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Oix to Sales de Llierca via Tortella

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  • Mountains near Oix
    / Mountains near Oix
    Foto: Fraser Linden, Macs Adventure
  • / Pont de Llierca bridge
    Foto: Fraser Linden, Macs Adventure
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A relatively easy walk but starting with a tough climb out of Oix following the GR1 route to the village of Tortella and on to Sales de Llierca.

15,7 km
3:45 h
347 hm
488 hm

Leave Oix on the GR1 Sendero Historico route, and ascend to the forested mountain tops surrounded by panoramic views of the limestone cliffs. Descend through oak forest to the Puente de Llierca, a Romanesque bridge dating back to the 11th century before reaching the village of Tortella and finally Sales de Llierca, where your home for the night is a beautiful 18th century stone manor house hotel.


The Pont de Llierca bridge a couple of kilometres before Tortella is a good place to stop and take in the scenery with a picnic today. You can request this the night before from your hotel in Oix as there are no shops in Oix and nowhere to get supplies before Tortella today. User
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Take care on somee of the steeper and rockier parts of today's route as these could be slippery after rainfall. Use caution when crossing the road before the bridge.

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Points of Interest

Pont de Llierca
Also known as Sadernes Bridge you will cross this Romanesque limestone bridge on the route today. It is not know exactly when the bridge was built, but it is medieval and is estimated to have been built around the 14th Century.


Food & Drink

There is nowhere to get any food today before Tortella – about 12km in and only 1 hour from Sales de Llierca. So please ensure you take plenty to eat and drink for the route. Although there are no shops in Oix, your hotel will be able to make a picnic up if you request this the night before leaving.

Tortella has a few shops and cafés within the village.


Itinerannia information board at entrance to Oix. (414 m)
42.271156, 2.528298
31T 461100 4679990


Itinerannia information board next to church in Sales de Llierca.


0.00km – START from the Itinerannia info board and small carpark at the entrance to Oix. Facing the road TURN RIGHT and continue STRAIGHT ON the road signed signed for Besalu and Olot, crossing the bridge over the river and following the road uphill.

0.66km – BEAR LEFT away from the road on to the gravel track next to an old fence with yellow and red/white paint markers on it, just after the right-hand bend in the road. Follow the gravel track downhill and TURN LEFT at the Itinerannia signpost, following the signed route to Tortella and Sales de Llierca.

0.95km – TURN RIGHT on to the narrow path and pass through the electric fence. You will see painted marks on a tree confirming the route. Continue on the path as it climbs steeply for approximately 1km.

1.74km – Pass through another electric fence and you will reach a clearing in the trees as the path starts to level out. BEAR RIGHT and continue uphill at the way marker post on a wider gravel track.

2.27km – Continue STRAIGHT ON the track past a metal gate and through another electric fence.

2.40km – Continue STRAIGHT ON ignoring the path downhill to the left, and when you reach the gravel road TURN LEFT.

3.10km – At the Itinerannia signpost TURN RIGHT then immediately BEAR LEFT taking the narrow path downhill through the trees, ignoring the main track ahead. Then TURN RIGHT on to the wider gravel footpath. Follow this path as it passes next to a field to the left and then heads downhill through a forest.

4.30km – Continue STRAIGHT ON the rocky path heading downhill, ignoring the right-hand path at the fork as the route opens up to a clearing.

4.84km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as the path joins a wider gravel track, following this for 1km.

5.78km – When you reach the junction in the track with the IA signpost continue STRAIGHT ON following the signs for Tortella.

6.40km – BEAR RIGHT at the fork in the track.

6.85km – BEAR RIGHT at the fork on to a narrower path before the gated driveway. Follow this rocky path downhill passing a small shrine to the left.

8.18km – BEAR RIGHT as the path joins a gravel track and continue STRAIGHT ON downhill.

8.53km – TURN RIGHT at the signpost “Cami d’acces al Pont de Llierca” when you reach a carpark in the trees. Then as the track reaches the road after 150m, cross the road and and continue STRAIGHT ON across the Pont de Llierca bridge.

8.78km – At the top of the rocky path once across the bridge TURN RIGHT at the signpost and follow the track for approx. 1km.

9.63km – BEAR LEFT on to the smaller path away from the main track you have been following at the tree marked with yellow paint.

9.93km – Cross a small stream and climb up the steep rocky path on the other side (there is an optional path marked to the right once across the stream which is slightly less steep).

10.00km – Continue STRAIGHT ON at the wider gravel track, follow this track ignoring any tracks leading off to the right or left for the next 300m.

10.30km – BEAR RIGHT at the fork, ignoring the left-hand track as indicated by the painted crosses on the tree.

10.70km – BEAR RIGHT at the fork.

11.00km – As the gravel track becomes a tarmac road TURN RIGHT at the marker post continuing along the road with the “30” and “16t” signs.

11.50km – When you read the main road cross the road and continue STRAIGHT ON the road down towards the village of Tortella.

11.70km – As you approach the houses follow the road as it turns to the right then TURN LEFT up the small hill. At the top of the hill TURN RIGHT at the IA signpost and continue STRAIGHT ON the narrow street through the village until you reach the main square and church. If you are finishing in Tortella you should make your way to your accommodation from here.

12.03km – From the Itinerannia info board at Plaça Mercat and the church in the center of Tortella TURN LEFT following the signed route to Sales de Llierca along a narrow street and continue past the park on the right.

12.40km – At the crossroads with the main road with a segregated cyclepath continue STRAIGHT ON, crossing the road at the zebra crossing to your right.

12.76km – Once past the houses and industrial area TURN LEFT onto the lane heading downhill before the farm straight ahead. You will see red/white paint bars marking the route on the drainage ditch to the left of the road. Continue STRAIGHT ON the track as the lane ends.

12.90km – BEAR RIGHT onto the narrow path downhill before the no entry sign. The path is somewhat overgrown in places but heads through the forest and eventually opens into a field.

13.30km – Continue STRAIGHT ON as you reach the gravel track at the end of the field.

13.50km – TURN RIGHT and continue on the established track, ignoring the grassy track that continues straight ahead. Follow the track as it leads in to a field.

13.80km – BEAR LEFT as you join another fine gravel track and continue STRAIGHT ON this track for 600m ignoring any smaller tracks leading away from the main track.

14.40km – TURN LEFT at the T-junction and join the tarmacced road.

15.00km – As you reach the bottom of the road and a junction with another road, TURN RIGHT downhill at the electrical pylon towards Sales de Llierca passing houses. Follow the road round and eventually you will reach the FINISH point of the route at the Itinerannia information board and signpost next to the church in Sales de Llierca. If you are staying in Can Serola, please follows the additional turn-by-turn directions below;

0.00km - From the church at the centre of Sales de Llierca TURN LEFT on to the road then after 160m continue STRAIGHT ON to the gravel track at the crossroads.

0.62km - BEAR LEFT at the fork, then after 60m BEAR RIGHT at the fork on the main track.

0.83km - TURN LEFT on to the tarmac road and after 500m TURN RIGHT at the stop sign on the road signposted to Can Serola.

2.11km - At the fork BEAR RIGHT on the signed track then BEAR LEFT at the next fork after 180m. After approx. 400m you will arrive at Can Serola.


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Hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes are recommended for this walk. Walking poles will also be beneficial on the steeper sections. You should always be prepared for poor weather: bring a warmer layer and waterproof jacket as it is often noticeably cooler and windier in the mountains. Remember sun cream and take plenty of fluids on hot days.

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15,7 km
347 hm
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