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Day 4

Wanderung · Dolomiti d'Ampezzo, Dolomiti Bellunesi
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Avner Taieb 
Karte / Day 4
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A moderate hike winding through Cinque Torri leads to the charming rifugio Averau for lunch, and explores the many WWI trench displays before returning to the pass.
Strecke 9,1 km
3:29 h
373 hm
927 hm
2.711 hm
2.099 hm

You can start hiking today from Lagazuoi or by taking the cable car to Passo Falzarego for an easier day. The trailhead at Falzarego is on the south side of the road opposite the cable car station, to your left of the small gift shop at the back of the parking lot.

The Cinque Torri (5 towers) are a rugged, rocky area particularly known for their WWI relics. This was the scene of much trench fighting during the war, and as you walk through the towers, you’ll pass explanatory signs and even some displays of mock soldiers. Beyond that, though, it’s also a pretty area, with lots of criss-crossing trails, pretty views, and a number of well-known huts that serve very good food.  We suggest the Averau hut for lunch.

The huts and lifts in this area tend to stay open later in September, making it a particularly good choice for late-season hiking.


Höchster Punkt
2.711 m
Tiefster Punkt
2.099 m


Schotterweg 48,70%Pfad 49%Straße 2,28%
4,4 km
4,5 km
0,2 km
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If it rains... For a shorter option, you can cut out the loop around Cinque Torri and just explore the formation from the southwest corner by Rifugio Scoiattoli. If you’re really short on time, the chairlift can be used both ways, to make a short loop of the Cinque Torri without visiting Falzarego pass or the Averau hut.


Lagazuoi (2.690 m)
46.527845, 12.007970
46°31'40.2"N 12°00'28.7"E
33T 270538 5157047
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  • From Lagazuoi: Start straight down from the hut to the east, on on trail 401/402 past the cable car station and down toward the Travenanzes pass.
  • Turn right here, where trail 402 leads steadily down to the pass. This is over 2000 ft downhill, so it’s a good long, straightforward descent.
  • Halfway down, pass the turnoff for the Martini ledge, a via ferrata with cables to hold only at times (only recommended for thrill-seekers).
  • From the Falzarego pass: Trail 441 starts up gradually over a grassy field headed southwest towards the Nuvolau group marked by the large grey rock dome straight ahead.
  • After about an hour, the trail approaches a boulder field where you’ll come to a steep rocky section of trail. This part can be a little challenging with some minor scrambling, so take your time and watch your feet. Keep going up - this hard part should only take about 20 minutes to Forcella Averau. When you get to the top, you’ll contour to your left around the southern foot of the formation. Another 15 minutes brings you to the notch where you’ll find Rifugio Averau tucked into a small notch in the mountain 4.5 km from the start.
  • The small family-run Averau has a wonderful restaurant and makes a great spot to stop in for lunch. If you’re a fan of beets, they are well-known for their casunziei, a traditional local ravioli, and their cappelli d’alpino, a green pasta with cheese, walnuts and tomato. They have won many awards for their restaurant, and the changing menu is always good.
  • When you decide to move on, head down the hill to the northeast on 439 towards Rifugio Scoiattoli, where the trail splits off to the right. The Cinque Torri stand clearly in front now - you’ll circumnavigate this stand of limestone towers counter-clockwise. Continue on 439 until you come to an intersection with trail 425 and take a left that takes you through the center these erratic spires. This is where most of the WWI signage and displays are in the region, an open-air museum that provides interesting and sobering insights into the fierce fighting between the Italians and Austrians here during the war.
  • You’ll eventually come back to Rifugio Scoiattoli and trail 439.
  • If you like, there is the Cinque Torri chairlift (12 €) from Scoiattoli down to Rifuigio Bài de Dònes (or sometimes written as “Bàin de Dònes”) in the valley that can shorten your day. You can catch buses or a taxi at the Cinque Torri stop at the bottom (doublecheck schedule and ask at the bottom for times). Most of our tours include taxi pickup at Passo Falzarego to your next hotel. If you decide to take this chairlift and you already have plans for a taxi to meet you back at Passo Falzarego, you’ll need to call the taxi company and make sure they can change the pickup location and time (this might incur additional charges).
  • To continue your loop, from here you’ll want to head west about 500m and go north on trail 440, part of the alta via 1.
  • After 3 km this trail intersects with 424, the lowest point on this loop, where you’ll turn left, paralleling the road back up towards the pass. The trail can be a bit marshy here during wet times, but is otherwise clear and easy.
  • If you have extra time at the end of the day, this part leads past Rifugio Col Galina which has a very nice, large terrace with comfortable lawn chairs and plenty of afternoon sun. Stop in here, or continue another 1.5 km up to Passo Falzarego to finish your hike.


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46.527845, 12.007970
46°31'40.2"N 12°00'28.7"E
33T 270538 5157047
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9,1 km
3:29 h
373 hm
927 hm
Höchster Punkt
2.711 hm
Tiefster Punkt
2.099 hm


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