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Hammock with Geilo Beach is just one of the things you can do with this swimming lake

Swimming in the Geilo region

There are many nice swimming opportunities in and around Geilo.

There are warm, indoor pools, fresh mountain waters with sandy beaches, and child-friendly swimming areas with easy access. We have collected our top four swimming areas in nature, with directions on how to get there.

Rennedalen in Ustaoset

Halletjørne in Hovet

Holsfjorden in Hol

Geilo Beach in Geilo


Read about swimming areas, pools, and more relevant information at www.geilo.com 

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The whole river from Ustevatnet down to Tufte in Geilo has nice places to have fun in the water. The ...

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Being high up in the mountains with the enormeaus Hallingskarvet as a background this lovely lake is ...

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Badestelle · Hardangervidda
Geilo Beach

Relax on a sandy beach by Ustedalsfjorden. As soon as the temperature is over eightteen degrees all ...

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Badestelle · Geilo
Hol Beach

A nice small beachloved by the locals specially to families on warm summer days. From the beach you ...

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