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Kladivo / Hajnschturm round tour

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Profilbild von Vid Pogacnik
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Vid Pogacnik
  • Škrbina notch, the tower towards Kladivo / Hajnzturm
    Škrbina notch, the tower towards Kladivo / Hajnzturm
    Foto: Vid Pogacnik, Community
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Very nice round tour on which we experience all characteristics of Košuta range and ascend two main summits of its western part.
Strecke 11,9 km
4:49 h
992 hm
992 hm
2.094 hm
1.425 hm
High starting point and panoramic ridge are guarantees of joy on this mountain tour. Košuta is a typical Karawanks mountain, but also specific due to its 12 km long, equally high ridge, steep, rocky northern side and less steep and grassy southern side. On the southern side a long terrace with alpine meadows accompanies the ridge. Our tour goes by the western half of the ridge.


It's nice to do this round tour in any direction, but going counter clockwise is better, because we first do the ascent and at the end we visit the popular mountain hut.
Höchster Punkt
2.094 m
Tiefster Punkt
1.425 m
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Naturweg 19,65%Pfad 69,88%Unbekannt 10,45%
2,3 km
8,3 km
1,2 km
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On the Swiss Hiking Scale the route difficulty would be graded T3.

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Kofce hut was in 2019 was chosen as the best mountain hut. Great offer of tasty food!


Pungrat alpine meadow (1.444 m)
46.428695, 14.357224
46°25'43.3"N 14°21'26.0"E
33T 450614 5141881
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Pungrat alpine meadow


After a long drive up by mountain roads we start the tour on Pungrat alpine meadow.

Just above us, in the northern direction there is Škrbina / Skarbina (=notch), the lowest part of Košuta range. That's the point we aim first.

From the parking place we go right towards the hut on Pungrat meadow. Near it we find the marked path directly up, towards the notch. If we don't find it, we can still go up almost anywhere, keeping a bit towards the right. When exiting the forrested slope, the path gets more clearly visible. It winds up in switchbacks towards a distinct limestone tower, then passes left of it and soon reaches the notch on the main ridge (1869 m). Some 1 h 15 min till there.

On the notch, we turn left, towards a sharp, handsome ridge tower. The path crosses left around it and then gains the main ridge again. Panorama gets broader and broader, soon you see also the summit of Kladivo. But the ridge will still challenge you a bit. It consists of several rocky heads. The path detours only one of them, others are crossed. On two places there are short exposed sections, where the path is protected by steel cables. There are no real difficulties, but some additional care is needed. Also a few other places where there is no protection, on steep grassy slopes some care is needed. So from the notch you will need on top some 45 minutes. We are on the highest point of our tour, on 2094 m.

On the other side, the marked path goes equally steep down, only that it is not so exposed. When reaching between the main summit and the western foresummit, from the left a weak direct trail from Šija alpine meadow comes up. But we keep right, towards the western foresummit (Malo Kladivo / Kleine Hainschturm, 2036 m). It's worth going on top of it, the view back on the main summit is very nice. Then we continue along the main ridge. The trail becomes very easy and it also doesn't go much up and down. We soon pass Mali Turn, 1937 m, then we gain Kofce gora / Hüttenberg, 1907 m, where from the left the marked trail from Kofce hut comes.

From Kofce gora we can descend directly down to Kofce hut, but the proposal here is to continue along the main ridge to the summit of Veliki vrh / Hochturm, 2088 m. It's 200 m of additional ascent and some distance. In less than 45 minutes we are on its top, all the time following the upper - ridge trail.

From Veliki vrh / Hochturm we descend to Kofce hut by the lower trail. It descends  immediately southwards, then it turns left and crosses the slopes, all the time gently losing altitude. When reaching below Kofce gora, the trail turns slowly southwards and keeps descending. Some 20 minutes more it is still a bit rocky and rugged, then we reach the upper part of the wonderful Kofce alpine meadow. By it, we just continue to the popular hut (in 2019 it was chosen as the best mountain hut).

From Kofce we need to cross back towards the east. Don't lose any altitude! From above the hut just go towards the NE, soon you'll get on the cart road which descends to Ilovica alpine meadow and further on to Šija meadow. There stands Taborniški dom (hut), which can already be reached by car. A few more minutes we continue eastwards by the road. Then the road goes horizontally far right around the  hill. We can take a shortcut, crossing straight over the grassy hill and descending on the other side on the road again. Then we have only some 10 minutes to the parking place below Pungrat.


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Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

No public transport to the trailhead.


With car you can reach Pungrat alpine meadow: 46.428679, 14.357334

At Tržič town you leave the main road Ljubljana - Klagenfurt, going over the Ljubel prelaz / Loiblpass (tunnel). From Tržič you drive through the town along Tržiška Bistrica creek. You keep in the main valley through the nice Dovžanova soteska (gorge) and till Jelendol hamlet. By the big manor we deter left. A narrow asphalted road leads northwards, then it soon turns into macadam. On the altitude of some 1230 m there's a crossroads. The road left goes towards Kofce meadow (not reaching it), we drive right. Over a ferrested ridge the road even descends a bit, reaching Mrzla dolina, then it goes up again. All the time keep on the stronger road, following inscriptions: "Pungrat". If in doubt, try driving left. On Pungrat meadow there's enough space, you just need to find a flat one.


Free parking place.


46.428695, 14.357224
46°25'43.3"N 14°21'26.0"E
33T 450614 5141881
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On line maps (like Outdooractive map) are perfect.

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Sturdy mountain shoes and poles.

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Vid Pogacnik
28.09.2019 · Community
In such a nice weather the tour is a clear 5-stars :)
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Gemacht am 21.09.2019

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11,9 km
4:49 h
992 hm
992 hm
Höchster Punkt
2.094 hm
Tiefster Punkt
1.425 hm
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