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Muerren to Lauterbrunnen

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  • Alpine flowers and the jungfrau
    / Alpine flowers and the jungfrau
    Foto: Minna Harshbarger, Macs Adventure
  • / Forest path
    Foto: Minna Harshbarger, Macs Adventure
  • / Start point of your walk
    Foto: Minna Harshbarger, Macs Adventure
  • / Following the train tracks
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  • / Waterfall
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  • / Careful! unstable ground
    Foto: Minna Harshbarger, Macs Adventure
  • / Way markers on the path
    Foto: Minna Harshbarger, Macs Adventure
  • / Waterfall
    Foto: Minna Harshbarger, Macs Adventure
  • / Signpost to lauterbrunnen
    Foto: Minna Harshbarger, Macs Adventure
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Wander down through the forest from Muerren to Lauterbrunnen via the Via Alpina taking in glimpses of the Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau 


5,8 km
2:40 h
0 hm
849 hm


Begin at Lauterbrunnen Bergbahn Station in Muerren, it is a leisurely walk downhill from Muerren (if you are a glutton for punishment you can do it in reverse). The path starts along the railwayline but quickly takes you onto a forest trail where you will wander through forest and fields always with glimpses of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.

The entirety of this trail is downhill, and towards the end it there are a couple of steep slopes which take you twisting and turning past bubbling streams. Keep an eye out for waterfalls cascading from dizzying heights. As you head further down into the valley you will cross multiple streams (and bridges over them), please be aware that depending on season some of the trails can be affected by mudslides and there are ongoing repairs being made to the trail due to this.




Bring a packed lunch on this walk and take advantage of one of the many benches along the trail. Just sit back and enjoy the views,  if you embark on this walk in not ideal conditions all along the trail there are shelters you can stop in to have lunch.
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Minna Harshbarger
Aktualisierung: 16.09.2019

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 Your first kilometre takes you along the road leaving Muerren, please be cautious of cars (even though Muerren is car free they still have electric cars) and as you are walking along the train tracks keep an eye out for the train.


Once off the asphalted road you are on a lovely forest track, there will be some lose rocks and roots which can act as trip hazards and more importantly depending on season you are walking in (mostly June and early July) be aware that the snow melt creates small streams which can trickle over the path and therefore some bits of the walk can be effected by mudslides. The paths have been secured in the areas where the mudslides have happened but there is chance you will see damage created by past slides.


On the last section of the walk the terrain is a little tougher as it is quite steep downhill, take your time when negotiating this section.


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 There are no restaurants/cafes/shops/water fountains on this route, please make sure you have filled up your water bottles and brought some snacks. There is a Coop (supermarket) in Muerren and there is one right next to the Gondola Station in Lauterbrunnen.

 You can take a small detour up to Winteregg (marked on the way path), a path ascending on your right if you would like to stop at a restaurant and use the facilities, furthermore there is a train station there which take you back to Muerren or Grutschalp


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Muerren-Lauterbrunnen Bergbahn (Muerren Train Station) (1653 m)
46.563728, 7.896929
46°33'49.4"N 7°53'48.9"E
32T 415458 5157275


Lauterbrunnen Gondola Station


 0.00km – With your back to the Muerren-Lauterbrunnen Bergbahn TURN RIGHT , following the yellow signpost to Lauterbrunnen. This descending asphalted path runs parallel to the railway tracks with the train from Grutschalp. Continue STRAIGHT ON this trail ignoring all the trailheads on the left which lead you to other walks in the area.  


1.40km – On your right there will be a yellow sign to Lauterbrunnen and a Railway Crossing, TURN RIGHT crossing the railway (please make sure no train is coming, there is a mirror which can help you check) onto a dirt track which descents into the forest. This track will be marked with yellow signs directing you to Lauterbrunnen and horizontal white – red – white strips which can be found on rocks and tree indicating you are on an official trail.


2.00km – The walk will continue STRAIGHT ON to take you through the forest, at this point you will cross the first of many bridges along the trail (there is a total of 7), please be careful as the wood can be slippery when wet.


2.30 km - If you are looking for a break, detour 10 minutes up to Winteregg, where you can find a restaurant, play ground and a trainstation.


2.40 km – This next section has been affected by mudslides (at time of writing there were 2 points where the path has been washed away), bridges and handrails have been put in place to make it safe for you to walk along the path, there are some steep drops as you walk along so if you don’t have a head for heights, brace yourself (it isn’t too bad and the swiss bridges are well maintained and very stable)


3.60 km – You will cross the Staubbach river (which becomes the most impressive waterfall), continue STRAIGHT ON  following the yellow signposts to Lauterbrunnen. There are some picnic benches just after the steam, they are ideally located for a break, there is a hut as well if you prefer a more sheltered break. From this point the walk becomes steeper, take your time negotiating your way down as the path zig zags its way to Lauterbrunnen and admire the cascading waterfalls which you pass.


5.20 km - The village of Lauterbrunnen will now be in your sights as you continue STRAIGHT ON your descent, TURN RIGHT following the yellow signpost to Lauterbrunnen (alternatively turn left if you would like to walk up to Grutschalp) , shortly after the yellow sign post BEAR RIGHT following the horizontal white-red-white markers down a gravel path which takes you to the mouth of a large dam, the path turns to follow the stream flowing out of the dam.


5.40 km – You will reach another yellow sign post, TURN LEFT following the sign post to Lauterbrunnen Stadt, this paved path will wind you through the idyllic swiss wood houses until you reach the main road


5.60km – At the main road TURN LEFT leading you to the Lauterbrunnen Gondola Station, continue straight on if you want to go to the Railway Station.


5.80km -  You have reach the Gondola Station and the END of your walk.








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46.563728, 7.896929
46°33'49.4"N 7°53'48.9"E
32T 415458 5157275
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad

Buchtipps für die Region

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 Bring sturdy boots and walking poles as the trail is uneven for the most of the walk.

There are no opportunities to fill up your water bottle or purchase food along the trail.


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Yolisa van den Eeden
16.09.2019 · Community
This trail is not in use anymore. Bridges are broken and some parts were very dangerous. At a certain point we could not even continue as the total bridge fell down. It would be great if they could take this trail offline or adapt it to go up to Winteregg instead of further down. Although the middle part was very pretty with bridges over waterfalls, we wished we didn’t decide on taking this risky route.
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Foto: Yolisa van den Eeden, Community

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5,8 km
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849 hm


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