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Start Touren Lakes - Blencathra from Scales
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Lakes - Blencathra from Scales

Wanderung · Cumbria
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Harry Brown
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    Foto: Harry Brown, Community
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An easy hike over an iconic mountain. With fellside, streams, tarn, sheep pasture and views to whet the appetite over trips to do
10,5 km
6:12 h
670 hm
645 hm

1 Park somewhere by the pub here. The route starts steeply upwards behind the pub and then goes right at the first crossing path alongside the wall or by the second crossing path higher up whichever you prefer

There is an excellent book on Blencathra by Ronald Turnbull which also gives a simple guide to its geology. It can be previewed here: http://www.ronaldturnbull.co.uk/books/blenc/blencathra.html

I noted that his first route up is my route of choice (this one)!

Blencathra is a symmetrical mountain and this route uses the two flanks either side which makes hiking a bit easier. The route shown gives varying views on the ascent with high level views of the R Glenderamackin valley, sobering views of Sharp Edge and if it's quiet, a place for reflection at Scales Tarn . There is also a bit of an edge at the bluff on Scales Fell and just near the end when you think it's all over but there is a difficult step over well smoothed rocks to fall down!

2 Different paths branch off here. Broadly this route goes straight on and passes along the top of the bluff  on Scales Fell which provides an interesting path and where I saw a Ring Ouzle singing away on a tree. (May). The path to the left goes up via Scales fell Ridge

3 Again go straight on and don't be sucked up left which also goes up via Scales Fell Ridge and not the valley route shown

4 Sharp Edge is now in focus and looks quite frightening. If you want to do it the best advice is only if it is dry, clear and no wind. The internet provides a list of the 11 fatalities on this fun excursion. Younger people or those with experience of difficult scrambles will feel confident in doing it. There is a bad step!

As you reach the tarn, depart from the path going ahead and instead climb the hill straight up and slightly backwards on the left (no path) as this gives much better views of the face of the hill and makes for an even more interesting hike


Scales Tarn

5 The top. 868m. In mist it easy to assume the wrong path from here (The wrong one goes downwards).  Follow the GPS route and go right which is level and does not go down. It is quite obvious though in clear weather!

6 Take the left path here down to what seems to be an old drovers track where you go left to walk along the length of the base of the mountain

7 If it is wet or icy you may want to find a way to skirt the big rocks down to Scaley Beck as they slope nicely downwards with no hand holds and have been worn smooth by countless bottoms hoping for some friction to avoid a 6ft drop!

Höchster Punkt
852 m
Tiefster Punkt
236 m


alle Hinweise zu Schutzgebieten


54.633083, -3.019095
54°37'59.1"N 3°01'08.7"W
30U 498767 6053962
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10,5 km
670 hm
645 hm


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