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Start Touren Quiraing car park to Flodigarry
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Quiraing car park to Flodigarry

Wanderung · Großbritannien und Nordirland
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  • Quiraing path
    Quiraing path
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
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Follow a narrow path through this otherworldly landscape of rock pinnacles and cliffs with spectacular views of Skye’s east coast towards the Torridonian mountains on the mainland.
Strecke 5,9 km
3:30 h
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49 hm

This morning a scenic transfer (40 mins) brings you from Portree to the car park for the Quiraing rock formation. The return leg of your transfer is flexible—finish the day’s walk with a late lunch at Flodigarry Hotel or return to the vibrant town of Portree with time to explore.

The Quiraing can take on an ethereal quality, akin to walking through a film set or a prehistoric landscape. On a clear day the vistas are truly special but on a wet and misty day, the atmosphere of the place can be just as impressive. The surrounding area is a geological wonderland and you can spend time exploring the weird and wonderful rock formations and taking in the views that encompass the mainland, western isles and Skye itself.


We have allowed plenty of time for you to complete this hike so you can stop as often as you like to take photographs and to simply soak up the the atmosphere of the place. 
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Catherine Allan
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Parts of the route follows paths cloe to steep grassy drop-offs.  Take care not to walk too close to the edge.  You should be sure-footed and havea head for heights.  On the descent from the Quiraing to the loch below there's a short section of steep descent through the heather on an eroded path - take great care here and move slowly to avoid slipping. 

The path and under-foot conditions can be uneven, with muddy or rocky grassland and can be slippery (especially after rain) so please tak care and wear suitable footwear such as stiff-soled walking shoes or hiking boots with good grip.  

There is a short section of walking on the road at the end of the route, always be aware of traffic and be sure to use a pavement/sidewalk or grassy verge where possible.  Walk on the right-hand side of the rtoad and step aside to give way to oncoming traffic. 


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Point of Interest

The Quiraing

The Quiraing (means “cattle pen”) is the most popular and arguably the most impressive group of geological features on the Trotternish Ridge. The Prison, Needle and Table are all features in this particularly broken section of the escarpment, formed by a continuing process of landslipping. Regardless of the weather, the area has an evocative atmosphere of a forgotten world. 

The Trotternish Ridge

Views from the path are spectacular, but particularly aong the Trotternish Ridge, which can be seen in all its glory as it stretches all the way to the Old Man of Storr to the south nea Portree. The huge craggy cliffs reaching up onto a grassy top that rolls down towards the west coast.

Flodigarry Hotel

You can find the lunch menu and phone number for making a reservation at the Flodigarry Hotel's restaurant - Skye Restaurant - on the link below. 



Food & Drink

There isn't anywhere to get food on the way so make sure you bring enough food and water for the day's walk.  The Flodigarry Hotel serve lunch everyday from 12pm-4pm so you could eat here before your transfer back to Portree if you wish. Alternatively, there are plenty of cafes and eateries in Portree. 


Quiraing car park (255 m)
OS Grid
NG 43988 67919
57.628286, -6.290068
57°37'41.8"N 6°17'24.2"W
29V 661812 6390560
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Flodigarry Hotel


0.00 km - After your transfer to the Quiraing car park on the single track road joining the A855 on the west coast to the east coast begin your walk. With the information boards on the right-hand side of the road BEAR LEFT off the road and follow the green walkers signposts on the dirt path towards the Quiraing. 

0.20 km - At a path junction continue STRAIGHT ON to follow the path with the cliffs up on your left. Takecare and watch you footing as the drop off on the right can be steep. 

0.40 km - There is a small scramble as you continue STRAIGHT ON (be careful of loose rocks and rock fall as you are now underneath the cliffs).

1.20 km -  Ignore the right turn to ‘The Prison’ and continue STRAIGHT ON.

1.40 km - Passing a small cairn, you will see ' The Finger' formation on your left, continue STRAIGHT ON as the path ascends and then descends.

1.60 km - Cross the fence and continue STRAIGHT ON

2.30 km - As you reach a cairn, the path forks, BEAR RIGHT and descent on the path that leads past two lochs to the road. 

2.70 km - BEAR LEFT to continue descending on the path.

3.30 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON over the fence using the wooden step provided.

4.00 km - BEAR RIGHT to stay on the path.

4.50 km  - When you pass the loch, ignore the left turn and continue STRAIGHT ON until you reach the main road.

4.70 km - On reaching the road TURN LEFT onto it and follow the road north towards Flodigarry as it descends. Take care of traffic and walk on the right-hand side of the road or on the verge, stepping aside to give way to traffic.  

5.60 km - BEAR RIGHT off the road following the signpost for Flodigarry Hotel down the road that leads to the hotel car park and the hotel overlooking the sea.

5.90 km - Finish outside the hotel. Why not pop in for some lunch before your transfer back to Portree if you have time?


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OS Grid
NG 43988 67919
57.628286, -6.290068
57°37'41.8"N 6°17'24.2"W
29V 661812 6390560
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Be sure to wear sturdy shoes with good ankle support and bring warm and waterproof clothing along with layers so you are prepared for all weathers. Snacks or a picnic lunch are reccommended and you'll need to bring plenty of water as there's nowehere to eat or drink along the route until you arrive in Flodigarry. 

Walking poles could come in handy when crossing uneven ground or making steep ascents/descents. 

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5,9 km
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