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Oix Loop Walk

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  • The remains of Santa Maria d'Escales
    / The remains of Santa Maria d'Escales
    Foto: Fraser Linden, Macs Adventure
  • / Views from the return route to Oix
    Foto: Fraser Linden, Macs Adventure
  • /
    Foto: Fraser Linden, Macs Adventure
  • / Spend your morning exploring the charming town of Castellfollit de la Roca nestled on a cliff top
    Foto: Fraser Linden, Macs Adventure
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Leave Oix using quiet rural paths and walk towards the steep cliff faces, mountains & valleys to eventually reach Mare de Déu d'Escales. Return by an easy going farm track.

11,5 km
4:00 h
313 hm
304 hm

From Oix, enjoy an exciting walk on a pass between two dramatic cliffs and take in views of the Salt des Lliberals mountain.

Return to Oix and overnight in this remote hamlet surrounded by mountain views in a 16th century farmhouse now converted into a cosy rural hostal.

We recommend visiting the fascinating village of Castellfolit de la Roca this morning before you are picked up there and taken to Oix to do your walk. You can catch the bus from Olot straight to Castellfolit and we recommend checking the timetable here - You will be picked up from Castellfolit at 12pm and transferred to Oix. If you prefer you can take a lift with your luggage from Olot to Oix. 


Look out for the yellow Itinerannia paint markings which help with navigating parts of the route today. User
Fraser Linden
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This walk crosses some steep and challenging terrain. Take care particularly during or after rainfall when walking over some of the rocky surfaces as they may be very slippery with a considerable drop in places.

Be aware of the electric fences on the early stages of this walk. You will have to cross several of them. Use the plastic or rubber handle to to remove the fences to allow to walk through the gates.

Towards the end of the walk returning to Oix you will be walking along a quiet road. Walk on the left-hand side facing the oncoming traffic.

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Points of Interest

Mare de Déu d'Escales
Make your way to the remains of this Romanesque temple dating from the 10th Century nestled in a valley.


Food & Drink

Be sure to get a snack from the Hostal before leaving for the walk as there are no oppurtunities along the route to get any food or drink.


Itinerannia information board at entrance to Oix. (413 m)
42.271094, 2.528295
31T 461100 4679983


Itinerannia information board at entrance to Oix.


0.00km - START at the Itinerannia information board next to the carpark at the entrance of Oix. Face the road in front of the carpark and TURN RIGHT on to the road. BEAR LEFT on the road and follow it across Rivera d'Oix.

0.15km - TURN LEFT at the sign to Pont Roma on to a gravel track after crossing the river and heading around the bend in the road.

0.50km - BEAR LEFT on to a narrow grassy trail as the track ends at a house.

0.56km - TURN LEFT over a small concrete bridge as the narrow path reaches a wider track and a waymarker post.

0.61km - Continue STRAIGHT ON through the electric fence (using the handle to remove it) past a metal gate on the right. Look out for the yellow Itinerannia waymarker (IA marker) in the tree. Follow the path running parallel to the fence on your left.

0.87km - BEAR LEFT crossing another electric fence at the yellow marker on the tree.

1.01km - Continue up the bank, away from the field the TURN LEFT on the path, following the IA marker.

1.41km - The path widens to a clearing at a field entrance. TURN LEFT (marker on tree) through an electric fence into the field. BEAR LEFT heading downhill on the grassy path at the tree standing alone in the field. If the path is not clear there is a small marker post in the middle of the field.

1.60km - Pass through the electric fence at the end of the field then TURN RIGHT on to a narrow path.

1.75km - Continue STRAIGHT ON through a field close to, but keeping to the right of the farm buildings. Climb up the path to an Itinerannia signpost.

1.80km - At the IA signpost continue STRAIGHT ON, ignoring the right-hand path.

3.51km - As the views from the path start to open up coming through the forest with cliffs and mountains ahead TURN RIGHT at the markerpost.

3.61km - TURN RIGHT on to a wide gravel track at the IA signpost. Follow the track across a bridge then TURN RIGHT on to a narrow path leading downhill.

4.00km - TURN RIGHT on the path following it steeply downhill. Once you near the bottom of the cliff TURN RIGHT on to the path marked by a small cairn. Ignore the left-hand path. Cross the gorge using the small metal bridge and continue up the steep rocky path on the other side of the gorge up to a ridge. Look out for paint markings to keep you right.

4.54km - Reach an Itinerannia signpost and TURN RIGHT.

4.86km - Ignore the path to the right and continue STRAIGHT ON and you will reach Mare de Déu d'Escales. Return to the last IA signpost by your outward route when ready.

5.75km - Make sure to BEAR RIGHT at the fork heading uphill on the return route. Once you arrive back at the signpost BEAR RIGHT at the fork towards Pas  del Lliberals. Follow the narrow and rocky but well defined path  through the valley as it gradually drops to the valley floor.

6.63km - BEAR LEFT on to the lower path.

6.92km - Cross the stream and BEAR LEFT on to the path on the other side of the valley.

6.97km - TURN LEFT at the IA signpost back downhill following the signs for Oix.

7.08km - BEAR RIGHT at the fork away from old stone bridge and cross the river on a modern wooden bridge,

7.11km - TURN LEFT on to the track at the signpost directly ahead of you at the field once across the bridge.

7.86km - BEAR LEFT on to the lower track when it splits and continue STRAIGHT ON the track as it takes you over the bridge you crossed earlier in the walk and eventually back to Oix.

10.50km - At the end of the gravel track, BEAR LEFT and continue STRAIGHT ON the road 

11.50km - Reach the cenre of Oix where you finish your walk.





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Hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes are recommended for this walk. Walking poles will also be beneficial on the steeper sections. You should always be prepared for poor weather: bring a warmer layer and waterproof jacket as it is often noticeably cooler and windier in the mountains. Remember sun cream and take plenty of fluids on hot days.

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Joann J
11.06.2019 · Community
A bit rough on rocky trails in, easy on the outward part of the loop, pretty throughout. Starting in the warm afternoon after walking to the bus in Olot and touring Castellfollet de la Roca made the loop a bit more challenging for our older knees.
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Near the start of Oix loop
Foto: Joann J, Community
Joann J
10.06.2019 · Community
As indicated in the tip details, the outward loop had sone rough spots climbing over boulders and very rocky path. Coming out was so much easier and quite pleasant. Note that starting in the afternoon makes the hike more challenging with warmer temperatures and after walking to the bus station in Olot and touring Castelfollet de la Roca - with a walk down to the river to view of the town. If over 65, add a few hours to the MacsAdventure time estimate.
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View on the trail up
Foto: Joann J, Community

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11,5 km
313 hm
304 hm


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