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Gradiska Tura Bike & Hike

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Vid Pogacnik
  • Attacking the sharp edge
    Attacking the sharp edge
    Foto: Vid Pogacnik, Community
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An exceptionally nice round tour, combining a difficult and exposed ferrata with a nice bike descent.
Strecke 16,8 km
2:22 h
718 hm
718 hm
779 hm
98 hm

This is a combined tour:

1. First a short, easy hike up.
2. Then a medium difficult ferrata (some 150 m).
3. Then a medium hard hike up (some 300 m).
4. Then an easy bike down.
5. Finally a bike up of some 160 m.

A very beautiful combination: exposed ferrata, panoramic summit, quick bike descent with historic and natural places to visit (optionally).


The written time for the tour is pure net time. You need at least one more hour for eventual visiting interesting additional places, plus you will spend quite some time to prepare bikes on the plateau and then drive down to start the real tour.

Near the sources of Vipava there are some restaurants.

C mittel
Höchster Punkt
779 m
Tiefster Punkt
98 m
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Asphalt 2,96%Schotterweg 16,32%Pfad 0,55%Schieben 2,14%Straße 65,27%Unbekannt 12,72%
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Ferrata is very exposed, so consider using a ferrata set for self-protection.

Weitere Infos und Links

More about the group of Mont Nanos you can find here:

Nanos Group on SummiPost.


Kamp Tura (257 m)
45.832288, 13.970942
45°49'56.2"N 13°58'15.4"E
33T 420077 5075928
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Kamp Tura


Before starting the tour, we must prepare bikes on the plateau near the summit of Gradiška Tura. You need a good map or a GPS device to bring you on point E (45.82957, 13.98495). Leave bikes there and drive by car down into Vipava town and further on to autokamp Tura (45.83207, 13.97144).

There start your hike up the hill, by the well marked path (eastern direction). You quickly gain some altitude and reach the path branching. Continue straight, by the left path (inscription for Furlanova pot, "zelo zahtevno" - very demanding), again uphill. Soon you reach the ferrata entry.

The first section is steep and quite difficult, there are even not much protection devices. After this short climb, difficulty drops and in turns you scramble steeply up. With a help of good protection devices (pegs, cables) you soon gain the artificial plateau in the middle of the walls. Good resting place, but nature is spoiled!

Then the ferrata crosses a shallow ravine and climbs up on the exposed rocky edge. That's a great place, the most beautiful section of this ferrata! You climb steeply up by that rocky blade, protection devices are good, but the section is very exposed. Only for people completely without vertigo!

Higher on, the steep ascent continues, you still need to gain some altitude, but the last section of ferrata is a bit less difficult. The end of ferrata is on a nice, panoramic tower.

For the summit of Gradiška Tura, you continue in the same direction. In the notch behind the tower a descent path deters right down - for people who return immediately. But we go up for another 300 m of altitude. At first the ascent is again steep, but it's not ferrata any more. The hiking trail needs some careful walking up, but it's difficulty in nothing in comparison with ferrata. Then a crossing section follows and finally another ascent to the summit, 793 m. Great panorama from there!

From the summit of Gradiška tura we need to reach the forrest road and our bikes. A good marked path goes across the plateau in the eastern direction. Be careful to orient well, because there are other paths as well. Just keep eastwards.

Biking is easy. It goes first in the northern direction. The road is macadam, quite rugged, and goes horizontally and occasionally slightly down. Then it goes more steeply down and above the village of Sanabor we hit the asphalt road. Just before Sanabor, there's a sharp turn right. Stop there and visit the panoramic point with ruins of old fortifications. Nice view down on the village!

Then continue biking down - in Sanabor, across Bela creek and further southwards. Always keep left and stay on asphalted roads.

Above Bela creek there's a big parking place and a recreational area. If you have time, stop there. Leave bikes and go by one of the paths down to the nice creek. You will pass also the crags, arranged as a climbing polygon.

Continue biking down. Above Vrhpolje, right of the road, there's a monument and explanation plate, teaching you about the big battle which was fought there in late antiquity, between the armies of two Roman emperors. Then you quickly get down into the valley of Vipava and by a flat road into the town of Vipava. Visit there the Lantieri castle and the nice sources of Vipava river!

Finally you need to bike up to the village Gradišče pri Vipavi and a bit further up to the parking place of Kamp Tura.


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Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

mit Bahn und Bus erreichbar

Vipava has good bus connections, but to do the described bike & hike tour, you need your own car.


Exit highway Postojna - Nova Gorica, drive into Vipava and further as described.


Parking place by the autokamp is free of charge.


45.832288, 13.970942
45°49'56.2"N 13°58'15.4"E
33T 420077 5075928
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Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad

Kartenempfehlungen des Autors

The forrested plateau behind Gradiška Tura requires good orientation.

Outdooractive online map is OK, plus use a GPS device.

For the ferrata and hike up, you don't need a map (and on these online maps some paths are drawn wrongly - there's no descent path from the ferrata exit).


Good shoes are also very important. Basically this is a mountain tour, and you can do biking also with more sturdy shoes.

For biking, you don't need a mountain bike, but for a rugged upper road it's a good option.

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Vid Pogacnik
10.04.2019 · Community
Great combination of a ferrata and biking return!
mehr zeigen
Gemacht am 07.04.2018

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C mittel
16,8 km
2:22 h
718 hm
718 hm
Höchster Punkt
779 hm
Tiefster Punkt
98 hm
mit Bahn und Bus erreichbar


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