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Start Touren Lech River Trail - Alternative Walk : The Green Ring
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Lech River Trail - Alternative Walk : The Green Ring

Wanderung · Lech Zürs und Stuben am Arlberg
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  • Foto: Minna Harshbarger, Macs Adventure
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Strecke 9,6 km
3:32 h
697 hm
770 hm
2.167 hm
1.436 hm

Due to the long and harsh winter, the stages between Formarinsee and Warth are not fully accessible yet, despite the local trail maintenance team working hard to clear the roads as fast as possible and to make the trails accessible.

We would like to give you this hike as an alternative so that your hiking experience will not be clouded despite the winter-related restrictions

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Minna Harshbarger
Aktualisierung: 20.06.2019
Höchster Punkt
2.167 m
Tiefster Punkt
1.436 m


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Today you may be walking past a few different areas where cows graze. Although generally very docile and used to walkers, keep your distance and never turn your back on a cow that is behaving strangely or aggressive. Be particularly vigilant around cows with calves. 

Always allow enough time for your hiking tour. The specified walking times only refer to actual time spent walking. Breaks for photos and a rest need to be added to the specified times.

Make sure you find out about current weather conditions and keep an eye on weather changes. Thunderstorms can gather very quickly in the Alps.

Do not leave the designated hiking trails!


Zug (1.508 m)
47.200603, 10.109669
47°12'02.2"N 10°06'34.8"E
32T 584046 5228054
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From the starting point Postamt take the free bus to Zug.

Get off at the stop "Zuger Kirchle".

Follow the paved road through the village until the turnoff to the Fischteich. Here a meadow path branches off to the right, which leads through the "Graben" to the alpine fencing.

From there follow the path, diagonally to the right, slightly ascending between the pillars 7 and 8 of the Zug cable car to the edge of the forest. Then a forest path leads to Balmalp. From there it goes on a broader Alpweg, which leads to the summit of Kriegerhorn (2,173 m), here you can register in the book.

From there down to the Chluppa (stone wall) and the memory lake over to Kriegeralpe. After a break and snack, continue on the broad Alpweg. Soon a path branches off to the right which you follow.

At the next fork, follow the beautiful hiking path on the left through blooming alpine meadows until you reach a footpath. Here you follow the path on the right downhill, always along the stream until you come to a paved side road.

Turn right and pass the Hotel Goldener Berg. Here you will find a gravelly footpath that leads you left down to the mountain station of the Oberlech mountain railway.

Turn right and follow the freight path through the forest path to the Libellensee. The forest trail takes you to the extensive meadows of the Schlegelkopf.

From here you follow the broad freight road, which is moderately downhill to Rudalpe, where a rewarding stop on the beautiful sun terrace awaits you. From here it goes downhill until you meet a paved side street. Go left and next right downhill.

You will reach an old covered wooden bridge.  Follow the Lech promenade on the left side of the river to Pension Waldesruh.

Cross the Lech on a bridge and you're back at the starting point.


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47.200603, 10.109669
47°12'02.2"N 10°06'34.8"E
32T 584046 5228054
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Always wear good walking boots with a robust sole, and take waterproofs with you. Don’t forget to take plenty of water with you (at least two litres per person) and to protect yourself against the sun

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9,6 km
3:32 h
697 hm
770 hm
Höchster Punkt
2.167 hm
Tiefster Punkt
1.436 hm


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