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Soller to Deia

· 1 Bewertung · Wanderung · Mallorca
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  • Views at the half way point of the walk
    Views at the half way point of the walk
    Foto: Iain Douglas, Macs Adventure
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A fine walk to the picture-postcard village of Deia with it’s ochre-coloured houses.

Strecke 10,6 km
4:30 h
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This is a wonderful walk, that follows fine, well-maintained and signposted paths, up the valley side away from Soller–giving you great views back across the town in the process. The path soon evens out and works its way along the valley side and through forest and gorges before taking you down in the valley that runs down to Cala Deia. You will then make one final ascent into the town of Deiaitself. From Deia, catch the line 210 bus to Valldemossa (payable locally, duration approx. 40 mins)

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There are some sections of rocky terrain so make sure you watch your footing as you pass these sections.

Always make sure to stay hydrated and carry plenty of water. It is also advised to wear skin-protecting clothing and use sun cream/screen. We recommend you inquire about the day’s forecasted weather before setting out on your walks. A useful website for climate information specific to towns and countries is www.weather2travel.com or www.yr.no      

Weitere Infos und Links

Food & Drink

Soller has countless cafés and restaurants where you can eat before heading off, and a number of supermarkets where you can stock up prior to departing – all clustered on or near the town square. There is a very pleasant café/bar at the half way point on today’s walk, where it is recommended you stop – if only for the views. Deia, offers limited food retail outlets, but a number of fine cafés and restaurants.


Points of interest 

 Jardi Botanic de Soller

The Sóller Botanic Garden was founded in 1985 and opened to the public in 1992. It is a centre for the conservation, study and understanding of the Mediterranean flora, and specifically that of the Balearic Islands. You’ll pass by the entrance to the gardens on today’s walk

Ferrocarril de Sóller

The historic electric train takes a route north from the capital across the plains, winding through mountains and 13 tunnels of the Serra de Tramuntana, finally ending in the large railway station of the northern town of Sóller. Work began on the railway in 1911, funded by the profits of the orange and lemon trade, which at the time was booming. For this reason, it is sometimes known as the ‘Orange Express’. The famous train is now not only a mode of transport between these two key Mallorcan settlements, but also an attraction in itself. You will cross the line twice on today’s walk – you may be lucky enough to see a train as they are quite frequent.


Long established as an artists’ colony, Deia’s most notable resident was the English poet Robert Graves who live there in the 1930s. There is a museum in his former house, and numerous references to him throughout the town

Cala Deia

The small sheltered beach near the town is famed for the tradition of naked swimming – a tradition allegedly started by Robert Graves himself. It is not compulsory however



Bus Line 210 runs from Port de Soller to Valldemossa. It runs via Soller and timetables can be found at http://www.tib.org 

If you would prefer a take a taxi, you can arrange this by phoning Taxi 25 on +34 649 48 84 15.


Soller (41 m)
39.766499, 2.715049
39°45'59.4"N 2°42'54.2"E
31S 475593 4401880
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Deia (Bus to Valldemossa)


0.0 km - Standing in the Placa de la Constitucio with your back to the church, BEAR LEFT walk to the corner of the square, and head along Carrer de Bauca.

Continue STRAIGHT ON at the junction onto Carrer de Jospep M Quadrado. Follow the road to the end, where you should TURN LEFT and immediately TURN RIGHT into Carrer de Capita Angelats.


0.50 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON along Carrer de Capita Angelats as it heads out of town and past the Botanic Gardens. BEAR LEFT approximately 50m after the Botanic Gardens and walk up to the main road.


0.70 km - At the main road, and beside the petrol station, careful cross the road and head STRAIGHT ON up the narrow tarmac road head. You will see a wooden hiking sign for Deia at the entrance to the narrow road. After approximately 100m, at the top of the slope, TURN RIGHT and follow the road ahead.


0.85 km - TURN LEFT and follow the signs for Deia up the slope.


1.10 km - At the top of the slope, follow the tarmac round to the right then carefully cross the railway line and TURN LEFT on the other side. After less than 50m, follow the sign for Deia and TURN RIGHT up the slope.

You will be climbing steadily for the next 600m or so and will cross the railway line again, this time via a bridge.

After 100m, TURN RIGHT and follow the path around and up to the left, up the steps and around to the right before the gate.


1.85 km - At the top of the slope, TURN RIGHT onto the path signposted for Deia. The path will flatten out for a while now.


2.35 km - BEAR RIGHT off the main track onto the rough path, following the signposts. BEAR RIGHT again, crossing the track and picking up the signposted path on the other side.


2.95 km - Keep STRAIGHT ON following the signs for Deia, and follow the path between the houses.


3.95 km - You will pass a hotel called Ca’s Xorc. 150m after the hotel, TURN LEFT off the road and follow the stony path signposted for Deia. Note: This turning is quite easy to miss as the signs are currently only readable from the other direction.


4.65 km - At the small church, BEAR LEFT and head up the steps, following the sign for Deia (GR221).


4.75km - Continue STRAIGHT ON past Bar Son Mico.  You may wish to stop for some famous cake and a coffee and enjoy the views from the terrace here. Immediately after the Bar, BEAR LEFT along the GR221 for Deia.


4.95 km - At the GR221 sign, TURN LEFT and follow the path ahead.


6.30 km - BEAR LEFT up the steps, following the GR221 sign for Deia.


6.45 km - At the end of the path, TURN RIGHT onto the narrow tarmac road, and follow it down and around to the left. The road will zig zag down for approximately 150m. After roughly 150m, BEAR LEFT and leave the road, heading onto a rough path again.  At the bottom.

7.65 km -  TURN LEFT onto the main road.

Unfortunately, there is no other option here than to walk on this busy road. You will need to be very careful and be aware of oncoming traffic. You will be walking on the road for approx. 500m.


8.15 km - At the hiking sign for Deia, carefully BEAR RIGHT and cross the road onto the path down. Follow this path down through the olive terraces, looking for the signposts to keep you on track.


9.00 km - At the bottom of the valley, climb over the ladder and TURN LEFT onto the road. Here you have the option of turning right and walking for 10 mins to reach Cala Deia (the beach). Return the same way. After less than 50m, follow the arrow post and BEAR LEFT up the rough steps. Stay on this path as it weaves its way up the valley, crossing the road several times, before reaching the outskirts of the town. 


9.70 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON through the gate onto the tarmac road, heading up into the town centre. BEAR RIGHT on the main road at the top.


10.60 km - At the wooden bus stop beside the entrance to La Residencia Hotel, you have finished today’s walk. Continue on ahead where you will find numerous bars and cafés on the main street. Alternatively, you can catch the bus to Valdemossa at the bus stop on the right-hand side (opposite the bus stop with the wooden shelter), beside the small car park.


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39.766499, 2.715049
39°45'59.4"N 2°42'54.2"E
31S 475593 4401880
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A sturdy pair of walking trainers are adequate for this route if you don't wish to wear hiking boots. Along with your usual kit for a day walking in the elements make sure you pack suncream! You may also find walking poles useful on this route - they will help take the pressure off your knees during the ascents and descents.

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Ben Rogers
11.09.2019 · Community
Nice route taking in some of the GR221, last part took us a longer route into Deia with some uphill at the end meaning we arrived for lunch a little warmer than we would have if we’d taken the shortcut on the Ma-10. Your choice!
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Gemacht am 11.09.2019

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10,6 km
4:30 h
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Höchster Punkt
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