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Soller to Cala Tuent

Wanderung · Mallorca
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  • Cala Tuent
    Cala Tuent
    Foto: Iain Douglas, Macs Adventure
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A full day out combining an energetic walk through a lush valley and along a coastal path, a boat journey, and the “orange express” tram. 

Strecke 14 km
5:30 h
688 hm
738 hm
446 hm
10 hm

This is a glorious day out that sees you climbing steeply out of Soller along quiet country roads and forest tracks, before winding your way down through a steep gorge. At the foot of the gorge, you will make another ascent before making your way down the beach at Cala Tuent, and a well-deserved swim (please note advice re footwear above). The return leg via the ferry to Port de Soller rounds off your day in style. The ferry departs at 16:55 from Cala Tuent back to Soller but please check timetables here - https://www.barcoscalobra.com/timetable-prices/?lang=en 

NOTE: The ferry from Cala Tuent back to Soller does not operate on a Sunday - if you are planning to walk on a Sunday, you will need to book a taxi to take you back to Soller instead. Phone Taxi 25 on +34 649 48 84 15.


The beach at your destination is a stony one, and while shedding your boots and going for a swim is a delightful way to finish the day, it is recommended that you take sandals or flip-flops for your time on the beach as the surface is not comfortable to walk on in bare feet. The water on the other hand, is usually warm and inviting throughout most of the year.

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Cala Tuent


Always make sure to stay hydrated and carry plenty of water. It is also advised to wear skin-protecting clothing and use sun cream/screen. We recommend you inquire about the day’s forecasted weather before setting out on your walks. A useful website for climate information specific to towns and countries is www.weather2travel.com or www.yr.no 

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Food & Drink

You will be able to stock up for the day in Port de Soller where there are countless eateries and a number of supermarkets, all either on or just off the beach esplanade. There is a small café/restaurant at the viewpoint at Mirador de ses Barques, and a very basic beachside café at Cala Tuent – neither are guaranteed to be open however, so it is recommended that you take enough food and water (particularly water) for the day.


Points of interest  

Cala Tuent

This small, isolated beach is located in the most beautiful natural surroundings with a view of the highest mountain in Mallorca, Puig Major. The beach is 100 metres long and situated inside a lovely bay surrounded by the wooded Tramuntana mountains. The sand is mixed with gravel and pebbles, which are also present in the clean and completely clear water, making bathing shoes a wise choice. The bay is perfect for a long swim. Other than a small hut which occasionally sells cold drinks, there are no facilities at the beach, not even toilets. However, Cala Tuent is one of the most peaceful beaches in Mallorca.

Mirador de ses Barques

A viewpoint offering glorious vistas over Port de Soller, and beyond.



It is possible to take the ferry from Port de Soller to Cala Tuent, rather than walk. See http://www.barcosazules.com  for more details.

It is also possible to take a taxi - you can arrange this by Taxi 25 on +34 649 48 84 15.


Walking Alternative 

Today you can choose from one of the previous walks from Soller/Port de Soller shown in this booklet, or you can take the vintage train to the capital, Palma. This wooden, narrow-gauge train has been in operation since 1912 and takes you back through time as it clatters through the Mallorcan countryside. Train fare is payable locally.

The railway is characterized, amongst other things, by the fact that it is narrow gauge, the track width being 914 mm (an English yard), which is infrequent nowadays; moreover, its rolling stock is extremely varied and meticulously finished, and maintained using traditional methods.

The Sóller railway also stands out for the special, attractive route it runs along, overcoming the natural barrier of the Sierra de Alfàbia mountain range which is 2.8 km wide and 496 metres high. To do so, in just seven kilometres, the railway rises up 199 metres with an inclination of 23 millimetres, runs through thirteen longitudinal tunnels ranging in length from 33 to 2,876 metres, crosses over several bridges, the “cinc-ponts” viaduct which has five arches with spans 8 metres high and a great many bends, some with radii below 190 metres.

For the latest information regarding timetables for the train to Palma, please see http://www.trendesoller.com/en/cms.php/timetable_and_prices 

Duration: approx. 25 mins



Soller (43 m)
39.766357, 2.715329
39°45'58.9"N 2°42'55.2"E
31S 475617 4401864
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Cala Tuent


Please note that the ferry from Cala Tuent to Soller does not operate on a Sundays. If you wish to do this walk on a Sunday we recommend booking a taxi – see alternative transport details below. Please also note it is highly recommended that you reserve a place on the ferry at least one day ahead of this walk.

0.0 km - Standing in Placa de la Constitucio (the town square) with your back to the doors of the cathedral, BEAR RIGHT towards the corner of the square and walk along Carrer de la Luna.

0.15 km - TURN LEFT along Carrer de La Victoria de 11 Maig. Continue along the road until you reach the football stadium.

0.75 km - When you see the football stadium TURN RIGHT, following the GR221 signs for Binibassi.

1.00 km - At the information board/map, TURN LEFT and walk up the slope. After roughly 100m, TURN RIGHT onto Cami de S’Ermita.

1.20 km - After a further 50m or so, TURN LEFT up the rocky path where the wooden hiking sign indicates Tuent. You will be climbing steadily now for the next 3km, taking you past the viewpoint at Mirador de Se Barques.

1.90 km - Before the stables BEAR LEFT off the track and up the rocky path.

2.25 km - At the road, carefully cross and go STRAIGHT AHEAD up the steps opposite.

3.00 km - At the top of the slope, TURN RIGHT and follow the path around as it swings left. Climb over the ladder on your right and follow the path up and to the right. Continue STRAIGHT ON through the gate ahead.

3.35 km - TURN RIGHT and head up the steps off the track and continue up.

3.70 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON and through the gate, following the sign for Tuent.

3.85 km - You will come out onto the road, where you should TURN LEFT and walk across the turning area in front of Maridor de ses Barques.

BEAR RIGHT across the viewpoint (you may wish to spend some time taking in the view), and look for a wooden sign for Tuent, continue up the steps in front of you.

You are now on the final short climb for a while, and you will follow this main path all the way to the beach at Cala Tuent.

5.65 km - After the path flattens out for a while, you will start the descent into the valley. Soon after the descent begins, there is a junction with no sign. TURN LEFT down the cobbled path – ignoring the path up to the right.

8.00 km - BEAR RGHT at the large stone signposted for Balitx and D’Avall, and go down through the large metal gate.

8.50 km - At the bottom of the valley, TURN RIGHT at the sign for Tuent, and follow the path as it starts to wind its way up the valley side ahead of you.

9.40 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON at the top, and follow the arrows indicating the correct path.

9.75 km - Where the path splits BEAR LEFT, following the wider path and the cabins (small pyramids made of pebbles balanced on each other).

11.10 km - At the signpost for Tuent, continue STRAIGHT ON and up, ignoring the steep path down to your left.

13.40 km - At the house, TURN LEFT onto the track….. …and almost immediately TURN LEFT and head down the path.

13.80 km -  TURN LEFT down the steps. Again turn left at the bottom of the steps and follow this path down until you see a restaurant (Es Vergeret) ahead of you.

Before reaching the restaurant, TURN RIGHT down the steps and follow the winding path down and across the road. Continue down on the other side of the road.

14.00 km - Once you reach the beach, you have finished today’s walk. You may wish to have a relaxing swim while you wait for the ferry back to Port de Soller. The ferry leaves from the pier on the far side of the beach.


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39.766357, 2.715329
39°45'58.9"N 2°42'55.2"E
31S 475617 4401864
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A sturdy pair of walking trainers are adequate for this route if you don't wish to wear hiking boots. Along with your usual kit for a day walking in the elements make sure you pack suncream! You may also find walking poles useful on this route - they will help take the pressure off your knees during the ascents and descents.

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