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Start Touren Ortisei dayhike Seceda to Regensburger hut loop
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Ortisei dayhike Seceda to Regensburger hut loop

Wanderung · Dolomiten
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Karte / Ortisei dayhike Seceda to Regensburger hut loop
m 2600 2500 2400 2300 2200 2100 2000 1900 10 8 6 4 2 km Seceda Bergstation - Refuge Seceda Viewpoint Regensburger - Firenze hut Piera Longia St. Jacob’s … Sacun”) Stevia hut
A rolling traverse through scenic meadows below the steep Geisler mountains, then down to the popular Regensburger hut.  Farms and restaurants dot the landscape with consistently excellent views.
Strecke 10,7 km
4:00 h
444 hm
444 hm
2.453 hm
2.036 hm

The Regensburger hut is the oldest hut in the Gardena valley, originally built in 1885, on a meadow above San Cristina and Ortisei called Cisle. The hike there provides a great opportunity to explore this meadow and enjoy the views, all on a very moderate loop trail.

The Seceda gondola and cable car will take you from town up to the meadows above Regensburger hut below the impressive Geisler peaks. To find the cable car, take the escalator from the main square up to the top of town, which brings you right to the cable car. Buy a ticket, either one-way or round-trip depending on your plans, to the top (this would be covered by the Gardena Card).

From the top station of the Seceda lift, you have wonderful views all around of the Sella and Sassolungo groups to the southeast, to the Rosengarten and Schlern to the southwest, and topped by the Geisler mountains above you. There are tons of trails, and quite a few restaurants and inns along this meadow.


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2.036 m
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Schotterweg 8,20%Naturweg 22,19%Pfad 69,59%
0,9 km
2,4 km
7,4 km
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Piera Longia
Stevia hut
Regensburger - Firenze hut

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If it rains...  The moderate options here are a fine hike in the rain.  You’re mainly above treeline, and you won’t have the distant views, but the local mountains are very impressive, and you could duck into any of the restaurants for a meal and warm drink.  An out-and-back hike to Piera Longia would make a nice, short day.  In the rain, you might find trail 2a to be less muddy than 2b.  The longer loop to Stevia involves some very steep and rocky trails, and is not appropriate for bad weather.


Ortisei, Seceda cable car (2.453 m)
46.597914, 11.724753
46°35'52.5"N 11°43'29.1"E
32T 708695 5164090
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Regensburger hut


  • Start with the cable car from Ortisei to the top Seceda station.
  • Trail 2b is fantastic, cutting across the top of the meadow to the east on a gentle up and down undulating trail. Trail 2b is just a little bit above the wider trail 2a, which is a possibility also.
  • After an hour, you’ll reach a charming mountain farm, Piera Longia, a small restaurant that serves drinks and just a few menu items among a tumbling display of boulders. A great easy day could be made simply walking to Piera Longia and back.
  • After Piera Longia, continue on trail 2b a few more minutes where you’ll reach Plan Ciautier, a rocky meadow that forms the junction of many intersecting trails. Most of the trails to the north into the mountains lead to via ferrata routes.
  • Turn right here on the fairly steep downhill trail 13 to the Regensburger hut (called rifugio Firenza in Italian), a large and popular hut about 2 hours from the Seceda lift.
  • To return from Regensburger, you have a few options.
  • Easy: The easiest hiking option is to take trail 4 uphill just a few minutes to the cable car at Col Raiser, which descends to St Cristina, 2000 ft below, where buses return you to Ortisei.
  • Moderate: For a more moderate day, and to continue hiking in high country for a bit, We’d suggest you make a loop along trail 2 back up to Fermeda hut, a nice restaurant and hotel that is a bit more off the beaten path.
  • Return to trail 1, the small, steep road that brings you back up to the Seceda cable car, where you can take the cable car back to town. It’s a steep ascent, but the trails are wide and well-marked, and it should take about 1½ hours. This is the 10km 1500 ft option detailed in the graph, and is a good all-around option.
  • Optional hike to town: If you would rather hike all the way back to town, take trail 2 from Regensburger to Fermeda hut, and continue on trail 2 to the ridge at Sella Cuca, where trail 6a brings you down through the tiny hamlet and scenic church at St. Jakob, continuing to Ortisei on foot. This is a descent of 2750 ft from Fermeda hut - a long way down - but the trail is pleasant and wooded most of the way, and should take 2½ hours or so.
  • Epic day: Finally, strong hikers in search of a long day can hike the opposite direction from Regensburger hut up trail 17b, which climbs to the Piza pass on a long series of wooden steps up a steep, rocky gully. Cables are placed at strategic moments to hold onto for balance, and the pass takes a little over an hour from the hut. Turn right at the top for the gentle descent to Stevia hut, a fine hut blessed with breathtaking views into the Vallunga valley and across to the Sella mountains. Trail 17 then descends from Stevia hut, with a few large dropoffs (a good head for heights helps), and then down more standard switchbacks through the woods to the upper part of Selva, a small village at the end of the valley (not shown on map), 3-4 hours from Regensburger. There are regular buses from Selva to Ortisei for your return.


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46.597914, 11.724753
46°35'52.5"N 11°43'29.1"E
32T 708695 5164090
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10,7 km
4:00 h
444 hm
444 hm
Höchster Punkt
2.453 hm
Tiefster Punkt
2.036 hm
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