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Orra Beg to Ballycastle

Wanderung · Moyle
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  • Moyle way markrs.
    / Moyle way markrs.
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  • / Breen Forest.
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  • / Glenshesk River.
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  • / Glenshesk.
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  • / Knocklayd 514 m.
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  • / Ballycastle Forest Path.
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This is a linear walk through forests and along the isolated Glenshesk to the pleasant seaside town of Ballycastle.

20 km
5:30 h
304 hm
636 hm

Starting at Breen Forest the walk descends to follow the Glenshesk River before climbing out of the valley and skirting around Knocklayd Mountain. A road stretch leads to Ballycastle Forest Park where the path descends through the trees to the town of Ballycastle and finishing at the harbour.


The walk follows the Moyle Way for the most part, as well as the Ulster Way. The route is clearly waymarked with wooden direction posts, signs and logos so route finding should be relatively straightforward. 

You experience a real sense of isolation walking through Breen Forest and the beautiful Glenshesk. There are also good views to be had looking across the Moyle Sea to Rathlin Island. Look out for the native red squirrel when walking through Ballycastle Forest Park. User
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The only sections of the walk today where you might encounter traffic are the road section to Ballycastle Forest and arriving into Ballycastle. The few climbs and descents are not particularly steep but can be tricky in wet weather. Watch out for tree roots on the beginning of the walk in Breen Wood.


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The small town of Ballycastle has a number of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars where you can stock up with food and drink. There are also supermarkets, banks and cash machines, pharmacies and a tourist information centre at the harbour. Most of the amenities are actually in the town centre although there are a few in the harbour area. There are no opportunities for refreshment on today’s walk so you will need to carry everything you require.


Points of Interest


Glenshshesk is one of the nine Glens of Antrim. Shaped by glaciers during the last Ice Age it lies on the eastern side of Knocklayde Mountain.

 McQuillan’s Grave.

Situated just off the Moyle Way the location of the grave is marked by an inscribed post. Access to it is along the opposite bank and marked by a head stone. Tradition has it that it marks the spot where the chief of the McQuillan’s fell at the battle of Aura.

Breen Wood Nature Reserve.

At one time oak woods covered much of north east Antrim. Today Breen Oakwood Nature Reserve is one of the last fragments of these once extensive native woodlands.

Ballycastle Forest Park.

Situated on slopes of Knocklayd Mountain the forest was first planted in 1931. The Moyle way, forming part of the Ulster Way runs through the forest. The managed woodland produces a diverse range of wildlife habitats and is home to the native red squirrel.



Rock marker with letter H, entrance to Breen Wood, off the Altrichard Road. (333 m)
55.090574, -6.222408
29U 677254 6108395


Marine Corner and bus stop, Ballycastle.


0.00 km – At the drop off point, and standing by the rock marker with your back to the road, GO STRAIGHT ON through the wooden gate following the path into the wood for approx 1.4 kms.

1.40 km – At the bottom of a small valley, cross the stream by a marker post(Moyle Way) and GO STRAIGHT ON along the forest path on the other side.

2.00 km – Emerging through the trees, TURN LEFT and follow the path downhill with the trees to the left and over a wooden stile. GO STRAIGHT ON downhill following the marker posts to a river.

2.40 km – Cross the river by the bridge and GO STRAIGHT ON up the other side. In 100 m TURN LEFT onto the gravel track following the marker post. GO STRAIGHT ON along the gravel track for approx 2 kms with The Glenshesk River on the left and passing a grave marker on the way.

4.60 km – At a metal gate and signpost for the Moyle Way TURN LEFT over the footbridge and GO STRAIGHT ON up the hillside with a fence on the right.

5.20 km - At the top of the hill BEAR LEFT following the marker post, then in 100 m TURN RIGHT onto the gravel track. GO STRAIGHT ON for approx 2 kms with views of Rathlin Island ahead.

7.40 km – At a track junction TURN LEFT, again following the Moyle Way marker posts and GO STRAIGHT ON for approx 1 km.

8.70 km – At a metal gate, leave the Wood and GO STRAIGHT ON past the buildings and down to a road.

9.30 km – At the crossroads GO STRAIGHT ON along the tarmac road, (Dramavoley Road) signposted to Ballycastle Forest for approx 4.5 kms. There are good views of the Moyle Sea and Rathlin Island on the way.

13.7 km – After crossing a stone bridge TURN LEFT off the road into Ballycastle Forest car park. Go through the metal gate and GO STRAIGHT ON following the signs for the Moyle Way & Ulster Way.

14.6 km – At another metal gate across the track GO STRAIGHT ON for approx 2 kms following the signs for the Moyle way & Ulster Way. Do not be tempted to take any of the tracks off to the right. Follow the gravel track as it gradually winds and descends downhill.

16.8 km – At a track junction TURN LEFT by the marker post and GO STRAIGHT ON downhill, around some large bends to the valley bottom.

18.1 km – At a metal gate across the track GO STRAIGHT ON following the marker posts to reach a road.

18.8 km – At a wooden gate through an old railway arch, TURN LEFT out of Ballycastle Forest by the information board. GO STRAIGHT ON up the tarmac road to the main road.

19.1 km – At the Market Square TURN RIGHT and GO STRAIGHT ON along Ann Street and Quay Street down towards the harbour.

20.0 km – Arriving at Marine Corner and the bus stop near the harbour, you have reached the end of your walk.







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Good boots or walking shoes are recommended as the terrain is variable on this walk. The first part can be wet and boggy so be prepared- gaiters and an extra pair of socks to be on the safe side. Walking poles can be carried if you prefer.

 Irish weather can be unpredictable and also wet so it is important to be prepared at all times. Waterproofs should be carried as well as a hat and gloves and maybe an extra layer just in case. In the summer sunscreen is also recommended and maybe insect repellent.


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