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Summer 2020

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Karneid Club 

Wanderung · Seiser Alm
Kompatsch-Sella Pass Hütte
19,7 km
6:45 h
1065 hm
738 hm
A varied 2 day tour requiring reasonable fitness. On the first day ascend in the cable car from Seis to Kompatsch and from there hike to the ...
von Karneid Club,   Community
Klettersteig · Alta Badia
Pisciadù Klettersteig
C mittel
6,3 km
4:40 h
1092 hm
1092 hm
1 day excursion to one of the most popular fixed rope routes of the Dolomites. A very short approach is followed by a steady 2 hour steep ascent ...
von Karneid Club,   Community
Wanderung · Seiser Alm
Völser Weiher-Tschaminschwaige
15,9 km
6:00 h
838 hm
838 hm
A very family friendly one day excursion. Start the day with a swim at the Völser Weiher then walk on easy but steadily ascending well marked ...
von Karneid Club,   Community
Wanderung · Val di Fiemme
Lavazè-Zanggen Berg
10,6 km
3:58 h
753 hm
754 hm
Relatively straightforward 4-5 hour excursion to the top of the Zanggen Berg. The summit is perfect for a picnic and the descent is very easy but ...
von Karneid Club,   Community
Wanderung · Südtirols Süden
10,1 km
4:10 h
852 hm
842 hm
A very nice 1 day tour up and down the forested old timber road leading from Branzoll to Aldein. The halfway point is the Göllersee where you can ...
von Karneid Club,   Community
Wanderung · Eggental
Kölner Hütte-Rotwand Hütte
13 km
5:25 h
838 hm
833 hm
A great day out circling the Rotwand. The first 45 minutes of the trail are quite steep and a little exposed but the rest is easy, undulating going.
von Karneid Club,   Community