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Mare de Déu del Mont to Besalu

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  • Fields of Poppies along the route
    / Fields of Poppies along the route
    Foto: Fraser Linden, Macs Adventure
  • / Pont de Besalú
    Foto: Fraser Linden, Macs Adventure
  • / Sant Feliu de Beuda
    Foto: Fraser Linden, Macs Adventure
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A steep descent followed by a more gentle walk down the mountain to the village of Beuda followed by a short walk to the historic town of Besalu.

16,8 km
4:00 h
110 hm
1065 hm

The upper section of the decent is steep, but fortunately you will find the climb down much more forgiving with sections following the road up the mountain. Continue to the small rural communtiy of Beuda - a peaceful village with a lovely main square set next to the church. 

Leave Beuda and head towards Besalu, passing the Santa Maria de Palera and Sant Sepulchre de Palera churches. Besalu is a charming and fantastically well-preserved medieval town, complete with an impressive 11th century fortified bridge over the River Fluvia.

You should arrive in Besalu to have plenty of time in the afternoon to wander around the cobbled streets lined with artisan craft shops, admire the impressive architecture or simply sit back, relax and soak up the atmosphere of the bustling main square, the Placa de la Libertat.


If you wish to visit the Jewish baths in Besalu this must be booked in advance. User
Laura Paterson
Aktualisierung: 18.06.2019

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There steep rocky sections of today's hike, and parts of the path cross loose, soft ground and mossy rocks, take care especially following rain as parts of the path may be quite slippery. 

There are some parts of the route today where you will be required to walk along roads. Although the roads are quiet they are not completely traffic free. Bear this in mind. Walk on the left-hand side of the road as much as possible facing the oncoming traffic, unless you are walking round a blind left hand bend in which case you should walk on the right to have a better view of any traffic in both directions.

Take care when crossing any electric fences on today's route, in most cases there is a handle to be used to disconnect the fence so that you can safely walk through.

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Points of Interest 

Pont de Besalú 

One of the most famous sites of La Garrotxa is the medieval bridge in the town of Besalú. There has been a bridge on the site in one form or another since the 11th Century. However, the bridge has been destroyed several times. Most recently it was rebuilt in the 1950's after being destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. 

Mikveh/Jewish Baths, Besalú 

In the remains of the old synagogue in the Jewish quarter of Besalú is this rare example of a ritual bath, only rediscovered in 1964 during excavation works. The baths are believed to date from the 12th century and were used as part of a purification ritual where men would bathe on Friday's before the Sabbath and women on important occassions such as before their wedding and before/after childbirth. A visit to the Mikveh must be booked in advance through the local tourist information office. 


Food & Drink

There are no guaranteed cafés or restaurants on the  today. Get a packed lunch or a snack from your accomodation before you leave, or take advantage of the many eateries once you arrive in Besalu.


Mare de Déu del Mont (1100 m)
42.258544, 2.707694
31T 475890 4678524


Pont de Besalu Bridge


0.00km - From the Mare del Mont, follow the path that leads downhill from a gate at the back of the carpark just to the left of communications tower. Take care as this section is briefly very steep.

0.05km - TURN RIGHT at the marker post and continue STRAIGHT ON the path leading downhill.

0.23km - At the Itinerannia signpost TURN LEFT on to a narrower path downhill.

1.31km - Reach another IA signpost at the bottom of the path and TURN LEFT following the route to Besalú.

1.76km - BEAR RIGHT onto a wider gravel track through the electric fence then Immediately TURN LEFT on to the downhill path (painted marker on a tree). After 50m TURN LEFT on to the gravel track again and continue STRAIGHT ON.

2.51km - Continue STRAIGHT ON the track ignoring the left-hand track which joins.

2.94km - Continue STRAIGHT ON the track at the IA signpost following the route to Besalu via Falgars.

3.37km - BEAR LEFT when you reach the road following it downhill for approximately 1km.

4.37km - TURN RIGHT off the road on to a path at the signpost marked to Segueró.

4.45km - Continue STRAIGHT ON downhill ignoring the path to the left (look for the paint markers).

4.66km - BEAR RIGHT on to the downhill path at Oratori de Sant Miquel shrine.

5.54km - TURN RIGHT as the path widens at a signpost following the route to Beuda.

5.97km - Reach the road and Itinerannia signpost just above a couple of houses. TURN RIGHT and continue STRAIGHT ON the road.

6.47km - TURN RIGHT on to the gravel track signposted to Beuda.

6.77km - BEAR LEFT  following the gravel track, ignore the driveway up ahead.

7.12km - TURN RIGHT off the gravel track before reaching a gate. Follow the steep path uphill looking out for the red/white paint markers.

7.34km - TURN RIGHT at the gate and continue on the path.

7.64km - Join the gravel track and continue STRAIGHT ON.

8.01km - At the corner of the gravel track TURN LEFT on to a smaller path downhill following the paint markers.

8.2km - Cross the gravel track and continue STRAIGHT ON the path, then after 100m BEAR RIGHT on the path underneath the electrical pylons.

8.55km - TURN RIGHT on to the tarmac road. Once you pass the quarry on your left BEAR RIGHT at the fork on the signposted route to Beuda.

10.14km - At a sharp right hand bend in the road TURN LEFT down a steep path with paint markings to mark the path.

10.27km - At a wider track BEAR RIGHT ignoring the downhill path. Shortly TURN LEFT as you rejoin the road.

10.47km - Continue STRAIGHT ON at the fork in the road next to the Itinerannia info board at the entrance to Beuda. Continue past the no entry sign and follow the road round to the main square and church in the small village.

10.57km - Continue STRAIGHT ON the street opposite the front of the church past a small restaurant on the right. Rejoin the road at the carpark, then TURN LEFT on the path away from the road.

10.74km - TURN LEFT on to the road and continue STRAIGHT ON downhill on the road. (Ignore the painted yellow and red/white x's on the back of the road sign).

11.54km - After passing a solitary grey building on the right-hand side of the road cross the road and BEAR RIGHT on to a narrow path heading up the verge on the right-hand side of the road. You will see occassional red/white paint markers on trees and a small signpost to Besalu as you follow the narrow path through the forest.

12.04km - Continue STRAIGHT ON as another path merges with your path, then after 20m at a crossroads with another path continue STRAIGHT ON the right-hand path uphill.

12.52km - As you reach the road TURN RIGHT and follow it through the carpark. BEAR RIGHT at a fork at the entrance gate near the church. The path skirts along to the right of the wall past the back of the houses.

12.71km - At the end of the wall TURN RIGHT downhill on the treelined path. Pass through a gap in the wall and continue on the path through the forest.

12.89km - TURN LEFT at the signpost for GR-2 at a wider track.

13.02km - TURN RIGHT at the Itinerannia signpost for GR-2/Besalu. The grassy path runs between the house and the low wall and around the back of the house then downhill into a field.

13.49km - Continue STRAIGHT ON at the Itinerannia signpost.

13.79km - BEAR LEFT at the fork on to the downhill track which soon narrows to a path.

14.32km - BEAR LEFT at the fork on the waymarked route then TURN LEFT on to the road.

15.03km - At the junction with the Itinerannia signpost TURN LEFT following the route to Besalu down a grave road. Then after 100m BEAR LEFT at the fork downhill.

15.52km - TURN LEFT at the "Stop" sign and continue STRAIGHT ON the road running parallel to the motorway. Follow the road under the motorway then up out the otherside, (ignore the track that continues downhill under the motorway). TURN LEFT on to a gravel track just past a pylon and follow the track past a couple of buildings and through a field.

16.21km - TURN LEFT on to a road and continue STRAIGHT ON uphill past the houses. 

16.49km - BEAR LEFT at the fork in the road and continue STRAIGHT ON until you reach a roundabout/circular carpark.

16.10km - Continue STRAIGHT ON through the roundabout on to a gravel path past the play area. Continue down the steps at the end of the path to reach a street near the centre of Besalu.

16.30km - TURN LEFT at the street and cross the road at the traffic lights. Continue STRAIGHT ON through the small public square on to the narrow pedestrianized street. Follow the street past the back of Sant Vicenç church to reach a main square at Plaça de la Llibertat.

16.50km - Continue STRAIGHT ON through the square taking the narrow street that exits the square to the left of the museum directly ahead. Follow the street past small shops and cafés to eventually reach Pont de Besalu bridge.

16.80km - Cross over the bridge and FINISH at the tourist information centre at the top of the steps.


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Hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes are recommended for this walk. Walking poles will also be beneficial on the steeper sections. You should always be prepared for poor weather: bring a warmer layer and waterproof jacket as it is often noticeably cooler and windier in the mountains. Remember sun cream and take plenty of fluids on hot days.

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Joann J
11.06.2019 · Community
Lovely walk down from the panoramic views of the mountain to the valley through pine and oak forests. With photo and snack breaks, we took much longer than the estimated 4 hours - and enjoyed it - allso being glad to arrive in pretty Besalu.
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View near the top of the path
Foto: Joann J, Community
Along the way in early June
Foto: Joann J, Community

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16,8 km
110 hm
1065 hm


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