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Romsdalseggen Ridge

Wanderung · Romsdalen
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  • View of Romsdalshorn and Trollveggen.
    / View of Romsdalshorn and Trollveggen.
    Foto: Mari Mathews, System
  • / View down the valley towards Åndalsnes.
    Foto: Mari Mathews, System
  • / View along the trail.
    Foto: Mari Mathews, System
  • / Signs along the trail.
    Foto: Mari Mathews, System
  • / A trail section with light scrambling.
    Foto: Mari Mathews, System
m 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 -200 10 8 6 4 2 km
Tackle one of Norway’s most famous ridge hikes
Strecke 10,3 km
7:00 h
960 hm
1.202 hm

Romsdalseggen Ridge is a 10.3 kilometer point-to-point hike over a famous Norwegian mountain ridge. The trail ends in the coastal town of Åndalsnes.

Romsdalseggen Ridge is consistently listed as one of the most popular hikes in Norway. The trail is a demanding, full day hike. Along the journey there are spectacular views of the Romsdalen Valley, Trollveggen, Romsdalshorn, Åndalsnes, and the fjords.

With a total elevation gain of 960 meters over rocky terrain, plus a long descent, you need to be in pretty good shape to attempt this hike. Since the trail follows a ridge, there are some exposed sections. Chains for extra grip are bolted to the rocks in the steepest parts. If you have a strong fear of heights, consider a different hike.

The hike is suitable for families, but only for older children that have hiking experience.

Weather forecast

This hike is best on a clear, sunny day. But since the clouds can move fast in the mountains, even an overcast day can offer spectacular views. With some patience, the clouds may part and reveal the beautiful surroundings.

The hike should not be attempted in bad or very windy weather. Thick fog, low clouds and rain will not only be dangerous but will ruin the views (and your day).

The Norwegian national weather service provides detailed weather reports and forecasts for Romsdalseggen in English.

Alternative hikes

There are several alternative hikes that are much easier and still have incredible views.

Litlefjellet offers great reward for effort. It is a short hike accessed from the same valley as Romsdalseggen with fantastic view across to Trollveggen, as well as Romsdalshorn and the Romsdalen Valley.

Rampestreken is a viewpoint towards the ends of the Romsdalseggen trail that can be hiked directly from Åndalsnes. It’s a steep hike up, but the metal ramp over the trees is an iconic spot for selfies.

Via ferrata

If the hike whets your appetite for more mountain fun, or if climbing is more your thing, check out the via ferrata routes on offer from Norsk Tindesenter. They have both an intro wall and a tougher wall on the western side of the mountain, near Åndalsnes.

There are several hotels, lodges, and campgrounds in and around Åndalsnes.

  • Hotel Aak is a cozy boutique hotel with wonderful food, located about 5 kilometers from Åndalsnes
  • Hotel Bellevue is the largest hotel in town and has an in-house restaurant
  • Trollveggen Camping has modern cabins and campgrounds, right alongside Trollveggen


  • Bring plenty of drinking water. There is water available from streams at the start of the trail.
  • The hike is dog-friendly, but you might need to carry them across the steepest sections. Dogs must be on a leash. It costs 50 NOK to take a dog on the bus to the trailhead.
  • No climbing gear is required, but there are chains bolted in at the steepest parts for better grip.
  • Wear hiking shoes or boots. Good grip and thick soles are best for the rocky terrain.
  • Pack plenty of food and snacks (more than you need) in case the hike takes longer than planned.
  • Pack a small first-aid kit, rain gear, and a power bank.
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1.177 m
Tiefster Punkt
36 m
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62.536040, 7.825470
62°32'09.7"N 7°49'31.7"E
32V 439567 6934447


The trailhead is located in the Vengedalen Valley, surrounding by beautiful mountains including the iconic Romsdalshorn. There are some nice spots to camp in the valley if you want to stay the night before and get an early start.

From the parking area, continue along the road and find the start of the trail to the right. The route is well-marked.

Begin by following the trail up the steep grassy hillside to the right of the river. About halfway up the hill the trail crosses the river and continue along its left-hand side. After passing the treeline the trail will flatten out a little. This is a great opportunity to take a rest after the steep first climb.

After about 2.5 kilometers you will reach a signposted junction. Turn to the left and follow the trail along the ridge up to another ridge. It’s a tough climb, but the view from the top of the ridge is well worth it.

Detour to Blånebba

At this point you can choose to take a detour southeast to Blånebba. It takes about an hour to hike there and back along the ridge. From Blånebba there are views of Romsdalshorn, Trollveggen, and the Trolltindene peaks.

Otherwise, continue to your right, following the ridge up to Mjølvafjellet. You’ll hike along this ridge all the way back towards Åndalsnes.

In the beginning, keep to the left, along the edge facing into Romsdalen. After a little while, the trail dips sharply and over Halsaskaret, before ascending to Mjølvafjellet. There is a short, steep section with a chain to help you climb up. This is the highest point of the trail.

You will spot the Aakesvarden cairn, standing right on the edge. Rest your weary legs before you start the long descent.


From Mjølvafjellet the trail starts its descent and there is some exposure along the way. Tread carefully and stop to take in the views. The route heads down a ridge to the right and then down to Nesaksla where there is a small stone cabin and another good spot for a break.

The next part of the descent is the steepest but the Romsdalstrappa, stairs laid by Sherpas, help make it a little easier. On the way down, stop by Rampestreken, which juts out almost 600 meters above Åndalsnes. The viewpoint is a 20-meter steel ramp with views over the trees and out to the fjord.

The trail continues down the stairs and under the cover of trees back in to Åndalsnes.


alle Hinweise zu Schutzgebieten


The trailhead is in the Vengedalen valley, 12 kilometers from Åndalsnes.


The best way to reach the trailhead is to take the organized bus that runs every day from the middle of June to the end of September. The bus leaves from Åndalsnes at 8:30 and 9:30. Tickets cost 200 NOK for adults, 100 NOK for children and 500 NOK for a family. The bus takes about 25 minutes and runs just one way since the trail finishes back in Åndalsnes.

Book tickets with Visit Romsdal

Take note of the recommended parking locations when booking your bus ticket. The orange and yellow parking lots are closer to the end of the trail.


It’s also possible to drive or take a taxi to the start of the trail. The last part of the road into the valley is a toll road. There is an automatic boom gate that accepts credit card.

Free parking is available by the trailhead. Remember that this hike runs one-way. If you have two cars, leave one in Åndalsnes so you can drive back and pick up your car after the hike.

Oslo to Åndalsnes

Getting to Åndalsnes from Oslo is a beautiful trip by either car or train. The journey takes you through the Gudbrandsdalen valley and into the Romsdalen valley, where you follow the turquoise-colored Rauma river to Åndalsnes.

Driving to Åndalsnes from Oslo takes 6–7 hours. The quickest route travels along highway past Lillehammer to Dombås before continuing northwest to Åndalsnes. There are several points of interest to visit in the Romsdalen Valley, including Slettafossen Waterfall and Trollveggen.

Get driving directions with Google Maps

The train trip involves first a train from Oslo to Dombås. Dombås is where the Rauma railway begins, following the Rauma river all the way to Åndalsnes. The trains are synchronized so making the connection is easy.

From the end of May to the end of August, the Rauma railway runs as a sightseeing train. This means that all passengers receive a brochure and recorded information about the sights along the way. The train slows down at the most impressive sights and big windows help you see the views.

Book tickets with Vy

Ålesund to Åndalsnes

There are frequent, comfortable buses between Ålesund and Åndalsnes. The trip takes about 2 hours.

Book tickets with FRAM


62.536040, 7.825470
62°32'09.7"N 7°49'31.7"E
32V 439567 6934447
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10,3 km
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960 hm
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