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Walk to Goult via Lacoste

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  • Lavender
    / Lavender
    Foto: Fiona Marshall, Macs Adventure
  • / Lacoste
    Foto: Fiona Marshall, Macs Adventure
  • / Today's trail with Lacoste on the skyline
    Foto: Fiona Marshall, Macs Adventure
  • / Views from the fields
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  • / Provencal House
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  • / Truffle area
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  • / Stone house by the lavender field
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  • / Path through the trees
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A pleasant walk along quiet country roads and forest trails from Bonnieux to Goult, via the hilltop town of Lacoste. 
Strecke 14 km
4:00 h
229 hm
341 hm
This walk starts on good walking trails out of Bonnieux before transferring to a mixture of quiet country roads and farmland tracks between orchards and vineyards. Starting out you can see Lacoste with its distinctive castle ahead of you beyond the fields. A short steep climb takes you into Lacoste (take time to explore) before a short section of road leads to some farm tracks and then onto tranquil forest trails. Descending into the valley of the River Calavon on tarmac road, you will see the hilltop town of Goult beyond.  It's another steep pull up into Goult, but you can reward yourself with liquid refreshment at one of the cafes in the main town square just off the Rue de la Republique. Underfoot conditions are largely good today and the road walking tends to be low-traffic. As ever, take care with oncoming vehicles on the final section. 


Enjoy a well-earned beer at the Cafe de la Poste in the main square in Goult when you arrive at the end of today's walk. This is a great place to watch the world go by. 
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Fiona Marshall
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At the end of today's walk there are sections of road walking. Take good care, particularly when walking around bends in the road, to avoid passing traffic.

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Chateau de Lacoste

Lacoste is dominated by the castle. It was originally owned by the Marquis de Sade but is now one of the homes belonging to the French fashion tycoon, Pierre Cardin. While the castle is a private residence and not open to the public, a climb to the exterior affords magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. 


Moulin de Jerusalem, Goult

At the top of the village of Goult, opposite the remains of the castle ramparts, you will find the ancient windmill, the Moulin de Jerusalem. Whilst windmills have been common in Provence since the 12th century, this particular example dates back to the 18th century and boasts a position that offers fine views over the valley back towards Bonnieux and Lacoste. 


Alternative Travel Arrangements

There is a bus service (Ligne 15.2) between Bonnieux and Goult. It may be necessary to walk to Pont Julien (6km) to catch the bus should you choose to miss out today's walk. See www.vaucluse.fr for further details.


Food and Drink

Lacoste has 2 restaurants that open for lunch and a small shop.  If you are travelling in early or late season, it's worth checking with your accommodation host if they will be open.  Alternatiely, you can stock up in Bonnieux before you depart. 


 This tour is available on the following itineraries:




The Eglise Neuve in Bonnieux. (341 m)
43.824655, 5.307224
43°49'28.8"N 5°18'26.0"E
31T 685525 4854985


Place St Pierre in Goult


0.00km – START POINT: The Eglise Neuve (labelled Eglise Basse on some maps). From the churchyard, TURN RIGHT onto the road and head towards the roundabout. From the roundabout, BEAR LEFT taking the lower road into the village following signs for Le Camping along the street past numerous shops until you see the pharmacy.  If you are staying at the Clos de Buis you do not need to walk down to the roundabout, simply locate the pharmacy further into town on the same road.

0.25km – In front of the pharmacy, TURN RIGHT down Rue Raspal. Between house numbers 13 and 14 BEAR RIGHT down the slope.

0.50km – At the bottom of the slope TURN RIGHT onto the narrow stony path. The path continues for 100m or so then turns to the left.

0.65km – TURN RIGHT and walk down the slope, with the large gates on your left. Continue along this path as it passes numerous fields.

1.40km – At the junction with the road continue STRAIGHT ON in the direction signposted Lacoste 2.5kms. You will follow this track for almost a kilometre before turning off onto a narrower path. Please look out for the next turning as it is very easy to miss.

2.30km – After walking over the crest of a hill, BEAR LEFT up the slope onto a narrower path just before the large stone sign for Mas St Paul which is beside a hedge in front of a large house. Please pay attention during this stage of the walk and ensure you take this path.

2.8km – At the end of the narrow path TURN LEFT onto a tarmac road and walk over a small concrete bridge and follow the road as it sweeps up the road past a large house on your left.

3.00km – Just past the large house TURN RIGHT off the road onto a narrower track that leads into woodland. Follow this track, passing over a wooden bridge through the woods.

3.30km – You will reach a wider track where you should continue straight ahead.  There are excellent views of Lacoste straight ahead of you at this point.

3.50km – BEAR RIGHT (slightly) onto a tarmac road.

3.60km - After 100m or so continue STRAIGHT ON coming off the road and up another road named Chemin de Passet. As the road swings round to the left, continue STRAIGHT ON up the steep slope ahead. This leads on to an even steeper stony path but there is only a short distance to climb.

4.20km – At the top of the slope cross the road and head STRAIGHT ON up the slope into the small square in the centre of Lacoste village signposted 'Lumieres, 7.3kms'.  On arrival in the small square you can stop for refreshments or to explore the impressive castle or the quaint church, both of which you can see from the square. Once you are ready to continue face the restaurant called Le Sade as if you had just entered the square again and TURN RIGHT and continue along the road.

4.30km – After 100m or so, come off the road at the metal cross and onto the gravel path. Continue STRAIGHT ON this path for 500m or so, ignoring any left turns, until you reach a tarmac road.

4.80km – TURN LEFT onto the road and carefully walk to the side for 300m or so. Please be aware of oncoming traffic.

5.10km – TURN LEFT onto the tarmac farm track signposted Lumieres 6.5km. Continue along this lovely track, looking out for the reassuring yellow stripe signs on rocks and trees indicating you are on the correct route.

6.40km – At the spring (small stone building with roof) BEAR LEFT along the slightly rougher track. Do not follow the main track around to the right. Continue on this track that soon BEARS RIGHT into the forest. Continue on this trail for the next 900m or so, looking out for the yellow stripes.

7.30km – At this junction of paths, BEAR RIGHT along the main path and head down the slope.

7.80km – When you see the stone house beside the lavender field, TURN RIGHT onto the narrow path that heads back into the trees. There will be a wall on your right side to begin with. Your route now follows a lovely forest trail for 1.5km.

9.40km – When the path reaches a road, TURN RIGHT following the signs for Lumieres (2.4km). Stay on the road for approximately 25 mins at it winds down into the valley. Once it reaches the valley floor, it straightens out before swinging round to the right (parallel to a cycle path). If you are staying at Mas Maricans, then your walk ends here.

11.20km – TURN LEFT at the yellow sign for Lumieres (0.50km) and cross the cycle path.

11.70km – After crossing the river go STRAIGHT ON at the roundabout taking care when crossing the busy main road. Once across the main road, take the exit to the left signposted for Lumieres.

12.10km – TURN RIGHT at the junction following the signs for Goult (1.5km). After less than 100m, TURN RIGHT again and continue up the narrow main road, the D105 into Goult. Please refer to your accommodation directions here). Please be aware of traffic on what appears to be a busy main road.

13.50km – Stay on the main road as it enters the village and continue on until you reach a set of traffic lights. TURN LEFT here and continue up the road past the Mairie (Mayor’s office).

14.00km – TURN RIGHT into Place St Pierre where you will see the main Goult bus stop in the car park. You have reached the end of today’s walk.


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43.824655, 5.307224
43°49'28.8"N 5°18'26.0"E
31T 685525 4854985
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Be sure to take your camera with you today.  The views of Lacoste rising from the valley are worth capturing for posterity.

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Doug Weedon
06.05.2019 · Community
Fantastic walk maybe 4 is unfair but we did not like the road sections Would have given 4.5 if we could
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The resturant in Lacoste is now called La Sade
This is not the Spring it is a new building 300m before in the garden of a new house, pass by right hand side of house and walk a further 30

14 km
4:00 h
229 hm
341 hm


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