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Start Touren Eiger trail via the Gletscherschlucht to Grindelwald
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Eiger trail via the Gletscherschlucht to Grindelwald

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  • View from eiger trail
    View from eiger trail
    Foto: Minna Harshbarger, Macs Adventure
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Walk the iconic Eiger trail from the Eiger Gletscher Railway station via the Gletscherschlucht to Grindelwald.

Moderate Option - Walk the beginning section of the Eiger Trail for 5.5km, turn left to Alpiglen and catch the train to Grindelwald.

Difficult Option - Walk the full Route Notes

Strecke 13,7 km
6:00 h
250 hm
1.500 hm
2.341 hm
1.002 hm

One of our favourite Swiss walks is the Eiger Trail from the Eigergletscher (a train ride from Wengen or Mürren, switch at Kleine Scheidegg to the Jungfraujochbahn). This high route brings you right in front of the famous Eiger Nordwand itself: look up and right to see the metal ladders and perhaps even a climber or two set off on an adventure. 

Soak up the views over the Wetterhorn and the Grosse Scheidegg before continuing on a zig zag trail via Gletscherschlucht to Grindelwald. If you would like to shorten this walk, jump on the train from Alpiglen which will take you directly back to Grindelwald. 


**Please note: there is a diversion at the Eigergletscher

The route is being diverted near the Eigergletscher until end of December 2020 due to construction work. Please note the local signposts.The hiking time is extended by about 20 minutes


This walk can open quiet late in the season, double check the trail is open before choosing this walk.

There are many variations of this walk, this is our favorite one, but if you would like to shorten it turn down to Alpiglen from where you can catch a train back up to Kleine Scheidegg or Grindelwald.

After the turning for Alpiglen, continue straight on to dip your toes in some of the most gorgeous glacier streams



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Minna Harshbarger
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This walk involves a lot of sheer drops, not for someone who doesnt have a head for heights.

The distance of a route doesn't tell you much about how difficult it is, or how long it takes. The difference in height is far more important, and so is the type of trail (wide paved road versus a narrow rocky path) and the terrain (valley floor versus high Alpine terrain). For these reasons, signposts display hiking times, not distances


Watch the short term local weather forecasts. Avoid high altitude hiking when the weather is bad. There are plenty of trails in the valleys, that allow you to reach a village quickly if bad weather sets in.


Don't choose a high-altitude route on overcast days. You will risk missing out on the good views, and navigating is difficult in the mist.


If necessary, avoid trails covered with snow. Trails at high altitudes can be covered with so much snow that hiking is nearly impossible, even in Summer. The risk of avalanches is not restricted to Winter and Spring. The local tourist agency or rail station can provide up to date information about trail conditions.

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Hikers greet each other. If you want to greet like the locals do, you would say "grüezi" (Swiss German)

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Eiger Gletscher Railway Station (2.328 m)
2'641'108E 1'158'307N
46.574778, 7.974889
46°34'29.2"N 7°58'29.6"E
32T 421449 5158422
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Grindelwald Railway Station


The trail start at Eiger Gletscher Railway station, to get there you will need to take a train to Kleine Scheidegg. Jump on the Jungfraujoch Bahn for one stop, taking you to the Eiger Gletscher Railway Station.


0.00km - Walking down the traintracks, CROSS them at the designated crossing, taking you up an ascending path to the upper buildings where you will walk around a brief track towards the Eiger Nordwand. Walk under the Eigernordwand Ski Lift onto the clearly marked Eiger Trail.

The trail hugs the foot of the Eiger taking you around the dramatic Nordwand on a slate and then gravel footpath, followed by climbing over a grassy shoulder.

1.30 km - There are couple of well placed benches for you to sit and admire the views up, across and down the valley to Grindelwald. Continue STRAIGHT ON from here as the path descends slightly until you reach a water fall.

4.40 km -  Standing next to the waterfall the path with start to zig zag down, continue STRAIGHT ON to follow the trail as it descends, a little furtehr down you will cross over the stream coming from the waterfall.

5.50  km - TURN RIGHT at the yellow signpost marker Grindelwald and Gletscherschlucht

*Alternative - Easy Option* - turn left down to Alpiglen, which has a restaurant and a train station if you would like to cut the walk short.

6.90 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON through forest footpath

8.50 km - TURN LEFT at Bonera Laegerli

9.10 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON down steep stair case

9.80 km - Yellow signpost marked Grindelwald, TURN RIGHT following the more scenic walk, shortly after this signpost there will be another one with two signs for Grindelwald, again TURN RIGHT following the more scenic trail and fantastic views when corssing the schlucht

10.50 km - Continue STRAIGHT ON past the Marmor Restaruant, on a descenting paved road. Once you reach the farm house TURN RIGHT onto a paved road which quickly turns into a grassy path through beautiful fields and some of the more iconic trees in the area.

From here the path takes you down and across the river, take the ascending road to head to the city centre of Grindelwald and the train station. Once you reach the main road TURN LEFT and continue down past shops, restaurants and hotels till you reach the Railway Station.

13.7 km -  You have ARRIVED at the Grindelwald Railway Station


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2'641'108E 1'158'307N
46.574778, 7.974889
46°34'29.2"N 7°58'29.6"E
32T 421449 5158422
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Buchtipps für die Region

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There are no water fountains along the way so make sure you have packed enough water for the day 

Good sturdy hiking boots and walking poles are recommended as the path can be uneven in places. 

 Wearing several layers of thin clothing is more comfortable than wearing just a rain coat or just one warm jacket. The weather in the mountains can change quickly. Layers allow you to adapt quickly.


Fragen & Antworten

Frage von steve pollens · 14.02.2022 · Community
On the Eiger trail - Safety-it says "sheer drops - not for someone without a head for heights" Which part of the trail? Is the trail wide enough & stable enough for safe passage?
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Shiu fai Wai
11.07.2019 · Community
Eiger trail
Foto: Shiu fai Wai, Community
Eiger trail
Foto: Shiu fai Wai, Community

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13,7 km
6:00 h
250 hm
1.500 hm
Höchster Punkt
2.341 hm
Tiefster Punkt
1.002 hm


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