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Winter Walks in the UK

A list of favourite walks for a frosty day, suggested by outdooractive users
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Winter Walks

Strecke 15,5 km
Dauer 4:05 h
Aufstieg 137 hm
Abstieg 137 hm

Scene of the iconic 90s film, Trainspotting, Corrour station is the gateway to this remote and wild walk around the stunning Loch Ossian...

von Holdsworth Associates,   perfect-day-out
Strecke 6,5 km
Dauer 2:10 h
Aufstieg 328 hm
Abstieg 329 hm

Following in the footsteps of poet Robert Burns, this brisk climb through often snow-covered conifers heralds excellent views back over Dunkeld...

von Holdsworth Associates,   perfect-day-out
Strecke 80,8 km
Dauer 21:25 h
Aufstieg 1.136 hm
Abstieg 1.128 hm

This route visits many nature reserves and open spaces in Telford and includes the iconic Wrekin hill and crosses the world-famous iron bridge in ...

von Wellington Walking Festival,   Wellington Walking Festival
Strecke 6,9 km
Dauer 1:45 h
Aufstieg 31 hm
Abstieg 31 hm

An easy and pleasant walk taking in Corsham's attractions including Corsham Court as well as the 400-year-old Almshouses and the shops of Corsham

von Corsham Walking Festival,   Corsham Walking Festival
Strecke 10,1 km
Dauer 2:55 h
Aufstieg 259 hm
Abstieg 259 hm

An excellent walk beginning at the medieval Goodrich Castle...

von Walking in Ross,   Walking in Ross
Strecke 11,3 km
Dauer 3:10 h
Aufstieg 277 hm
Abstieg 277 hm

Hilly route with plenty of coppiced forest, as well as excellent views. Makes up the second part of the Shropshire Way Half-Mammothon.

von Shropshire Way 80k,   The Shropshire Way 80k
Strecke 10 km
Dauer 3:00 h
Aufstieg 333 hm
Abstieg 333 hm

This hilly romp via Norton Camp makes up the first part of the Shropshire Way Half-Mammothon, and takes in some excellent views

von Shropshire Way 80k,   The Shropshire Way 80k
Mehrtagestour · West Suffolk
The Brecks Trail
empfohlene Tour Schwierigkeit schwer
Strecke 22,3 km
Dauer 5:35 h
Aufstieg 80 hm
Abstieg 112 hm

A 14 mile (22.5 Km) linear trail between Brandon Country Park and West Stow Country Park catering for walkers Cyclists and with section available ...

von Discover Suffolk,   Discover Suffolk
empfohlene Tour Schwierigkeit leicht geöffnet
Strecke 5,5 km
Dauer 2:00 h
Aufstieg 54 hm
Abstieg 54 hm

A 3.5 mile (5.5 km) walk around the picturesque village of Kersey taking approximately 2 hours to complete.

von Discover Suffolk,   Discover Suffolk
Strecke 6,5 km
Dauer 1:50 h
Aufstieg 174 hm
Abstieg 174 hm

A circular walk through mixed woodland with some steep ascents...

von Quantock Hills Walking Festival,   Quantock Hills Walking Festival