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Start Touren Ortisei dayhike Rasciesa ridge to Brogles hut loop
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Ortisei dayhike Rasciesa ridge to Brogles hut loop

Wanderung · Dolomiten
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Karte / Ortisei dayhike Rasciesa ridge to Brogles hut loop
m 2400 2200 2000 1800 1600 12 10 8 6 4 2 km Raschötz Bergstation Mittelstation Seceda-Seilbahn Rasciesa Rifugio Malga Brogles
An easy, flat stroll takes you from Rasciesa to Brogles hut, before descending through forest to Ortisei.
Strecke 12,9 km
4:30 h
358 hm
719 hm
2.282 hm
1.723 hm

This is a nice, gentle walk through meadows and light woods. It’s good for an easier day, or perhaps for a mixed-weather day when you’re not sure what the weather might bring. It’s also great for sunny days, of course, on which you can see over 200 summits from the top of Rasciesa ridge (this is also called Raschötz in German).

An easy, flat stroll takes you from the top of the Rasciesa train to Brogles hut, a rustic farm-hut set at the edge of the Puez-Odle National Park with impressive views of the Geisler peaks.  From here, return on quiet trails through meadow and forest descending to Ortisei, hopping on the Seceda gondola half-way.

Although the first section of hiking to Brogles hut is short, with the extra time walking to the lift and taking the funicular train, plus the optional trip to chapel Heilig Kreuz Kapelle, you’ll probably reach the hut around lunchtime.


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1.723 m
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5,3 km
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Schutzhaus Brogles-Alm

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If it rains... This is a fine hike for a cloudy day or mixed weather. You’re mainly above treeline, and you won’t have the distant views, but the trail is easy, the nearby views of the Geisler from Brogles hut are great, and you could duck into the hut for lunch to get out of the weather. You could also skip the first part to Heilig Kreuz Kapelle if you don’t want to be out too long.

A good, even shorter hike would be to take the Seceda gondola as far as the middle station (the gondolas are small, enclosed cars for 4-6 people that are constantly running), and take the out-and-back hike on trail 5 up to Brogles hut. Come back the same way, or if it clears, continue on to do this hike in reverse.


Rasciesa (2.090 m)
46.597689, 11.679466
46°35'51.7"N 11°40'46.1"E
32T 705228 5163946
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Brogles hut


  • Starting from the center of town, take the underground pedestrian escalators up to the lower station of the Seceda cable car, and follow the road up and to the left another block to the Raschötz/Rasciesa funicular train. This cable-pulled train takes you up 800 meters to the top station in about 8 minutes.
  • From the top station, start with a slight detour to the west (left as you leave the train) on trail 35 to rifugio Rasciesa. It’s about 15 minutes away on an easy and beautiful trail. This mountain hut is set in a broad meadow with sweeping views over Ortisei and the Val Gardena.
  • Continue a few minutes farther to Heilig Kreuz Kapelle, a tiny church, and the high point of this hike at 2198 meters. This takes about 40 minutes from the train, and is an optional side-trip. The trail is just above treeline, and views of the Schlern to the south are extremely impressive along the route.
  • Return to the Rasciesa train along the same trail, or along the slightly higher trail 31.
  • To continue to Brogles hut you’ll stay on trail 35, which is now a small gravel farm road as it swings around past herds of sheep, cows, and horses toward the gentle, grassy Broglessattel pass. You should reach this point in about an hour to an hour and a half from the funicular station. The views of the Odle-Geisler range ahead of you are postcard-worthy. There’s no hurry along this easy, wide stretch of trail.
  • Reach a gate at the pass, with trail 5 coming up from the right (you’ll descend this way). The rustic Brogles hut sits 10 more minutes downhill below the pass and is a perfect spot for lunch or a drink. They have a beautiful grassy terrace and idyllic views. The valley to your left is the Funes - a beautiful unspoiled valley with many gorgeous trails. Grab a drink and lunch and hang out enjoying the alpine atmosphere for awhile.
  • To return, backtrack a couple minutes up to the pass where you’ll turn left and downhill following trail 5 to the middle Furnes station of the Seceda lift, about 1 hour below the pass. The descent leads through meadows and forest, is well-marked, and easy to follow.
  • The station is hidden over a small hill to the left when you arrive, and it’s a good idea to finish the hike here and take the gondola down to Ortisei (€14 one-way). You can get on the gondola and buy tickets for the trip at the bottom station.
  • If you do want to continue walking from Furnes instead of taking the gondola, the trail descends through farms and along country roads. Trail 5 takes you down from here toward town. Then follow signs to trail 2 through the Val d’Anna for a very pretty stream-side walk down to Ortisei, a good hour further on along pleasant trails. There are a couple restaurants along the Val d’Anna trail, and plenty of fine places to play in the stream.
  • Harder day: If an easy day is not what you were looking for, try finishing with the bold trail 6, heading steeply uphill from Brogles hut to the Forcella Pana, a small wind gap in the rocky mountain ridge above you. The trail is clear and steep the whole way, and a steel cable helps along the steepest sections, but it requires no climbing. The climb is 420 meters in just over 2 km, and should take a bit over an hour.
  • Reaching the top in the famous Seceda meadows, the views are stunning. There are plenty of restaurants and trails up here (Piera Longia is a favorite of ours), so explore all you like. You could even hike trail 6 all the way down to Ortisei, but to head back to Ortisei quickly, turn right at Forcella Pana to find the upper Seceda station and take the cable car down.


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46.597689, 11.679466
46°35'51.7"N 11°40'46.1"E
32T 705228 5163946
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