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Svarttinden Summit

Wanderung · Vågan
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  • A misty view from Svarttinden
    / A misty view from Svarttinden
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / Hiking up ridge towards the first top
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / Fjord views
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / One of the summit cairns on Svarttinden
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / The guestbook on Svarttinden's summit
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
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The Svarttinden summit is reached from Gravermarka; leave the hamlet behind to gain the lofty peak on a linear walk for excellent views over Gimsøya island to the west.
6,8 km
4:00 h
681 hm
681 hm

A straight forward route – on this hike you’ll ascend the peak of Svarttinden from the small hamlet of Gravermarka on the island of Austvågøya to gain fantastic views of the surrounding peaks and fjords.  The route follows a narrow but continuous path all the way to the summit ridge, where it crosses a rocky area.  Begin on steep forested slopes before the slope eases and you emerge from the trees to pass a small mountain lake.  From here the slopes ramps up again and the path zig-zags it’s way towards the lower peak, from here traverse the ridgeline to reach the cairned and jagged south top of Svarttinden.  Enjoy wonderful views of neighbouring Gimsøya island to the west before retracing your steps to finish back at Gravermarka.


Parking: After turning off the E10 onto the 864 road pass through the hamlet of Sydalen, then in the next hamlet of Gravermarka park in the small gravel car park behind the grocery store. 


On the lower forested slopes if you move along the path quietly you may be lucky enough to spot a moose! 
Profilbild von Catherine Allan
Catherine Allan 
Aktualisierung: 07.06.2019

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A relatively straightforward hike following a narrow mountain path the entire way to the summit.  The forest path at the beginning of the route is steep and the path is rocky with tree roots so take care as these can be slippery even when dry but especially when wet. The path itself is rocky, particularly as you near the summit, so take care and watch where you place your feet. 

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Points of Interest

Moose (Alces alces)

Norway is home to a population wild moose, but they have only inhabited Lofoten since 1949, or at least this is when they were first sighted on  Hinnøya island. From then the population has spread among the easterly Lofoten islands. Generally they prefer wooded landscapes, making them difficult to spot,  but can occasionally be seen on the upper mountain slopes and swimming in lakes or in the sea between islands. 


Lofoten’s most north easterly island Austvågøya is home to Svolvaer, the largest and most urban-feeling, fishing village of the archipelago.  The island even boasts a small airport, and is the seat of the Lofoten art scene. 

Find our more about the island here: https://lofoten.info/en/vaagan.


Food & Drink

There is nowhere to eat or drink along the trail today.  The hike starts from behind a small café/grocery store in Gravermarka (check the opening times before relying on being about to buy provisions here), but there is also a supermarket in Kabelvåg and nearby Osan. 


Gravermarka (6 m)
68.301987, 14.314456
68°18'07.2"N 14°18'52.0"E
33W 471715 7576691




0.00 km – After parking behind the grocery store in Gravermarka make your way back to the road.  With the store at your back TURN RIGHT onto the road and follow it along for 200m taking care of traffic. 

0.20 km – TURN LEFT off the road opposite the farm building and ascend towards the garage on the right of the house before the stream. In 50m behind the garage TURN LEFT to walk behind the garage on a narrow path following the Tursti signpost. 

0.35 km – Pass through the gate and TURN RIGHT to follow the narrow path with the fence on your right.  Continue on the path info the trees to begin ascending.

0.45 km – Where the path splits BEAR LEFT to follow the red arrow painted on the tree trunk and ascend on the steep path through the trees.  Take care of slippery tree roots underfoot.

1.40 km – Above the treeline where the path splits continue STRAIGHT ON to follow the red arrow on a rock (ignore the path on your right) beside the main path.

1.70 km – With the lake below on your right and the metal box on a post (containing the guestbook) continue STRAIGHT ON the path to gain the ridge ahead. 

After gaining the ridge continue ascending to follow the small cairns beside the path. 

2.20 km – Where the path splits continue STRAIGHT ON the ridge (ignore the path on your right). 

2.30 km – After following the path as it curves right to traverse the hillside to the path junction TURN LEFT and continue ascending. 

2.80 km – At ~650m with the northern top on your left continue STRAIGHT ON the path between the cairns and traverse the rocky path as you ascend to the southern top – Svarttinden. 

3.35 km – You’ve reached the top of the Svarttinden! The summit has a couple of cairns, one just below the summit, and one on the summit itself with a guestbook in a metal box. 

To return to Gravermarka simply retrace your steps along the ridge, passing the lake, and the steep path through the trees back to the hamlet of Gravermarka.

6.70 km – You’re now back at Gravermarka, head back your Rorbuer for a sauna and some refreshments. 


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68.301987, 14.314456
68°18'07.2"N 14°18'52.0"E
33W 471715 7576691
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad

Buchtipps für die Region

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Although this a short hike you'll experience mountain conditions and weather - remember you're in the Arctic Circle. Make sure to bring waterproofs, warm layers, hats, gloves, and a buff for warmth.  Stiff-soled walking shoes or boots are recommended along with walking poles to help take the pressure off your knees, these will be especially useful on the descents!

Bring plenty of water and food for completing the walk as there is nowhere to restock or fill your water bottle en route. 

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6,8 km
681 hm
681 hm


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