Start Touren Grutschalp to Muerren via the Mountain View Trail
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Grutschalp to Muerren via the Mountain View Trail

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Walk from Gruetschalp to Muerren via the spectacular Mountain View Trail.
6,5 km
3:30 h
450 hm
300 hm

 If you can only do one walk in this region make it this one. Follow the trail from Gruetschalp to Muerren via the Mountain View Trail to see the most breathtaking views this region has to offer. This trail is slightly more demanding than the lower level walk to Muerren but let me tell you, it is worth every extra step!

 This trail begins at the Gruestchalp Train station, it quickly takes you up above the railway tracks. Follow the signs to Muerren (Mountain View Trail) for a tough ascent through a forested area, opening up into the most stunning views of the Jungfrau, Moench and Eiger as you walk along a path surrounded by alpine flowers. The trail traverses along the mountain side and then a short descent back into Muerren.



This walk is incredible if the weather is on your side, if it isn’t you are very exposed to the elements. Double check the weather forecast before you head out and make sure you pack enough water and snacks as there is no restaurants/cafes/shops.


There are plenty of ways to make this walk more strenous, if you are feeling up for a challenge have a look at the extra loops which can be added on, I would recommend a detour to Allmendhubel (which is marked on your route notes). User
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Watch the short term local weather forecasts. Avoid high altitude hiking when the weather is bad. There are plenty of trails in the valleys, that allow you to reach a village quickly if bad weather sets in.

Don't choose a high-altitude route on overcast days. You will risk missing out on the good views, and navigating is difficult in the mist.

The distance of a route doesn't tell you much about how difficult it is, or how long it takes. The difference in height is far more important, and so is the type of trail (wide paved road versus a narrow rocky path) and the terrain (valley floor versus high Alpine terrain). For these reasons, signposts display hiking times, not distances.

Weitere Infos und Links

Take a detour to Allmendhubel, which sits just above Muerren and has a restuarant and toilets if you would like to soak in the views after your walk. 

Schildhorn is worth a visit (and half the price of the Jungfraujoch, with the same views):

There are plenty of mountain biking trails in the area if you are interested in renting a bike in Muerren and exploring: 


This tour is available on the following itineraries:






Gruetschalp Trainstation (1499 m)
46.596347, 7.890946
46°35'46.8"N 7°53'27.4"E
32T 415050 5160906


Muerren Bergbahn Station


 0.00km –Start your walk with your back facing Gruetschalp Trainstation,  CROSS the railwayline in front of you (be careful of arriving and departing trains). Follow the yellow signpost marked Muerren up the dirt path, it runs for a short section parallel along the railway tracks.

 0.25km - BEAR RIGHT off of the main path, following the yellow sign for Muerren (Hohenweg)/Allmendhubel/Mountain View Trail up a set of wooden steps on to a narrow ascenting footpath, up ahead you will see the first turnstile you will pass through on this walk. The trail will take you into the forest along a narrow steep ascending heavily rooted path.

 0.40km - Continue STRAIGHT ON through next turnstile onto an open field with incredible views of the Jungfrau on your left. FOLLOW the horizontally white-red-white way markings (typically on larger rocks along the path), the path continues gradually ascenting taking you through lower brushes of heather and blueberries. 

0.90km - BEAR RIGHT at the next yellow sign post following the sign to Muerren/Mountain View Trail, continuing your ascent along a grassy car track into a small woodland.

1.00 km - BEAR RIGHT off of the main path following the white-red-white path markings, at the point you will see a small barn up ahead, follow the track keeping the barn to your left. This will take you through a little group of trees, cross a turnstile and on the other side there will be another signpost directing you to Muerren/Mountain View Walk follow the ascenting path to another spectacular view

 1.30km – You have completed the majority of your ascent, take a break and enjoy the spectacular view, you will be standing at an alpine field covered in (depending of season) alpine flowers. Continue STRIAGHT ON following the yellow sign posts to Muerren, this trail gives you the most exquisite views of the mountain ranges ahead of you as you are walking through wide open spaces, as the trail runs along the mountain side. In the distance, you can see the saddle which you will be walking over.

 2.20 km – CROSS the turnstile, to complete your last bit of ascent as you will have almost reached the saddle.

 2.60km – Step on to the grassy top of the saddle, looking back you can see the trail you just traversed along the mountain side, looking forward you will be able to start spotting ski lifts and ski lift cables dotted across the horizon. Continue STRAIGHT ON following the grassy path till it turns back into a dirt footpath as you continue to walk parallel along the mountain side.

 2.70 km – CROSS the stream which has interrupted the trail, depending on season and the amount of snow melt the stream can be somewhere between a little trickle and a flowing stream.

 2.90 km – Continue STRIAGHT ON the main path when you reach another yellow signpost, the main path and the path veering off to your left direct you to Muerren, staying on the main trail is the most scenic route.

 3.40 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON the trail, whilst passing under the ski lift cables, up to your right you will spot the end of the ski lift and shortly after on your left you will pass a reedy mountain lake. This point is the highest point of the walk and from here (except for a couple little slopes you) the trail will be slowly descending back into the valley)

 3.80 km – You will come across more yellow signposts with both trails leading you to Muerren, continue STRAIGHT ON, ignoring the path (also leading to Muerren) which takes a sharp left hand turn descending. In the distance, you will spot a ski lift in the bottom of a little valley. You will follow the path past the ski lift as it takes you in a loop around the valley.

 4.50km – Half way through the loop around the valley you will cross a river, continue around the bend. Spot more yellow signposts, TURN LEFT taking the grassy path off the main road (if you like wander up to the top of this ridge to get views of the next valley over, dotted with traditional swiss chalets, and walk to Allmendhubel – 5min from the top of the ridge)

 4.90km – You will continue STRAIGHT ON through another turnstile, keeping the ski lift to the left of you while joining a grassy dirt track – follow yellow signs to Muerren (ignoring signs to Muerren Hohenweg)

 5.20 km – The path will start zig zagging down through the forest into the village, follow the bends in the path walking through 2 metal gates till you reach the top of the village.

 5.50 km – Continue STRIAGHT ON the dirt track to the top of Muerren, the road turns to asphalt as you make your way back to the Bergbahn through the idyllic swiss houses.

 6.50 km – Your walk is FINISHED and you will be standing in front of the Muerren Bergbahn Station




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46.596347, 7.890946
46°35'46.8"N 7°53'27.4"E
32T 415050 5160906
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad

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 Bring sturdy boots and walking poles as the trail is uneven for the most of this walk.


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6,5 km
450 hm
300 hm


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