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Nesheia Summit

Wanderung · Flakstad
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  • The view of Stjerntinden mountain through the trees on the zig-zag path
    / The view of Stjerntinden mountain through the trees on the zig-zag path
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / The view of the other side of ridge
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / The lake on the ridge
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / The view over to Stjerntinden mountain and Storvatnet lake
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / The view over Nusford village from Nesheia summit
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / Descending the scramble from the 2nd knoll on the ridgeline
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
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A stunning ridge walk high above the jaunty colours of Nusford’s cabins; wander the lunar-like landscape of the ridge and enjoy magnificent views of Stjerntinden mountain to the west and east to Vestvågøy island.
8,2 km
6:00 h
653 hm
649 hm

Leave the road on the east shore of lake Storvatnet behind and ascend the wooded slopes. After the initial steep path, the ascent eases, but the path seems to disappear into the rocky landscape – here it’s best to follow the GPS track and take the route that suits you best.  Once you gain the ridge you’ll have excellent views east to Vestvågøy island, follow the ridge to reach the first rocky knoll with a small wooden hut just below it’s top.  Enjoy the view here and decide whether to continue following the small cairns along the rest of the ridge – there is only one unavoidable section that requires scrambling up 3 m of rock at 2.40 km – otherwise scrambling can be avoided by dropping down to the left and walking around.  Reach the summit to be greeted by spectacular panoramic views, you can extend the route with an additional 600m (out and back) by continuing to the tall cairn further along the ridge from where you'll get the best views of Nusford village. From here simply retrace your steps to the car taking care on the scramble if you opt to go beyond the first viewpoint. 


Please Note: The route is not recommended if the forecast is for a lot of rain or poor visibility.  Although a ridge walk, the ridge is broad in places with steep drop offs, and is largely pathless which can make navigation challenging in bad visibility. 

The outward route on the GPS track follows the ridge more directly, whereas the return route follows are easier route going around most difficulties along the ridge.  Follow the route as is, or walk it your preferred way.  


Parking: Begin the hike just 5 minute drive from Nusford village and park in the large gravel layby with space for a few cars opposite the old quarry on the shore of Storvatnet lake.




Take plenty of food and water with you so you can enjoy your time on this wonderful ridge – a long picnic beside one of the lakes in the summer sun is recommended!
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The route is not recommended if the forecast is for a lot of rain or poor visibility.  Although a ridge walk, the ridge is broad in places with steep drop offs mostly on the right as you walk south. The route is also largely pathless which makes navigation challenging in bad visibility. 

There is one unavoidable section of scrambling up a groove in the rock for ~3m – this is 2.40 km into the route. Otherwise any potential scrambling on the highpoints of the ridge can be avoided by dropping down to the left and walking around.  The scramble isn’t recommended if the rock is wet or if you suffer from vertigo. 

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Points of Interest


Nusford is said to be the oldest fishing village in the Lofoten archipelago, with some cabins dating from the 1800s and with traces of settlement from as far back as 425 BC.  The village has only 19 permanent residents living in the UNESCO recognised site. Access is free is you’re staying at the Nusford Arctic Resort – with 19 delightfully renovated fishermen’s cabins and many perks, including free access to the wood-fired ocean-facing sauna and hotubs.



The peak itself is just a highpoint on the ridgeline that dominates the skyline when seen from below in Nusford. The views over Flakstadøy island and across the strait to neighbouring Vestvågøy island are unrivalled from the odd lunar-like landscape you’ll find on the ridge.


Food & Drink

There is nowhere en route to eat or drink, but there is a café in Nusford and you can ask at your hotel for a packed lunch the evening before. Otherwise, it’s a 30 minute drive to the much larger, although not particularly scenic, town of Leknes where you’ll find supermarkets for groceries and a few cafes and restaurants. 


Parking opposite the quarry on the east shore of lake Storvatnet (30 m)
68.052321, 13.353671
68°03'08.4"N 13°21'13.2"E
33W 431337 7549612


Parking opposite the quarry on the east shore of lake Storvatnet


0.00 km – With the parking spot behind you TURN LEFT onto the road and follow it away from Nusford.  In 50m TURN RIGHT off the road onto a narrow rocky path through the trees signposted for Kilan and Napp.  Ascend on the steep rocky path as it zig-zags up the hillside then traverses along above the treeline. 

0.75 km – After passing a telephone mast up on your right with a small red painted box at its base BEAR RIGHT off the main path to ascend on a faint path (which soon fades away) up the rocky hillside.  Make your own way picking up stretches of path here and there as you head for the next mast on the ridge.

1.00 km – On reaching the mast BEAR RIGHT to follow the masts between outcrops to gain the ridge – there is no path here.

1.20 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON along the ridge following the line of masts towards the high point ahead. 

1.60 km – Just below the knoll continue STRAIGHT ON passing behind the wooden hut to scramble up the bedrock on a stepped outcrop to gain the high point.  In 50m BEAR LEFT down off the knoll to pass around a rocky section before regaining the ridge. 

1.95 km – Descend to the next low point over the rock then continue STRAIGHT ON ascending to the top of the next knoll following the small cairns to the right-hand side of the knoll.  [This is the unavoidable scramble on the route.] Follow the little cairns to the base of a scramble to gain the highpoint of the knoll and continue following the ridge.  Take care, particularly when wet, as the rocky can be slippery. 

2.50 km – After passing a small lake on your left-hand side continue STRAIGHT ON and follow the sall cairns to a low point ahead. 

2.60 km – Once in down at the low point BEAR RIGHT to ascend the rocky knoll (alternatively to avoid this further scramble at the base of the knoll bear left and go around it this way before regaining the ridge). 

3.10 km – On top of the final knoll with a viewpoint on your right you’ll see a level area ahead on your left below the summit crags.  BEAR LEFT across this broad ridge over rocky terrain towards the left of the summit crags. 

3.70 km – The easiest way to the summit is continue STRAIGHT ON along the ridge passing below it on the left-hand side and doubling back slightly on the ridge to gain the summit.  From the top enjoy wonderful views but for even better views over Nusford village below continue STRAIGHT ON to descend from the summit and make your way further along the ridge.  Soon you’ll see a tall cairn ahead.

4.10 km – At the tall cairn pause and enjoy the spectacular panoramic views before turning around and following the ridge to continue STRAIGHT ON back towards the summit

4.50 km – After following the faint path back towards the summit, passing below it now on its right-hand side continue STRAIGHT ON all the way back along the ridge to retrace your steps.  Follow faint stretches of path between the small cairns, pass the lakes now on your right, and trace the line of masts back to the zig-zag path through the trees back to the roadside.

8.20 km – After descending through the trees return to the roadside and your car ready for a well-earned session in the sauna followed by a delicious dinner!


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68.052321, 13.353671
68°03'08.4"N 13°21'13.2"E
33W 431337 7549612
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad

Buchtipps für die Region

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Although this isn't a long hike you'll experience mountain conditions and weather, and the tricky terrain make this a full days of activity.  Remember you're in the Arctic Circle - so make sure to bring waterproofs, warm layers, hats, gloves, and a buff for warmth.  Stiff-soled walking shoes or boots are essential along with walking poles to help take the pressure off your knees on the descent!

Make sure to bring plenty of water, and food (lunch and snacks) for completing the walk as there is nowhere to restock or fill your water bottle en route.  

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8,2 km
653 hm
649 hm


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