this description, if you are staying elsewhere, please check your accommodation details for directions:

0.0km – Start at the bridge over which Kaiserstraße crosses the Kitzbühler Ache. With the Kaiser mountains and Hotel Brückenwirt behind you, continue STRAIGHT ON towards the centre.

117m – At the pharmacy, continue STRAIGHT ON towards the tourist information centre (green ‘I’). Do not go left towards the market square.

219m – At the next junction, TURN RIGHT towards the cable car. From here, keep following Speckbacher Straße.

500 m – Walk under the railway tracks through the underpass on the left side of the road.

1.2km – You have reached your destination, Hotel Explorer, St. Johann/Kitzbühl


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47.549298, 12.324468
47°32'57.5"N 12°19'28.1"E
33T 298691 5269677
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Always wear good walking boots with a robust sole, and take waterproofs with you. Drink enough liquid (min. 1 litre) and don’t forget sunscreen!

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12,5 km
4:00 h
684 hm
1.298 hm
Höchster Punkt
1.568 hm
Tiefster Punkt
659 hm


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