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Start Touren Transfer to Goult. Walk to Bonnieux via Lacoste
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Transfer to Goult. Walk to Bonnieux via Lacoste

Wanderung · Vaucluse
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  • On the main street in Goult
    On the main street in Goult
    Foto: Sarah Stone, Macs Adventure
A pleasant walk along quiet country roads, forest trails and a quiet cycle path from Goult back to Bonnieux, via the hilltop town of Lacoste. 
Strecke 13,9 km
4:00 h
285 hm
198 hm
327 hm
149 hm

This walk starts with an ascent to the top of Goult before descending on a rocky but good path through woodland to the valley of the river Calavon. From here, follow a mixture of quiet country roads and farmland tracks between orchards and vineyards. Follow a short section of path adjacent to the old Provencal train line, now a cycle and pedestrian path. Soon you will see Lacoste with its distinctive castle ahead of you beyond the fields.

A long but steady climb brings you into the beautiful village of Lacoste, where you should take time to explore, why not reward yourself with a cool refreshing drink at one of the sunny outdoor terraces. Descend on a rocky path flanked by old stone walls back down to the valley floor. Continue along pleasant paths and trails past clusters of grand yet rustic looking buildings, keeping your sights set on the next objective, Bonnieux.

Follow a quiet tarmac path back into the town centre. Underfoot conditions are largely good today and the road walking tends to be low-traffic. As ever, take care with oncoming vehicles.  


Be sure to make the effort to walk to the Chateau in Lacoste. It tends to be a quiet spot and although you can’t enter, there are some interesting sculptures in the garden and is a nice spot to enjoy your picnic.
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Sarah Stone
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Today’s walk involves some sections of road walking. Take good care, particularly when walking around bends in the road, to avoid passing traffic.

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Food and Drink

Lacoste has 2 restaurants that open for lunch and a small shop.  If you are travelling in early or late season, it's worth checking with your accommodation host if they will be open.  Alternatively, you can stock up in Bonnieux before you depart. We recommend always starting your day carrying at least 2 litres of water per person per day, and maybe even more on particulalry warm or longs days. Provence can become very hot and it is important to stay hydrated. 

Points of Interest

Moulin de Jerusalem, Goult

At the top of the village of Goult, opposite the remains of the castle ramparts, you will find the ancient windmill, the Moulin de Jerusalem. Whilst windmills have been common in Provence since the 12th century, this particular example dates back to the 18th century and boasts a position that offers fine views over the valley back towards Bonnieux and Lacoste. 

Chateau de Lacoste

Lacoste is dominated by the castle. It was originally owned by the Marquis de Sade but is now one of the homes belonging to the French fashion tycoon, Pierre Cardin. While the castle is a private residence and not open to the public, a climb to the exterior affords magnificent views of the surrounding countryside.   




Place de la Liberation, Goult (233 m)
43.862905, 5.243471
43°51'46.5"N 5°14'36.5"E
31T 680283 4859092
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Eglise Neuve, Bonnieux


0.00 km – START: You will be dropped off in the main square in Goult. with your back to the church in Goult’s main square ‘Place de la Liberation’, TURN RIGHT then immediately LEFT to join Rue de la Republique, the main shopping street in Goult. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD as the street ascends gently.

0.20 km – come to a fork in the road, with a large tree in the middle. BEAR RIGHT of the tree and Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD.

0.30 km – Come to a stone archway straight ahead of you. Do not walk through it. TURN LEFT onto Rue du Jeu de Paume.

0.40 km – Come to the Moulin de Jerusalem. BEAR RIGHT and follow the gravel path around it, the Chemin de la Roche Redonne, keeping the Moulin on your left handside.

0.50 km – Arrive at a yellow signpost named ‘Jerusalem 248m’. TURN RIGHT onto a narrow, descending rocky path, following signs for St. Panteleon and La Grand Garringue Sud. Follow this path as it descends, all the way until you reach the road. Ignore any smaller paths branching left or right on the way down.

1.20 km – The path suddenly comes to a road. Take care as it can be busy. Cross the road carefully and TURN LEFT walking on the gravel embankment next to the road.

1.40 km – At the road junction, BEAR RIGHT following the sign for Lumieres and the D60. Join the pavement/sidewalk.

1.50 km – TURN RIGHT at the T-junction, cross the bridge and the Le Limergue River. There is a ‘wine cave’ on your right, if open why not go in for a sample (degustation in French)?

1.70 km – Come to a bus stop, and some public toilets. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD passing through a car park.

1.90 km – BEAR LEFT, crossing a busy road. Take care here! Join a smaller road on the other side, descending. Follow it as it swings to the left. Pass a cluster of buildings, one of which is the former ‘Goult-Lumieres’ train station for the former Cavaillon – Apt – Volx railway. Continue to follow the path. You will come across some more public toilets and a picnic area.

2.10 km – TURN LEFT onto the cycle path (Veloroute de Cavalon). You’ll be following this for the next 2.5 km. At most points there is also another country road parallel to it should you wish to follow this instead. The cycle path is fairly quiet and is also intended for pedestrians.

2.60km – Just after crossing the bridge, and the Cavalon river, to the right side of the cycle path, you’ll find the ‘Dolmen de L’Ubac’, a mysterious Neolithic monument which dates back to approx. 3000 BCE. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on the cycle path.

3.30km – Come to a road, cross carefully and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on the cycle path.

4.70 km – Come to another road. Here you will leave the cycle path. BEAR RIGHT and join a gravel footpath which runs adjacent to the cycle path for a short time before swinging right and away from the cycle path. The trail soon becomes rocky and grassy. See image named '4.70 km'.

5.40 km – You will come to an orchard of blossom trees. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on the rough but obvious farm track, the orchard will be on your right hand side.

5.70 km – Come to a goat farm which will be on your right hand side, they are occasionally open for buying fresh ‘fromage de chevre’ direct from the farm. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on a single lane country road (minimal traffic). Follow this road for 1.7 km. It is flanked by fields of vines, lavender and blossom trees, as well as views of Mont Ventoux to your left.

7.20 km – Still on the same road, the hilltop town you can see on your right is Lacoste and straight ahead of you is Bonnieux.

7.40 km – come to a T-junction in the road. TURN RIGHT and follow the single lane road which leads to Lacoste. Flat at first, it soon begins a long but steady ascent.

9.00 km – TURN LEFT onto a narrow rocky footpath signposted for Lacoste with a picture of a walker. Leave the tarmac road behind.

9.20 km – The footpath brings you back to rejoin the tarmac road. TURN LEFT onto the road and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD to reach Lacoste.

9.50 km - Arrive at the village and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD following the sign for ‘Le Village’ on the D106 road.

9.80 km – Come to the yellow walkers’ signpost named ‘Lacoste 295m’, just next to the school. This is where the walk will continue to Bonnieux. From here TURN LEFT and follow the signpost for Bonnieux (3.7 km), descend on a rocky path, ignoring any small paths branching to the left or right.

 However, before doing this,  you may wish to explore the town of Lacoste first. To do so, continue straight ahead and follow signs for ‘Le Chateau’. When ready to continue with the walk, return to this spot and follow the above instructions.

10.00 km – Come to a tarmac road and BEAR RIGHT, ignoring the faint grassy path on the left.

10.40 km – Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD as you pass a gated property on you right. Look behind you for stunning views of Lacoste.

10.50 km – Leave the tarmac road and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD onto a gravel path. There is an orchard on your left and views to Bonnieux straight ahead of you.

10.70 km – Leaving the gravel path just before it swings to the right, continue STRAIGHT AHEAD onto a narrow and faint path through the woods. This could be easy to miss! Look out for the yellow arrow on a small brown wooden post, pointing the way. This path can be boggy and wet in places, pick your way through the best possible route, to reach the wooden footbridge. Cross it and continue to follow the trail.

11.10 km – come to a road. TURN LEFT onto it and follow it, passing a cluster of buildings. There are more great views of Mont Ventoux on your left.

11.40 km – TURN RIGHT onto a narrow, rocky and ascending path, leaving the tarmac road behind. This is very easy to miss (see images 11.40km for more guidance). Follow this snaking trail through shrub and woodland, which doubles back on itself for a short period.

11.90 km – the woodland path converges with a gravel jeep track. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on the jeep track as it ascends gently and swings to the right. Continue to follow the path as it undulates, passing orchards and fields.

12.30 km – Come to a road and a yellow walker’s signpost for ‘Le Petit Moulin (283m)’. Here you have the choice of two routes. Either follow the signage for Bonnieux straight ahead or for a slightly shorter route TURN LEFT onto the road. The tarmac road gently ascends. Although generally quiet, be aware of traffic. The following instructions are for those who TURN LEFT and follow the road. 

13.20 km – Come to a crossroads. TURN RIGHT and join the pavement/sidewalk as it gently ascends to Bonnieux.

13.90 km – FINISH: Arrive at the Eglise Neuve (new church) where today’s walk finishes.


43.862905, 5.243471
43°51'46.5"N 5°14'36.5"E
31T 680283 4859092
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13,9 km
4:00 h
285 hm
198 hm
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