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Train Green Vol. 2

Wanderung · Chiemsee-Alpenland
Profilbild von Ana Zirner
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Ana Zirner 
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    Foto: luftschubser.de
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Summer is approaching fast and we all want to get or stay fit over the time in between. The high mountains are still covered in snow, too much to hike but too little to skitour. So, it's the perfect time to just train and enjoy the lower parts of the Alps.

After last week's first edition, this is the second tour I am offering in this series that are all based in my "home turf", the place where I grew up, about an hour from Munich in the beautiful Chiemgau.

This training is nothing super intense, but it can be, if you want it to. It is shaped by various healthy ways of training the feet and body, finding one's own rhythm and taking in the energy that nature can give us.

This is a tour for hikers who want to get fitter at their own pace. (I think you could even do this with minor injuries, if you take your time.)

The trail I have made up for this second edition is 16,5 kilometers long and has about 1300 heightmeters, so more than last time. The tour will take up a full day.

I have planned to take a lunchbreak at Spitzzsteinhaus ( a hut that is famous for it's very good local food.

Strecke 16,4 km
6:31 h
1.293 hm
1.324 hm


We train together, but each at her or his own pace. I don't want anyone to feel either stressed out or held back.

However, I propose we start all together, hiking moderately for about 15 minutes and then stop for a little bit of warm-up stretching. Then we do a bit of barefoot hiking, each as long as they please. This is a great way to train the little muscles in the feet.

Everyone puts their shoes back on when they please and starts hiking at their own pace, but this is where you have the chance to push your own limits.

We all meet again at the hut for lunch. No stress for anyone, we agree to arrive whenever we please and whoever is already doesn't have to wait, but can already get a drink and save a table ;-).

After lunch we climb up to the peak of Sptizstein together. From there, we go down again each at their own pace. For those interested (say so at linch) we can do some training-games together for a couple of kilometres.

Once we get back to the parking lot, we will do a long stretching session together. It is, of course, entirely up to you if you want to join or just hang out in the sun (hopefully) instead.


You can take the train from Munich to Prien, it's about 1 hour. I can pick you up there.

Please take the train at 7:43 from Hauptbahnhof, it leaves from Track 11. You arrive in Prien at 8:51.

Please contact the other participants to make arrangements for the cheaper "Bayernticket", or to carpool, if anyone is driving from Munich. I will send you the contacts from the other participants on friday.


Really only light hiking-shoes or even sturdy running-shoes.

Some water. Either in a bottle (no one-use-plastic) in your hand, or in a little pack.

Optional: hiking poles.

Useful: A phone with the App "Alpenvereinaktiv" on it, where you save this track, so you don't get lost. Or a print of the map, but hey, again, that is printing paper that you won't be using after...

THIS IS AN ECO-FRIENDLY TOUR, which means, you can make me very happy by not bringing any plastic waste on this tour and by generelly being conscious of the waste you produce.

It also means I would prefer if we don't all drive there in separate cars. As I'll already be out there, I offer a free pick-up from the trainstation in Prien am Chiemsee, about one hour by train from Hbf. My car has 7 seats, so we may not even be needing a second car.

You can optionally bring a little bag to collect waste in, that we find on the way. I always do that and I promise you, your Karma will love it ;-).

Höchster Punkt
1.593 m
Tiefster Punkt
682 m


47.710432, 12.283855
47°42'37.6"N 12°17'01.9"E
33T 296263 5287690


alle Hinweise zu Schutzgebieten


47.710432, 12.283855
47°42'37.6"N 12°17'01.9"E
33T 296263 5287690
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16,4 km
6:31 h
1.293 hm
1.324 hm
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