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Bonnieux to Roussillon

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  • 2.10 km Bear left here
    / 2.10 km Bear left here
    Foto: Sarah Stone, Macs Adventure
  • / 3.40 km TURN RIGHT here
    Foto: Sarah Stone, Macs Adventure
  • / One of today's beautiful forest paths
    Foto: Sarah Stone, Macs Adventure
  • / The Pont Julien
    Foto: Sarah Stone, Macs Adventure
  • / 6.50 km turning right off of the cycle path
    Foto: Sarah Stone, Macs Adventure
  • / 6.50 km walking underneath the cycle path
    Foto: Sarah Stone, Macs Adventure
  • / 9.10 km Continue straight ahead here
    Foto: Sarah Stone, Macs Adventure
  • / The Ochre paths on the way into Roussillon
    Foto: Sarah Stone, Macs Adventure
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Walk to the town of Roussillon on a mixture of quiet country roads and forest trails. Highlights include the ancient Pont Julien and the ochre-coloured cliffs, rocks and earth as you approach Roussillon. 
Strecke 13,4 km
4:00 h
194 hm
215 hm

This walk has some sections on quiet country roads, but for the most part consists of farm tracks through orchards and vineyards, with the latter stages climbing steadily through well maintained pine forests, before a short descent through vibrant coloured rocks and paths to Roussillon itself. You have to cross a busy main road just after the Pont Julien, and some sections of the final descent can be dry and slippy – please take extra care at these points. Otherwise, underfoot conditions are fine.

This is a very pleasant walk that takes you through orchards and vineyards, and past the ancient Pont Julien which now serves as an intersection on the busy cycling network that brings many holiday makers to the area. The walking is easy, with a steady ascent towards the end, which is rewarded with views of lovely ochre-coloured cliffs and rocks.


Stop off at the Conservatoire des Ocres for an insight in to the wonderfully coloured earth, rocks and cliffs that you have just walked through.
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At the start of today's walk there are sections of road walking. Take good care, particularly when walking around bends in the road, to avoid passing traffic.

Weitere Infos und Links

Food and Drink

Bonnieux is well served with bakeries and a supermarket allowing you to stock up for the day. Other than toilets at the Pont Julien, there are no facilities en-route. Roussillon has numerous shops covering all the basic needs as well as many fine restuarants. We recommend always starting your day carrying at least 2 litres of water per person per day, and maybe even more on particulalry warm or longs days. Provence can become very hot and it is important to stay hydrated. 

Points of Interest

Pont Julien

The Pont Julien (French for Julian Bridge) is a Roman stone arch bridge over the Calavon River, in the south-east of France, dating from 3 BC. The supporting columns are notable for openings to allow floodwater to pass through and is a fine example of pioneering Roman engineering. You will pass here on today’s walk.

Les Sentiers de Ocres

Easily accessible from Roussillon village, this former ochre quarry now forms parkland groves of chestnut and pine surround sunset-coloured ochre formations, rising on a clifftop. Two circular trails, taking 30 or 50 minutes, twist through mini-desert landscapes. Information panels highlight 26 types of flora to look for, as well as the history of local ochre production. This is a “must see” if you are in Roussillon. There is a small entrance fee, payable at the entrance gate. Wear walking shoes and avoid white clothing!


The village itself forms a tourist attraction, as it is officially recognised as one of the prettiest villages in France (Plus Beaux Villages de France). Wandering through the narrow streets, enjoying the many craft shops and cafes is a great way to spend a few hours, and the views from the terrace at the top of the village are impressive. The village has links with the author Samuel Beckett who lived there during World War II, and even mentions it in his novel Waiting for Godot.


Eglise Neuve, Bonnieux (344 m)
43.824512, 5.307470
43°49'28.2"N 5°18'26.9"E
31T 685546 4854970


Mairie (Town Hall), Roussillon


0.00 km – With your back to the entrance to the church grounds, TURN RIGHT to reach the roundabout. TURN RIGHT again at the roundabout. The Pétanque field (french bowls playing grounds) is on your left. Follow the tarmac road as it gently descends, leaving Bonnieux.

0.50 km – TURN LEFT, onto a smaller tarmac road, passing a house on the right. The road soon turns into a narrow rocky path. Continue to follow this trail, following the red/white and yellow/white markers on trees.

0.80 km – Come to a road. BEAR LEFT and carefully cross the road to re-join the path at the other side. Follow this path until you reach the next road.

1.40 km – Come to another road. TURN RIGHT onto the road and follow it for approx. 100m.

1.50 km – Take a sharp LEFT TURN onto a path which double back on the road for a short spell. The path ascends gently. Again, if unsure, look for markers on trees.

1.80 km – Upon reaching the top of the small hill, BEAR LEFT (the path going right is a driveway to a private property). Follow the grassy and rocky trail between fields of vines.

1.90 km – The path splits here. BEAR LEFT and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD onto the ascending grassy path, a stone wall will be directly on your left hand side. Ignore any paths branching left or right and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on the path adjacent to the wall and the vines.

2.10 km – Come to an orchard. BEAR LEFT onto a descending narrow and rocky path. This could be easily missed! See picture labelled '2.10 km' for more guidance.

2.40 km – A jeep track crosses the path, cross it and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD rejoining the path on the other side. Follow this trail. There are tall green trees on your right and an orchard of blossom trees on your left.

2.70 km – The path splits here, BEAR RIGHT onto the higher ascending path, following the markers on the trees. There is a stone wall on your right.

3.00 km – Arrive at the yellow walkers’ signpost named ‘La Bouqiere 268m’. TURN LEFT onto the road following the sign for ‘Pont Julien (2.9 km). The road descends gently. Take care on the road and be aware of oncoming traffic.

3.40 km – TURN RIGHT leaving the road and join a dirt track. Keep an eye out for the waymarkers indicating a right turn as this could be easily missed (See image named 3.40 km). Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD and then BEAR LEFT as the path forks, following the descending rocky path and waymarkers. Follow the trail through the trees. If ever in doubt, keep an eye out for white/red markers.

4.10 km – Arrive at some Nordic style cabins on your right and a gated property on your left. Continue to follow the path STRAIGHT AHEAD.

4.30 km – BEAR RIGHT onto the narrow path that continues through the trees. Follow this trail and markers.

4.40 km – Arrive at the edge of a lavender field. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD alongside the lavender field. The lavender will be on your left and trees will be on your right.

5.60 km – The trail converges with another path. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD and you’ll soon come to a T-junction. TURN LEFT following the white/red markers and follow the path as it ascends gently.

4.80 km – Come to a fork in the path. BEAR RIGHT onto gravel path.

5.90 km – Arrive at a yellow walker’s signpost named ‘Les Parres 181m’. TURN RIGHT onto the road following signs for Pont Julien (0.3km).

5.95 km – Come to a roundabout. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD following the sign for Pont Julien. Be aware of traffic.

6.00 km – Arrive at the Pont Julien. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD over the bridge.

6.10 km – Take a SHARP RIGHT onto the cycle path which runs adjacent to the main road. Views of the Pont Julien open up on your right. Continue to follow the cycle path as it descends and goes under the main road. Once past the road, the cycle path ascends again.

6.50 km – Leave the cycle path, TURN RIGHT and descend a small, easy to miss path. TURN LEFT, then immediately LEFT AGAIN and walk through the small tunnel under the cycle path. See pictures named '6.50 km' for more guidance.

6.70 km – Come to a main road. TURN LEFT and walk alongside the road, using the grassy field for safety. A field of vines will be on your left and the road on your right.

6.80 km – Leave the grassy verge and TURN RIGHT to very carefully cross the main road to join the smaller road on the other side, signposted ‘Chemin de Saint-Eyries’. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on this quiet country road for almost 2 km as it gently ascends.

8.60 km – Come to a cross road and signpost for the ‘Chemin de la Coquillade’. TURN LEFT onto a gently ascending road.

9.10 km – Come to the Hotel Coquillade. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD through the car park and onto a pedestrian path signposted ‘Foret’ (forest). See image ‘9.10 km’.

9.20 km – BEAR LEFT ever so slightly. This is the start of a well-maintained and wide forest path. Ignore any paths branching left or right and continue on the trail following the white/red markers on trees.

10.00 km – TURN RIGHT onto narrower forest path. The earth on this path is distinctly more orange/red than the trail you have just left.

You will notice a dramatic change in the landscape, as the earth becomes redder and the ochre escarpments are revealed. Continue following the white/red markers, staying on the main path for the next 1.4 km. Please be careful as some sections of path are worn and can be slippy in very dry or very wet conditions. There are some drops at either side of the path at times, however the path is not particularly narrow.

11.40 km – Come to the yellow walkers’ signpost named ‘Le Gari 280m’. TURN LEFT onto the stony path which ascends gently, following the sign for Roussillon (1.7km).

After less than 100m, you will come to another yellow walkers’ signpost named ‘Conservatoire des Ocres 285m’. TURN LEFT onto the tarmac road, following signs for Roussillon (1.6km). Please be aware of oncoming traffic and use the pavements/sidewalks when they are available. Follow this road all the way into Roussillon.

12.50 km – If you are staying at Hotel Les Sables d’Ocre, it is here on the left. If you would like to continue to the centre of town, continue to follow the directions below.

12.60 km – Come to a roundabout. Continue STRAIGHT AHEAD, ascending.

13.30 km – If you are staying in the Hotel Clos de la Glycine, you will find it here on your right. To continue to the centre of Roussillon, continue STRAIGHT AHEAD.

13.40 km – TURN LEFT onto Rue Richard Casteau and ascend to the little square which is home to the Mairie (town hall) Your walk ends here.


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43.824512, 5.307470
43°49'28.2"N 5°18'26.9"E
31T 685546 4854970
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Buchtipps für die Region

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You may wish to have walking poles to help on the short tricky section of terrain on the descent into Roussillon. The ground here can be slippery and walking poles may help with balance.

Fragen & Antworten

Frage von Pakie O'Callaghan  · 10.08.2019 · Community
hi, is the hike between Bonnieux and Roussillon marked ?
mehr zeigen
Antwort von Kath varcoe · 11.08.2019 · Community
Hi Pakie We enjoyed the day. There was a little confusion around instruction 7 and 8 as left and right were swapped around but the red and white markers led us through.
Foto: Kath varcoe, Community
Foto: Kath varcoe, Community


Kath varcoe
14.05.2019 · Community
Very pleasant day wandering through the country-side. Amazing colours in the cliffs as we approached Roussillon.
mehr zeigen
Gemacht am 22.04.2019
Wind blown blossom
Foto: Kath varcoe, Community
Grape vines
Foto: Kath varcoe, Community
Coloured cliffs in ochre country
Foto: Kath varcoe, Community

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Wind blown blossom
Grape vines
Coloured cliffs in ochre country

13,4 km
4:00 h
194 hm
215 hm


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