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Start Touren Vannes to the Séné Peninsula
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Vannes to the Séné Peninsula

Wanderung · Morbihan
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  • Views across the marshland
    Views across the marshland
    Foto: Robbie Thurley, Macs Adventure
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Walk directly from Vannes to the Séné peninsula. Finish at the port in Séné and hop on a ferry to return to Vannes (15 minutes ferry journey).
Strecke 17 km
3:35 h
84 hm
87 hm
18 hm
-1 hm
Starting at Vannes picturesque port, walk South out of the city before joining the coastal path as it meanders and hugs the shore line. Contiue to follow the GR34 trail out to Port Anna fom where you will have great views of the surrounding peninsulas which seem close enough to touch! Head towards Moustérian with views to the secluded islands of Boed and Boedic just off the coast, both privately owned. Hop on the ferry at Bararrac'h back to Vannes. 
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Check weather forecasts before heading out and take care when close to the waterline if bad weather closes in.

This route follows a coastal path the majority of the way. If you do happen to venture into town via one of the roads then take the usual precautions and remember, when there isnt a pavement, to walk on the left so you're facing any oncoming vehicles.

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Food & Drink

There are a few cafes and restaurants in Séné offering delicious seafood dishes or you can pick up supplies in Vannes before you leave.


Points of interest

Mr & Mrs Vannes

Heading down Rue St-Vincent, in the centre of Vannes, you’ll arrive at Place des Lices, which once hosted jousting tournaments but is now the venue of an open-air market on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. In Place Valencia you’ll see a carving of a man and a woman on the corner of a half-timbered house – they are known as ‘Vannes and his wife’ and are a popular subject for tourist snappers.


Vannes has two museums within its walls: the Château Gaillard, a 15th-century mansion house, accommodates the museum of archaeology and the town’s history while La Cohue, a 13th-century covered market that hosted the Breton Parliament from 1675-89, is now the museum of fine arts.


Vannes Port (5 m)
47.654025, -2.757905
47°39'14.5"N 2°45'28.5"W
30T 518179 5277876
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Séné (Bararrac'h) Port


0.00 km – Standing with your back to the entry gates to Vannes old town, head STRAIGHT ON following the left bank of the canal.

1.50 km – BEAR RIGHT as the path splits then follow the narrow concrete path under the bridge.

1.60 km – Cross the small car park then TURN LEFT to follow the concrete coastal path along the waterfront.

2.10 km – TURN RIGHT to continue following the coastline as the path now becomes a gravel track.

4.60 km – Continue following the trail as it BEARS LEFT.

5.30 km – TURN RIGHT to follow a shady track through Pointe de Rosvelec Espaces Naturels.

5.80 km – TURN RIGHT after the wooden fences.

6.20 km – TURN RIGHT at the end of the track to join the main road to Séné. Beware of traffic here and always walk on the left towards any oncoming vehicles.

6.90 km – TURN RIGHT at the roundabout.

7.10 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON to pick up the gravel coastal path again.

8.10 km – TURN LEFT at the wooden bench to follow the trail into the centre of Séné then after 100m follow the narrow path past the church. Take some time out here to explore Séné and grab some lunch.

8.30 km – TURN RIGHT at the church to follow a slightly descending dead end road past the school.

8.60 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON along the main road following the yellow sign for “Montsarrac”.

9.00 km – At the roundabout BEAR RIGHT to leave the road and follow the gravel track, again with a sign pointing to “Montsarrac”.

9.60 km – At the crossroads continue STRAIGHT ON.

10.00 km – TURN LEFT at the split in the track then after 100m TURN RIGHT towards “Pointe du Bil”.

10.50 km – TURN LEFT to continue towards Pointe du Bil following the trail with a low stone wall on it’s left side.

11.20 km – BEAR RIGHT as you now reach Pointe du Bil and it’s small sandy beach.

11.40 km – TURN RIGHT through the trees then follow the road away from the car park.

12.30 km – TURN LEFT at the junction in Moustérian and head towards the beach.

12.40 km – TURN RIGHT to follow the coastal trail along the perimeter of the beach, following signs for “Port Anna”.

13.80 km – BEAR RIGHT following a narrow track between buildings then continue following signs for “Port Anna”.

14.10 km – BEAR LEFT to leave the road.

16.40 km – Continue following the coastal track as you pass Port Anna and then follow signs to “Barrarac’h”.

17.20 km – Your walk finishes here at the small concrete pier in Barrarac’h where you can catch a ferry back to Vannes. 


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Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

Ferry tickets have to bought at the ferry port, as they do not accept payments in advance. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time between completing the walk and the last ferry. Timetable information can be found here: https://www.vedettes-du-golfe.fr/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/arz_2019__007735500_1421_24122018.png  


47.654025, -2.757905
47°39'14.5"N 2°45'28.5"W
30T 518179 5277876
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Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad

Buchtipps für die Region

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A pair of walking shoes/trainers are enough for this route as it's very easy ground. Pack a water/windproof as the ferry crossings and winds can get a little chilly in the early season.

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17 km
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