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CROATIA | MY Via Dinarica White Trail

Bergtour · Kroatien
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  • Gospa Sinjska, Sinj
    Gospa Sinjska, Sinj
    Foto: Eva Smeele , EVAdinarica Project
m 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 -500 600 500 400 300 200 100 km Post office Crni Lug Gromovača – peak Džilitan ATM Dinara Kiza – peak Troglav Risnjak – peak Konj Senj

Highlights definetely are Dinara, Crnopac, Paklenica, Velebit, Samarske Stijene and Risnjak.

This is the route I hiked. Yes, I skipped some parts of the original Via Dinarica hiking trail and choose to walk the bikingroutes instead. In Croatia the White Trail is not officially ¨open¨ yet, they (Via Dinarica HR team) actually suggested me to hike the ¨pearls, flowers or highlights¨ and use public transport in between. Getting the right bus to the right place was such a hassle that walking on the roads (good views all the way) was much easier. 

There is one part where I got a ride. From Knin to Gračac is very busy road, in my opinion not safe to hike. The hiking trail is also not completely safe, since it is still a mine suspected area. According to the experience of another hiker who tried to follow the original GPS track, it was impossible to get through the wilderness (and he got chasen by a mad dog)...

I wanted to hike from Snežnik in Croatia to Snežnik in Slovenia, but that's not an official bordercrossing. So I went to Rupa where I continued via Ilirska Bistrica to Mašun and Sviščakih (see my Slovenian tours). This is an alternative route that starts from Risnjak. I avoided the parts where the hiking trails are not maintained at all, but again, I walked quite a lot of asphalt. Which I again actually liked. Quiet, scenic roads through these typical rural areas which people might call ¨less developed¨, but in my opinion have more soul than the touristic coast villages.. 

It is possible to hike more hiking trails and include some peaks from Risnjak to Rupa, I suggest to be creative :)


Strecke 603,9 km
202:29 h
15.389 hm
15.582 hm
1.743 hm
-1 hm

At this moment the White Trail as it is uploaded on the Via Dinarica website is for some parts not ready for hikers yet. But, with a little bit of improvisation here and there it allready is a great route. I really enjoyed it all the way (my way).

Download here the official Via Dinarica White Trail GPS tracks.



Alternative (road avoiding) routes:

  • Put Oluje from Buško jezero to Knin
  • Via Adriatica or this planned route from Knin to Tulove Grede
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EVA dinarica
Aktualisierung: 13.05.2019


43.598838, 16.984804
43°35'55.8"N 16°59'05.3"E
33T 660199 4829232
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43.598838, 16.984804
43°35'55.8"N 16°59'05.3"E
33T 660199 4829232
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Will follow soon.

Here is the link to all the maps I used (photo's)



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603,9 km
202:29 h
15.389 hm
15.582 hm
Höchster Punkt
1.743 hm
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