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Lago di Braies to Sennes Hut

Wanderung · Dolomiten
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Karte / Lago di Braies to Sennes Hut
m 2800 2600 2400 2200 2000 1800 1600 1400 1200 8 6 4 2 km Rifugio Sennes Seekofelhütte Seekofel
A straightforward, steady ascent to a high plateau with panaromic views.  Take an optional side hike to the summit of Croda del Becco or enjoy lunch at Rifugio Biella.
Strecke 9,3 km
4:30 h
936 hm
299 hm
2.388 hm
1.492 hm

Today’s hike from Pragsersee/Lagi di Braies to Sennes hut involves a steep ascent to a high plateau with a relatively modest descent to the Sennes hut.  Although it is steep and rocky at times, this is not a long day, with plenty of time for a slow pace, and perhaps the Croda del Becco detour.

There are no villages or stores enroute, but Biella (Seekofel) hut is perfectly placed for a lunch stop.


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If it rains...  This hike is great for a rainy day.  If you take the steeper trail 1, use the chains fixed in the rocks during the steep sections. You have the possibility of warming up with a hot bowl of soup at the Biella hut.  The summit hike up Croda del Becco is best saved for clear weather that’s safer and more rewarding with expansive views. 


Lago di Braies (1.494 m)
46.699241, 12.085096
46°41'57.3"N 12°05'06.3"E
33T 277157 5175869


Sennes hut


  • Start your hike heading towards the towering mass of Croda del Becco (9220 feet), which you will have the option of climbing later in the day. The broad white gravel path of the Alta Via 1 starts conveniently right from the Hotel Lago di Braies, in the heart of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies National Park. UNESCO declared this a World Heritage Site in 2009, and you’ll have a chance to appreciate the natural beauty that led to this designation.
  • Pass a small chapel along the water’s edge, built in the first years of the 20th Century. The opposite side of the lake is dominated by the masses of Grande and Piccolo Apostolo. Proceed around the lake’s edge, enjoying this paradise for the first short stretch before tackling the 2900 foot ascent into the mountains.
  • Follow a well-used path up an impressive river of white scree. Notice the dwarf pine, wild blueberry shrubs and mountain avens flowers that thrive in this environment. Rounding a cliff with a chain and a reinforced wooden walkway, you’ll reach a trail junction with trail 4. You can go either way. Trail 1 is the main route, and is steeper with some exposed sections aided by chains and involves a bit more uphill. Trail 4 is longer but mellower without chains and dropoffs.
  • Assuming the mellower route, you’ll pass a tiny lake, and turn right when you meet with trails 3 and 28, heading towards Forcella Sora Forno, the pass. Meeting up again with trail 1, you’ll enter the ‘Forno’ valley, which translates to oven. This section gets very hot in the summer as it traps heat that is mostly felt by midsummer hikers. Watch for signs of karstification in the rock - grooves carved in the water-soluble dolomite rock by rainwater. Here the path weaves between large fallen rocks at the bottom of Monte Muro and brings you to the Forno pass, your high point, with the Biella hut a short hike below.
  • Optional Croda del Becco detour: From the pass, motivated hikers have the option of taking a side hike up to the summit of Croda del Becco (Seekofel). It’s an exposed hike with section of cables set into the rock. If you have a fear of heights it’s best to skip. It’s a steady climb with lots of different trail splits, but as long as you’re going up, your headed in the right direction. Like most places in the Alps you’ll know you’ve made it to the top when you come upon a large cross. This one is comprised of a metal skeleton filled with countless rocks. This detour is 1500 ft up and back, and should take 2-3 hrs.
  • Main route: Dropping down from the pass, the trail intersects with a road made of white crushed rock at Rifugio Biella, or Seekofel hut, a great stop for lunch, a snack or a cold drink. Enjoy panoramic views from the outdoor terrace, located behind the building, as you relax for a bit after your morning uphill climb. This spot marks your brief transition into the Dolomiti d’Ampezzo National Park.
  • After a break at the hut for lunch, you’ll head west down the white gravel road (track 6) with expansive views to your left. Here you’re hiking below the impressive onion layers that make up the southeast face of Croda de Becco.
  • After 15 minutes turn right at a marked trail intersection, trail 6a, heading across an undulating trail on narrow single-track. The trail crosses a grass and shrub-lined landscape pocked with marmot burrows and with delightfully pleasant views. The trail reaches another small gravel road, which you’ll follow this downhill to the left (not right to the similarly-named Munt da Sennes) to reach Rifugio Sennes in a couple minutes.
  • From Biella, if you prefer to take a longer but easier route, keep on the mountain road, trail 6, which wraps around Col de Ra Sciores before veering due west for Rifugio Sennes. Allow 1 hour 15 minute for this option.


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46.699241, 12.085096
46°41'57.3"N 12°05'06.3"E
33T 277157 5175869
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9,3 km
4:30 h
936 hm
299 hm
Höchster Punkt
2.388 hm
Tiefster Punkt
1.492 hm
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