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Bushmills to Ballintoy

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  • Bushmills old station.
    / Bushmills old station.
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  • / Causeway Path following the old railway.
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  • / Coast path around Runkerry House.
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  • / Portcoon.
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  • / Entering the Word Heritage Site.
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  • / Portnoffer.
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  • / The Giant's Causeway.
    Foto: Macs Adventure
  • / Basalt cliffs at the Amphitheatre.
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  • / Dunseverick Castle.
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  • / Dunseverick Harbour.
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  • / Limestone cliffs at White Park Bay.
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  • / Port Ballintoy.
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A classic coast walk includes a spectacular cliff section through The Giant’s Causeway World Heritage Site then along White Park Bay to Ballintoy.


21 km
5:30 h
372 hm
320 hm

Leaving Bushmills the route follows the old railway down to Runkerry Bay then on around the headland and along the cliff top to the Giant’s Causeway world Heritage site. A long grassy cliff top path affords spectacular views of the basalt rock formations along this coastline before descending to Port Moon Bay and the ruin of Dunseverick Castle. From here the route follows the shore line around White Park Bay to the picturesque Ballintoy Harbour and on to finish in Ballintoy itself.



The highlight of today’s walk has to be the spectacular cliff path section through the Giant’s Causeway World Heritage Site. Towering basalt cliffs with perfect hexagonal columns characterise this unique coastline and their formations have been given individual names such as the Organ, Harp, Chimney and Amphitheatre. Panoramic views are also to be had further along the Antrim Coast, Rathlin Island, the Scottish Isles and mainland.

This is a day to remember so take time to linger and enjoy the views on one of the many seats along the way. Coastal walking rarely gets better than this! User
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You might encounter traffic on the road sections from Bushmills and into Ballintoy but the pavements are generally good. The only section on the road is from Ballintoy Harbour so keep in to the side. There are a few steep climbs and descents on the cliff path but most of the route is on the level. Take care on the cliff path around the Giant’s Causeway, especially in high winds or poor visibility as the drop is high. When walking the beach sections around Portbraddon and White Park Bay be mindful of the tide. If the tide is high or the weather stormy keep close to the edge. If this section is impassable you will have to follow A2 road from Dunseverick Village to Ballintoy.


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The pleasant town of Bushmills has a number of shops, cafes and bars where you can stock up with food and drink. There are also two supermarkets with free cash machines, a post office, pharmacy and a tourist information centre in the town. After the Giant’s Causeway visitors complex there are no opportunities for refreshment until arriving in Ballintoy. Be advised that there is an admission charge into the visitor centre. However, refreshments are available at the adjacent Causeway Hotel.


Points of Interest


Giant's Causeway World Heritage Site.  

This is Irelands only World Heritage Site. Some 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns were formed here during intense volcanic activity some 60 million years ago. The original lava plateau extended over to Scotland with remnants now left on Mull and Staffa. The unique formations have individual names such as The Organ, The Chimney and The Amphitheatre.

Spaniard’s Rock.

This was the site of an Armada wreck in 1588. The Girona was one of 24 ships from the Spanish Armada wrecked along the Irish coast. Of an estimated 1300 people on board less than 10 survived. In the 1960’s a team of divers investigated the wreck and salvaged the largest haul of Spanish treasure ever recovered. It is now on display in Belfast’s Ulster Museum.

Dunseverick Castle.

Little remains of the original fortification apart from the ruin of the gatehouse. However this impressive crag has a long and interesting history dating back to the ancient kingdom of Dalriada. It extended from here over the sea to Argyll where St Columba travelled to found the community at Iona.




War Memorial and Clock Tower, Bushmills (8 m)
55.206126, -6.523523
29U 657586 6120526


Church, Main Street Ballintoy


0.00 km - Standing with your back to the clock tower and facing the war memorial GO STRAIGHT ON along Dunluce Road, over the bridge to a road junction.

0.30 km – At the road junction just before a school, TURN RIGHT onto Ballaghmore Road and GO STRAIGHT ON along the cycle path for approx 200 m. At the small car park BEAR RIGHT past the old Bushmills Station.

0.60 km – At the end of the car park, leave through the gate and GO STRAIGHT ON along cycle path 93, signposted Giant’s Causeway 2 miles. Follow this prominent black gravel path beside the railway track for approx 2.5 kms to Runkerry Bay.

3.10 km – At a large wooden gate TURN LEFT towards Runkerry House. NB; Do not cross the railway track! GO STRAIGHT ON over the stream, past the house and around the headland following the Ulster Way and Causeway Coast Way marker posts. There are good views back over the bay to Portballintrae and Portrush. Follow this well defined coastal path for approx 2 kms, past the war grave at Portcoon and on to the Giant’s Causeway Visitor Complex.

5.40 km – Just past the causeway shuttle bus stop, TURN LEFT along the well defined and fenced cliff top path. GO STRAIGHT ON, with spectacular views for approx 4 kms.

9.60 km – Arriving at a wooden stile you are leaving the World Heritage Site. GO STRAIGHT ON along the cliff top path.

10.9 km – At a wooden stile by an iron gate, cross the wall and TURN RIGHT following the path up the wooden steps. GO STRAIGHT ON along the path for approx 1.5kms around Port Moon Bay and past the remains of Dunseverick Castle to the road.

12.7 km – Arriving at the road and a small car park, BEAR LEFT on the narrow path. Do not cross over the wall onto the road. GO STRAIGHT ON along the path, around the headland and across the bay.

13.9 km – At the end of the bay, BEAR LEFT onto the path climbing up and parallel to the small cliff. NB; Do not go up to the gate.

14.1 km – At a marker post TURN RIGHT over a wooden stile and go up the steps to reach a tarmac road. TURN LEFT and GO STRAIGHT ON along the road towards a harbour.

14.3 km – At the end of the harbour by an old anchor BEAR LEFT up the stone steps and over a wooden stile. GO STRAIGHT ON around the bay and then TURN RIGHT over a wooden stile. Continue on this path following the marker posts up some steps and onto another stile.

14.7 km – Cross the stile and GO STRAIGHT ON along the cliff path to Dunseverick Harbour.

15.1 km – At the wooden stile, TURN RIGHT and cross over the shingle beach then BEAR LEFT over the next stile. GO STRAIGHT ON following the narrow path with cliffs on the right, through the rock arch to Portbraddan

15,7 km –At the small car park at Portbraddan BEAR LEFT following the signed path around the rocky base of the limestone cliffs to reach a sandy beach. NB; take care on this short section as it is very uneven and a bit of a scramble. On reaching the sandy beach, White Park Bay, GO STRAIGHT ON along the beach for approx 2.4 kms, right to the far end.

18.1 km – At the end of the beach BEAR LEFT around the foot of the cliff, over the shingle to a wooden stile. GO STRAIGHT ON along the sandy path following the marker posts towards some white buildings on the cliff top.

19.1 km – At a wooden stile by a white building GO STRAIGHT ON around Ballintoy Harbour. GO STRAIGHT ON up the tarmac road, Harbour Road, signposted Ulster way and Causeway Coast Way. Follow the bends uphill and round the white church to the main road.

20.5 km – At the main road TURN LEFT and GO STRAIGHT ON along the road towards Ballintoy.

21.0 km – Arriving at the church on the right you have reached the end of your walk.









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Good boots or walking shoes are recommended as the terrain is variable on this walk. Walking poles can be carried if you prefer, as there are a few steep climbs and descents on the cliff path section. Irish weather can be unpredictable and also wet so it is important to be prepared at all times. Waterproofs should be carried as well as a hat and gloves and maybe an extra layer just in case. In the summer sunscreen is also recommended.




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21 km
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