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Start Touren Bottna Inn to Hunnebostrand, bus to Smögen
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Bottna Inn to Hunnebostrand, bus to Smögen

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  • Rocky woodland trails.
    / Rocky woodland trails.
    Foto: Macs Adventure
  • / Views across to Bovallstrand Harbour.
    Foto: Macs Adventure
  • / Following the Soteleden.
    Foto: Macs Adventure
  • / Hunnesbostrand harbour.
    Foto: Macs Adventure
  • / Smögen boardwalk.
    Foto: Macs Adventure
m 80 60 40 20 -20 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 km
Follow leafy woodland trails and dramatic rocky coastline with crystal clear waters as you pass through Bovallstrand and onwards to Hunnesbostrand.
Strecke 15,6 km
4:00 h
174 hm
179 hm
83 hm
-2 hm

Rejoin the Soteleden, following woodland paths until you reach the village of Bovallstrand, where the trail joins the coast. Dotted with typically ‘scandi’ wooden houses and an attractive coastline, it’s a perfect place to stop and enjoy a packed lunch. The coastline is mostly rocky with large smooth granite rocks offering a perfect place to rest, especially inviting on warm days when the stone heats up nicely. 

Continue onwards to the town of Hunnesbostrand again following woodland trails, isolated country homes and quiet narrows lanes. If there’s some time until the next bus, it’s a great place to enjoy an ice-cream by the harbour and a stroll around it's narrow streets. Afterwards take the bus to the popular island of Smögen, your base for the next two nights.


Be sure to pack your bathing suit for a swim at the badinrättning (swimming area) in Bovallstrand.
Höchster Punkt
83 m
Tiefster Punkt
-2 m


There are a couple of points on this route where you need to cross busy main roads so take good care here. As with all road walking, walk on the left so as to face any oncoming traffic and try to make yourself as visible as possible.

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Food and Drink

A packed lunch is provided by your host at Bottna Inn (included in cost). Enroute, you have a couple of bar/restaurant options in Bovallstrand and also a supermarket. Once in Hunnesborstrand there are a good number of cafes and bars around the harbour area plus a large supermarket near the bus stop.

Points of interest


Dating back to as early as the 16th Century Smögen is now  well known for its long, wooden boardwalk filled with restuarants, shops in old fishing huts and busy bars. Smögen is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Swedish west coast, also well known for its fish, prawns and other seafood, one of Sweden's few fish markets is located here. A popular spot amongst Swedes and Norwegians to head to on their sail and motorboats during the summer the extensive nightlife scene makes for a great evening. 

If you prefer a little more tranquility then head to the Vallevik swimming area at the end of the boardwalk. Made up of wooden platforms, diving boards and smooth cliff tops it's the perfect spot to jump in for a swim or just to relax and watch the sun go down.


This tour is available on the following itineraries: WTBWS, WTBWSSB, WTWSE


Bottna Inn (8 m)
58.491878, 11.363790
58°29'30.8"N 11°21'49.6"E
32V 637782 6485898


Hunnesbostrand Harbour


0.00 km – With Bottna Inn to your back TURN LEFT and head back along the main road in the direction you came from yesterday.

0.50 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction towards ‘Kungshamn’.

0.77 km – TURN LEFT to leave the road at the block sign, now following a leafy narrow trail uphill through the trees. This is the same trail you headed downhill on yesterday.

1.00 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction to join the main Sote-Leden trail.

1.30 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON the gravel trail as you pass by a group of houses on your right.

1.70 km – TURN LEFT at the tarmac road then after 10m TURN RIGHT to leave the road and continue on the Soteleden as you pass a map board.

2.10 km – TURN LEFT at the junction to follow the blue/white marker. Soon scrambling up a short rocky section passing a fallen tree followed by a steep uphill. Watch your footing here.

2.30 km – TURN RIGHT at the trail junction.

2.50 km – TURN LEFT at the junction with the orange ‘17km’ marker.

2.60 km – Carry STRAIGHT ON through a narrow rocky gully.

2.80 km – STRAIGHT ON past an orange arrow way marker on the rocky plateau. There are great views of the coast on your right side at this point.

3.20 km – TURN RIGHT at the orange arrow just after passing a large green house.

3.30 km – TURN LEFT on the vehicle track then TURN RIGHT after 10m to continue onwards through the trees.

3.40 km – STRAIGHT ON at the junction to cross a wooden bridge.

3.60 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction.

3.70 km – BEAR RIGHT at the split in the trail.

3.80 km – BEAR LEFT at the junction.

4.20 km – After a rocky descent continue BEARING LEFT, ignoring the trail to your right.

4.40 km – BEAR LEFT again to stay on the main trail.

4.50 km – TURN LEFT at the junction pass a ‘Bovallstrand’ map and information board. You will notice “street lighting” above you now, if you happen to be walking here when it’s dark there is a red button marked ‘Start’ that will illuminate these lights for you.

4.80 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON past a workout area on your right with a number of wooden exercise stations. You may see locals stopping by here for an extra workout during their forest trail runs.

4.90 km – TURN SHARP RIGHT at the junction.

5.20 km – At the end of the trail TURN LEFT onto the tarmac road next to a carpark. Follow the blue marked footpath sign posted for ‘Sandhalestijen’.

5.30 km – TURN RIGHT at the main road to follow pavement into Bovallstrand.

5.50 km – TURN LEFT to cross the main road then pass the white church on your right side.

5.60 km – TURN RIGHT to head down ‘Mälaregatan’ passing a red/pink house on your right.

5.80 km – STRAIGHT ON over the cross roads to the marina carpark.

5.90 km – TURN LEFT at the top of the carpark to follow the road past buildings at the waters edge, passing a restaurant on your right.

6.30 km – Now passing the badinrattning (swimming area) on your right, a great place to stop for a dip. Continue STRAIGHT ON to start following the paved coastal path.

7.00 km – After passing a row of small red houses BEAR LEFT to follow the paved road past a parking area.

7.20 km – As the road bears left TURN RIGHT to leave it and follow the gravel track. Blue arrows point the way here.

7.40 km – At the end of the track TURN LEFT onto the tarmac road.

7.60 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction, following sign for ‘Applejalvägen’.

8.10 km – TURN RIGHT to leave the main road and follow the track crossing a concrete bridge.

8.30 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON crossing a small wooden stile to join a grassy trodden track between rocks.

8.80 km – BEAR LEFT here to leave the waters edge, blue/white markers on the trees point the way.

9.00 km – TURN RIGHT to cross the wooden stile over a fence into woodland.

9.20 km – TURN LEFT as you join a gravel vehicle track.

9.40 km – TURN RIGHT at the blue way marker to leave the track and cross a small scrubland.

9.50 km – Take care here as you cross the main road STRAIGHT ON then back into woodland. Follow this well marked trail for the next 1.2km.

10.70 km – TURN RIGHT at the end of the trail to join the tarmac road. There is no pavement here so be sure to walk on the left to face any oncoming traffic.

11.10 km – Continue STRAIGHT ON past the junction for ‘Vårdaj’.

11.20 km – BEAR LEFT to leave the road and join the track sign posted for ‘Enerbacken’.

11.70 km – At the split in the track BEAR LEFT towards the blue/white marker.

12.20 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction to cross a grassy vehicle track.

12.40 km – BEAR RIGHT to cross a gravel vehicle track.

13.00 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction, taking the gravel lane past a couple of white houses on your left.

13.20 km – TURN LEFT then IMMEDIATELY RIGHT to follow the path through the trees.

13.40 km – TURN LEFT to re-join the road.

14.00 km – At the junction TURN RIGHT passing a wooden fence to follow the pavement alongside the road. Continue on the same road as it BEARS RIGHT.

14.40 km – TURN LEFT at the junction with the main road then cross at the zebra crossing as you’re now entering ‘Hunnebostrand’.

14.50 km – TURN RIGHT at the junction following the signpost for ‘Centrum’.

14.70 km – On your right is the bus stop where you will need to catch the bus onwards to Smögen. However, continue onwards from here to reach the harbour.

14.80 km – Continue on the road as it BEARS LEFT past the large red church.

15.10 km – TURN LEFT at the end of the street to follow ‘Sodra Strandgatan’.

15.30 km – TURN RIGHT to follow the road as you now reach the harbour.

15.40 km – Your walk finishes here at the far end of Hunnesbostrand Harbour. Enjoy a drink in the sun at one of the many bars/cafes dotted around before retracing your steps back to the bus stop.


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Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

Take bus no. 862 from Hunnebostrand to Smoegen. It runs hourly at 38 minutes past the hour and takes 20 mins. Again, check: https://www.vasttrafik.se/en/  

The bus stop is located on Stationsgatan, in the town rather than near the waterfront. It's about a 15 minute walk from the harbour to the bus station, so be sure to allow plenty of time to catch your bus! 


58.491878, 11.363790
58°29'30.8"N 11°21'49.6"E
32V 637782 6485898
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad

Buchtipps für die Region

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A pair of sturdy walking trainers will be enough for this route if you dont want to wear full hiking boots. Along with the rest of your usual gear for a day outdoors remember to pack a wind/waterproof and an extra layer, especially during early/late season.

On a hot day be sure to pack your swim suit and suncream!

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15,6 km
4:00 h
174 hm
179 hm
Höchster Punkt
83 hm


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