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Tyrol: The Otztal Trail (8Days/7Nights)

Walk Austria’s Ötztal Trail, a long-distance walk in the Tyrolean Alps which takes you through the varied landscapes of the Ötztal. Uncover its well-kept secrets promising a truly unique hiking experience. This region is well-known as being home to “Ötzi the Iceman”, a well-preserved natural mummy of a man who lived around 3,300 BC, which was found in 1991. Climb from the lush green valley floor, through dense forests and alpine meadows to idyllic plateaus with panoramic views of the Alps. Stay in the bustling mountain villages of Oetz and Längenfeld and the quieter more traditional villages of Niederthai and Köfels. While hiking between the villages, pass the highest waterfalls in Tyrol, green pastures, the sparkling blue Piburg lake and cross an impressive suspension bridge, connecting 2 of the plateaus. Refuel at the end of your walking days with hearty traditional Austrian dishes such as Kaiserschmaarn and local dried meats, mountain cheeses and a glass of schnapps, if you wish, to help wash it all down.
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10,3 km
3:23 h
401 hm
302 hm

The start of the Ötztaler Urweg takes you along the Ötztaler Ache and up the Auerklamm waterfall to some spectacular viewing points.

von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Wanderung · Ötztal
Walk to Niederthai
17,2 km
6:27 h
1.254 hm
491 hm

A wonderfully varied route with enchanted forest paths and some outstanding high-altitude viewing points. The spectacular Stuibenfall waterfall is ...

von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Wanderung · Ötztal
Walk to Längenfeld
10,4 km
3:47 h
457 hm
815 hm

Enjoy descending on mountain paths along the Ötztaler Ache, take in the beautiful views as you go.

von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Wanderung · Ötztal
Loop walk from Längenfeld
16,5 km
6:10 h
1.244 hm
1.244 hm

Challenge yourself with a steep climb to the Platter Grube and cross the spectacular suspension bridge between Brand and Burgstein. 

von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Wanderung · Ötztal
Walk to Umhausen
15,5 km
4:55 h
469 hm
616 hm

A varied route with an opportunity to stop for a break at Wurzbergalm. Don’t forget to plan in a detour to the picturesque Lake Winkelbergsee.

von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Wanderung · Ötztal
Walk to Piburg
11,6 km
4:05 h
507 hm
586 hm

A varied hike ending at the Lake Piburger See

von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure