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Reine to Reinebringen

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  • Leaving Reine
    / Leaving Reine
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / Reinebringen viewpoint I
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / Reinebringen viewpoint II
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / The path along the ridge
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / The stone steps leading up the mountain
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
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Leave the quaint fishing cabins of Reine behind and make the short, sharp ascent up to the viewpoints on Reinebringen's ridgeline - the views are well-worth the effort!

Please note that due to the popularity of this route it can be closed for path maintenance essential to the safety and wellbeing of hikers (see Safety Info for more details).

5 km
3:15 h
453 hm
453 hm
On today's linear hike you can leave the car and walk from your accommodation - join the trail outside the petrol station and store in the heart of Reine village.  Begin with a short section walking along the road before beginning the steep ascent to Reinebringen's ridgeline - there are two great viewpoints on the route.  The path includes a section of very well constructed stone steps as well as sections on rough and steep terrain so you should be an experienced hiker comfortable on such underfoot conditions (we recommend walking poles for the descent).  The views from the top of the ridgeline are truly spectacular!


Make sure to remember your camera on today's hike - the views are certainly worth the extra weight if you have an SLR.  Otherwise your camera phone is bound to get some beautiful snaps too!
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Please note that due to the popularity of this route it can be closed for path maintenance essential to the safety and wellbeing of hikers. 

If there are any notices at the base of the hike where you enter the forest from the road we recommend you heed their warnings not to attempt the trail before any path construction is due to take place, or during any period of path construction.  Your accommodation should know whether the trail is open or not, so make sure to ask the night before to avoid disappointment and plan your trip around it. 

We do not recommend walking this trail during or after heavy or prolonged rainfall as the route is steep and the underfoot conditions will be extremely slippery. The route is also not recommended in poor visibility.  

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Points of Interest

Reinebringen Viewpoints

The viewpoints on the ridge afford spectacuar views over the surrounding landscape; the village of Reine to the NE, mountains and fjords to the north and south, and on a clear day to the east mainland Norway can be seen. Spend time lingering here soaking in the scenery.  


The village of Reine is itself a charming base full of converted quaint fishermen's cabins painted in traditional reds, yellows and whites.  The village has a small centre of culture, gallery, places to eat and you'll find the coast scattered with large wooden frames used to dry thousands of cod at the beginning of the summer.  


Food & Drink

Despite its small size there are a few places to get food in Reine, the Reine Rorbuer (Classic Norway Hotel) has a great restauant serving delicious local cuisine.  Alternatively, there's the Bringen Cafe, Vertshuset Lanternen Bistro opposite the convenience store, and of course the convenience store which sells a selection of groceries for a packed lunch, pastries, coffee and tea, along with a small selection of hot takeaway foods.  Although this a short walk you'll need plenty of water (at least 2 litres) and some snacks or a packed lunch if you'd like to maximise your time on the ridge and have a picnic lunch.  


Reine petrol station & village store (2 m)
67.935049, 13.088579
67°56'06.2"N 13°05'18.9"E
33W 419880 7536861


Reine petrol station & village store


0.00 km – Leave your accommodation in Reine and make your way on foot to the petrol station and convenience store located in the centre of the village.  With your back to the petrol station TURN RIGHT to follow the road as it ascends out of the village (walk on the pavement on the left-hand side of the road to avoid traffic).

0.65 km – Taking care of oncoming traffic, cross the road to continue STRAIGHT ON along the wooden walkway on the right-hand side of the road as you cross the land-bridge. 

0.85 km – At the T-junction with the E10 road, and the car park and viewpoint on your right, TURN LEFT to cross the road again and walk between the metal barriers.  Follow the gravel path on the left-hand side of the road with the sea on your left.

1.20 km – Keep to this path and BEAR LEFT as the E10 passes through a tunnel on your right (DO NOT follow the road into the tunnel).  Continue STRAIGHT ON as the route joins a largely pedestrianised road. 

1.60 km – At a signpost for the trail TURN RIGHT to follow the trail into birch and rowan woodland.  Take care here as the trail is steep and the rock and path can be slippery especially when wet.  A few narrow trails wind their way through the woodland up the hillside – the underfoot terrain consists of narrow dirt paths and smooth (sometimes steep) bedrock, you should also keep a look out for tree roots.  

If the trail is under construction or there’s a sign discouraging you from completing the hike we recommend you follow its advice and choose an alternative walk.

1.80 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON the little paths through the trees, these all join at the base of newly constructed large stone steps which lead you towards the cliffs at the back of the corrie before they bear right and continue ascending the side wall of the corrie.  Take your time as you ascend the steps – they seem relentless, but the view is worth it and there are a few specially made rock benches off to the side of the path. 

2.10 km – The newly made steps end here and the path becomes somewhat less well maintained.  Continue STRAIGHT ON to follow the well-worn route ascending to the saddle point as a dirt, gravel and large stone/scree path.  Take your time here and take care not to dislodge any rocks down onto fellow walkers, and likewise look out above you for any rolling scree.

Please note that improvements are planned so the path maybe in better condition than described when you walk it.

2.30 km – Finally, you have reached the saddle point1 On a clear day you’ll have wonderful views down onto the village of Reine, the little chain of islands, and out over the region’s fjords and mountains. 

For the adventurous, sure-footed and those without vertigo there’s the option to scramble using your hands to reach a viewpoint out to the right, please bear in mind that if you opt for this route great care is needed. Remeber also that you’ll need to down climb what you’ve just ascended - this can often be more challenging.

After admiring the view if you wish to extend the route slightly TURN LEFT and follow the path along the ridge to ascend to the viewpoint at 470m for even more spectacular views over Reine and even across to the mainland on a very clear day. 

2.50 km – On reaching the viewpoint at 470m take your fill of photographs (while making sure you don’t get too close to the edge) then turnaround continue STRAIGHT ON along the ridge to retrace your steps on the same route back to the village of Reine.  Please take great care on the descent and make use of your walking poles which will help take some pressure off your knees. 

5.00 km – Finish your walk in the heart of Reine. Why not head for a kaffe and kake or if you feel up to it hop in the car and drive to the trailhead of your next hike?  


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67.935049, 13.088579
67°56'06.2"N 13°05'18.9"E
33W 419880 7536861
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad

Buchtipps für die Region

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Although this a short hike you'll experience mountain conditions and weather - remember you're in the Arctic Circle - so make sure to bring waterproofs, warm layers, hats, gloves, and a buff for warmth.  Stiff-soled walking shoes or boots are recommended along with walking poles to help take the pressure off your knees, these will be especially useful on the descent!

Make sure to bring plenty of water, and food for completeing the walk as there is nowhere to restock or fill your water bottle en route.  

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5 km
453 hm
453 hm


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