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Walk from Chinchero to Urquillos

Wanderung · Peru
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  • The village of Chinchero
    / The village of Chinchero
    Foto: Laura Paterson, Macs Adventure
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Full day hiking on an Inca trail that descends to the Sacred Valley, starting in the archaeological complex of Chinchero -  an entire day of Andean landscapes and culture is waiting for you.

9,2 km
5:00 h
254 hm
1106 hm

This moderate half-day hike will take you from Chinchero to the Sacred Valley of the Incas along the Qhapac Ñan; a network of ancient trails once used to connect the entire Inca Empire from Quito to Santiago de Chile. Cusco was the center of this network. We’ll pick you up from your hotel and drive to Chinchero, a traditional Inca-Colonial town located between Cusco and the heart of the Sacred Valley. Start a downhill walk over a single-track cobble-stoned Inca trail, enjoying the scenery as you descend from 11,220 feet to 9,420 feet. Watch how the vegetation and birdlife changes as you descend and how the temperature rises. Enjoy a boxed lunch en-route and continue hiking until you reach the colonial town of Urquillos. There,  transportation will be waiting to take you back to your hotel in Ollantaytambo.


Before departing, do not forget to have an early, yet full breakfast, as well as grabbing your packed lunch. Make sure to pack your day pack with snacks, sunscreen and any necessities. Please remember to refill your water bottle or hydration system at the hotel, as today is a full day of hiking. User
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In addition to the Macs Adventure Navigation App, you will be provided with an INREACH, double communication system via Garmin, so you can communicate with our local representatives in Peru. If you have any urgency, please do not hesitate to contact them immediately.

If you become ill, or do not feel comfortable on the hike, please note that you can turn around and head back at any point, or call our local representative if necessary, making this hike as challenging or laid-back as you'd like.

The weather in the Andes and at this height of elevation changes rapidly, so please remember to pack extra layers and raingear. 

Food & Drink

Hydration on the mountain is constant, so do not forget to refill your personal water bottles, Camelbak or hydration system. Please pack plenty of water, snacks and your picnic lunch to maintain proper hydration and nutrition (and to set yourself up for success during the rest of your time in Peru). We do not recommend extracting water from small river channels to drink. 

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Food & Drink

You will be provided with a box lunch today by your guide who transfers you to the start point of the trail.


Chinchero Archaelogical Complex

It is believed that the constructions of Chinchero, left by the Inca legacy, would have been carried out during the government of the Inca Tupac Yupanqui by the year 1480, as an act of reciprocity through which the Inca delivered residential sites to to the nobles of his court, conserving certain environments for your family. At the moment on the construction, that would have been central of Chichero, and in that sense possibly a Temple of the Sun, the presence of a catholic church can be observed, built in the period of the eradication of idolatries (more or less by 1550).

Qapaq Ñan Andean Road System

It is a wide network of roads that allowed the Incas to articulate politically, economically and socially the people, regions and resources of the vast Andean territory with the capital of Tahuantinsuyo. It was based on four main roads that started from the Plaza de Huauqaypata - today Plaza de Armas of Cusco - and connected with other roads of lower hierarchy. This road network extended to the current territories of Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, which formed the Tahuantinsuyo Empire.





Parking lot, Chinchero (3724 m)
-13.391855, -72.049462
18L 819578 8517622


The Footbridge at Urquillos


0.00 km - Start at the parking lot of Chinchero, just next to the market. The stairs lead up to the town of Chinchero.

0.09 km – After climbing the stairs BEAR RIGHT and CONTINUE STRAIGHT through the narrow street with local shops.

0.14 km - TURN LEFT at the next pedestrian street.  CONTINUE STRAIGHT until the junction with the next pedestrian street.

0.20 km - TURN RIGHT and CONTINUE STRAIGHT  until you reach the entrance of the complex. (show your tickets to the controller and explore the complex)

0.25 km  - After your visit continue from the main square. CONTINUE STRAIGHT to the north of the square. Go down the stairs and diagonally cross the esplanade in the northeast direction, where other stairs go down.

0.56 km - CONTINUE STRAIGHT down the stairs next to the Inca terraces until you arrive at the last Inca terrace before reaching the bottom of the valley.

0.65 km – TURN RIGHT at the last Inca terrace and continue on this path until you start seeing a wide trail, the start of the Qapaq Ñan.

1.00 km - CONTINUE STRAIGHT on the Inca trail, which begins to descend through Eucalyptus trees.

1.80 km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT on the Inca trail. You will arrive at slippery Inca stairs, next to a small waterfall that came from an Inca channel. Take advantage and cool down, rest and continue.

2.20 km – CONTINUE STRAIGHT on the Inca trail.  400 meters later you will reach the viewpoint of the path, from where you can already see the Sacred Valley and the town of Urquillos. Take some pictures and continue down.

4.20 km  – You will arrive at a small bridge that crosses the water channel. Cross it and CONTINUE STRAIGHT on the same path that now goes on the right side of the valley.

4.80 km  – Walking along the same path, 500 meters below you will find a white sign to the right of the path that indicates ( path to private property) and ( deviation to Urquillos). Here BEAR LEFT and CONTINUE STRAIGHT on the path that indicates DEVIATION TO URQUILLOS. 20 meters ahead you will find a small wooden bridge, cross it and it will deviation, here BEAR LEFT and CONTINUE STRAIGHT. You will return to the right of the valley.

5.60 km - CONTINUE STRAIGHT on the path that will begin to rise a little until you reach the end of the single trail that ends with the crossing of a dirt road. Here you will find a “Z's”, which will take you through a small water channel. TURN RIGHT on the dirt road and 5 metres further TURN LEFT.  From here CONTINUE STRAIGHT to the side of the small water channel.

5.70 km  - 400 meter ahead you will find another deviation, BEAR RIGHT, and CONTINUE STRAIGHT next to the water channel.

6.10 km  - Walking along the side of the water channel, you will reach a small set of houses, walk in front of them, and CONTINUE STRAIGHT next to the water channel. 

6.40 km - After passing this small set of houses, you will find another deviation, on the left goes the water channel and on the right, another trail that goes down. BEAR RIGHT, leaving the water channel and CONTINUE STRAIGHT.

6.60 km - Once again you will find a deviation, the left trail goes next to the water channel and the right one down, BEAR RIGHT and continue down.

6.80 km - The trail will continue down to the side of houses and small cornfields until it reaches a crossroads. TURN LEFT here and CONTINUE STRAIGHT down through the dirt road.

7.00 km - CONTINUE STRAIGHT on the dirt road,  passin some houses until you reach a small intersection with a path that goes down on the right. TURN RIGHT and continue along this path that will turn right and from there to the left.

7.20 km  - After turning right on the single trail you will reach another junction with a dirt road, TURN LEFT and CONTINUE STRAIGHT, along this dirt road, next to an extensive Inca channel that will accompany you almost until the end of the day.

8.40 km - Almost a mile ahead, you will find another crossroads, here you will continue to the side of the Inca channel, but on the right of the channel. On top of the small bridge that crosses the Inca canal, you will BEAR RIGHT and quickly BEAR LEFT crossing the channel and continue, now on the right of the channel.

9.20 km  - Going down next to the Inca channel the trail separates from the side of the Inca channel turning left and then turning right. After this point you will find the footbridge that will take you to the other side of the Urubamba river. Cross the river and after 85 metres more you will meet the road of the Sacred valley, where your vehicle will be waiting for you.


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Please bring comfortable hiking clothes, sturdy hiking shoes, a backpack, water, packed lunch, raingear and layers (preferably  breathable fabrics like Nylon and Polyester). Sturdy, waterproof hiking boots are strongly recommended, with hiking poles, as the hiking surface varies greatly from paved roads, dirt paths to slippery single-track trails.

Sunscreen and a sunhat are highly recommended, even on cloudy days. A small backpack or day pack will be enough for today's hike, and make sure to fill your backpack with all the necessities before departure.

Don't forget your camera, and an additional energy charger, as there are plenty of opportunities on this hike for spectacular shots of Incan archaeological ruins, villages and the colorful panoramic landscapes of the Incan trail.

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9,2 km
254 hm
1106 hm


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