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Lake Agvatnet Linear Walk

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  • The cabins at the lakeside
    / The cabins at the lakeside
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / The little lake on your approach to Lake Agvatnet
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / Lake Agvatnet
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
  • / Enjoying the sunshine at Lake Agvatnet
    Foto: Catherine Allan, Macs Adventure
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A short stroll from the village of Å, its colourful cabins lining the coast, the route follows a soft grassy path through open woodland to reach a small stoney beach on the edge of Lake Agavetnet. 
2,7 km
1:30 h
134 hm
134 hm
Leave your car in the village of Å and begin your hike from the car park of the Tørrfisk [Stock Fish] Museum.  A short time ascending gravel track leads you out of the village and into the lush countryside on a narrow (and at times boggy) path towards Lake Agvatnet.  Ahead you'll see the towering cliffs surrounding the lake and pass by a small cluster of wooden cabins on the lake shore before reaching a stoney beach where the route ends.  From here the trail becomes indistinct and boggy so we recommend enjoying the view before making your way back to the Tørrfisk Museum car park.  


If you're feeling bold and the wind isn't too cold you could take some swimming clothes with you for a paddle or quick dip in the lake - just make sure to remeber a towel and a very warm layer to get you warm and dry as the water will likely be freezing! User
Catherine Allan 
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The route passes over uneven terrain, including boggy sections, rocky path, and some areas where bedrock is exposed at the surface so care is needed and you should be a sure-footed walkers to cope with the mixed terrain. 

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Points of Interest

Tørrfisk Museum

The Tørrfisk Museum in Å (south of Sørvågen) is the place to go to satisfy your curiosity about the practice of drying cod/stock fish in their thousands on high wooden frames out in the open.  You can check the museum opening times and entry fees here, or give them a call (+4776091211):  


Food & Drink

There are a few places to eat and get refreshments in Reine; the Reine Rorbuer (Classic Norway Hotel) has a great restauant serving delicious local cuisine.  Alternatively, there's the Bringen Cafe, Vertshuset Lanternen Bistro opposite the convenience store, and the convenience store which sells a selection of groceries for a packed lunch, pastries, coffee and tea, along with a small selection of hot takeaway foods.  Alternatively, you can pick up provisions en route from the supermarkets in Sørvågen if needed.  


Tørrfisk Museum car park (6 m)
67.883013, 12.983200
33W 415275 7531203


Tørrfisk Museum car park


0.00 km - With your back to the Tørrfisk Museum car park TURN RIGHT onto the road (take care of traffic) and follow it along to the bus stop on your left, then BEAR LEFT off the road to ascend on a wide gravel track towards houses.  

0.20 km - At the end of the gravel track with a white and red painted house ahead on the right BEAR RIGHT onto a narrow dirt path passing on the left-hand side of the house.  

0.30 km - On open grassy ground BEAR RIGHT to cross the wooden planks over the worst of the boggy ground here.  Shortly you'll begin to ascend gradually on a narrow path.  

0.50 km - Where the path splits with a large promentery ahead BEAR LEFT to follow the path which skirts the promentery on it's right-hand side.  Soon you'll descend and pass over a small land bridge between Lake Agvatnet on your left a much smaller lake on your right. 

0.75 km - With a cabin ahead and the smaller lake on your right continue STRAIGHT ON to ascend a narrow rocky path.  

0.80 km - After keeping to the right and crossing exposed bedrock pass on the right-hand side of the cabins and continue STRAIGHT ON a faint grassy path into the trees. Follow this path to descend to the lake shore and cross a plank over a small stream to reach the pebble beach where the route ends. 

1.35 km - You have arrived at the shore of Lake Agvatnet, this is lovely little picnic of snack top.  [The path continues on around the lake from here but it's indistinct and boggy.] Spend some time here enjoying this peaceful location before turning around and retracing your steps to the museum car park and the start of the walk. 

2.70 km - Back at the Tørrfisk Museum car park head back to your car and get ready for the next adventure.  


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A short walk, but the weather here can change in an instant so make sure to bring a small backpack with raingear and a warm layer.  A camera, water and snacks are also recommended.  

Please see your information pack for a full list of recommended kit.

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2,7 km
134 hm
134 hm


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