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Wainwrights Done

A List of all the current Wainwright fells mapped by Hopeless Wanderer

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Hopeless Wanderer 

8,3 km
5:19 h
555 hm
555 hm

Glenridding Dodd and Sheffeld Pike from Glenridding. Check out the write up here: https://hopelesswanderer.co.uk/blog/glenridding-dodd-and ...

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community
16,6 km
9:55 h
968 hm
967 hm

A huge 8 Wainwright walk here! it's a classic, the Fairfield horseshoe.  Check out our write up here: https://hopelesswanderer.co.uk/blog ...

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community
14,1 km
8:53 h
909 hm
909 hm

Fantastic walk taking in the 4 Wainwrights of Dodd, Carl Side, Ling Side and Ullock Pike. Check out our write up here: https://hopelesswanderer ...

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community
20,3 km
11:42 h
1.003 hm
1.004 hm

Our round route up to Catbells, along to Maiden moor and then to High Spy before decending down into the valley and back. View our write up here ...

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community
5,4 km
3:04 h
281 hm
287 hm

Binsey direct route, we started from Keswick Reach however if starting the walk from car, park near the bus stop and miss the initial section of ...

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community
3,6 km
2:19 h
277 hm
276 hm

Direct route up and down Great Mel Fell View our write up here: https://hopelesswanderer.co.uk/blog/great-mell-fell-september-2017/2018/4/29

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community
3,1 km
2:01 h
223 hm
225 hm

Direct route up and back from Knott Rigg View our write up here: https://hopelesswanderer.co.uk/blog/knott-rigg-/2018/5/2

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community
8,7 km
4:55 h
448 hm
444 hm

Route route of Ling Fell and Sale Fell taking in both Wainwrights. View our write up here: https://hopelesswanderer.co.uk/blog/ling-fell-sale ...

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community
7,1 km
4:14 h
359 hm
359 hm

Hike Across to Loughrigg Fell visiting Rydal Cave on return.  View our write up here: https://hopelesswanderer.co.uk/blog/loughrigg-/2018/5/2

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community
12,1 km
7:09 h
760 hm
762 hm

Direct route up to Skiddaw Little man, Skiddaw and Lonscale Fell. Check out our write up here: https://hopelesswanderer.co.uk/blog/skiddaw ...

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community
10,2 km
6:50 h
792 hm
789 hm

Conistion round route including Swirl How, Brim Fell and the Old Man of Coniston.  View our write up here: https://hopelesswanderer.co.uk/blog ...

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community
6,9 km
4:26 h
463 hm
463 hm

Our route up to Wansfell Pike via Stock Ghyl Force. Great wet day route. View our write up here: https://hopelesswanderer.co.uk/blog/wansfell ...

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community
14,8 km
8:37 h
763 hm
769 hm

Our route up Blencathra, avoiding sharp edge and then heading over to Mungrisdale Common & Bannerdale Crags.  View our write up here: https:/ ...

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community
8,3 km
5:49 h
565 hm
565 hm

Our circular walk to Haystacks and back again. Find our write up here: https://hopelesswanderer.co.uk/blog/haystacks/2018/5/3

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community
12,3 km
5:57 h
808 hm
480 hm

Great Crag and Grange fell route from Rostwaite. Check out our write up here: https://hopelesswanderer.co.uk/blog/great-cragg-amp-grangefell

von Hopeless Wanderer,   Community