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Pembrokeshire Coast Path Complete

Walk the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail following miles and miles of rugged coastline along the western peninsula of Wales. Secluded beaches, castle ruins and sleepy fishing villages are a few of the sights you will see. Follow undulating cliff top trails and listen to the Atlantic waves crashing in the sea caves below. Watch out for puffins and seals who enjoy this coastal habitat and wind your way north along beaches and through traditional Welsh villages. This walk will inspire the senses and leave you feeling energised.
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11,5 km
3:35 h
276 hm
267 hm

The first section of the walk from Amroth follows undulating paths through a mix of woodland cliff-top walking, sandy coves onto the colourful ...

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
12,6 km
3:35 h
132 hm
137 hm

Today's walk is one of the most popular sections of the path. 

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
24 km
7:10 h
426 hm
409 hm

Today's walk is one of the most popular sections of the path. You will enjoy beaches, sheltered bays and great picnic spots. There are a few steep ...

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
14,7 km
4:35 h
256 hm
242 hm

The beautiful coastline scenery will continue today as you make your way round the green cliffs.

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
28,9 km
7:45 h
163 hm
157 hm

On today's walk you will pass Freshwater West, known locally as "Fresh-west." This is one of the coast's best known surfing areas.

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
17,9 km
4:45 h
144 hm
156 hm

Wonderful award-winning beaches and sheltered bays make for great picnic spots on this section. Pembroke is located close the river, steeped in ...

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
31 km
8:25 h
238 hm
217 hm

On today's walk to you leave Pembroke and cross the Cleddau Bridge, where you can enjoy views across the estuary. At some points the routes can ...

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
29,5 km
8:25 h
259 hm
232 hm

Today's rewarding views will include a mixture of gentle cliffs, small wooded valleys, bays and woodland. You will have the opportunity to vist ...

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
13,7 km
4:10 h
153 hm
190 hm

This stretch of the walk continues along the dramatic cliffside. You may find the continuous ascents and decents challenging but as you reach ...

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
18,8 km
5:45 h
419 hm
425 hm

The path continues north past secretive coves and wide open beaches, popular with surfers, to Newgale. Here the hard work starts with some steep ...

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
19,9 km
5:40 h
133 hm
136 hm

On today's walk you will experience a feeling of isolation as you wander along the windswept wild headlands. If you are lucky you may spot seals ...

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
18 km
5:40 h
304 hm
287 hm

Although todays walk is shorter than the others it is by no means less challenging. In some coves you will find the remains of old mining ...

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
31,9 km
10:00 h
509 hm
521 hm

Before reaching Pwll Deri be sure to keep an eye out for the stones of Carreg Sampson, marking a neolithic burial site. If the weather is ...

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
20,6 km
6:40 h
395 hm
440 hm

Today you will explore some of the most unspoilt sections of the path. With fewer roads and houses you will pass through peaceful woodland areas ...

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
28,1 km
9:05 h
735 hm
741 hm

After stocking up on supplies for the day you will start today's tough yet rewarding walk. Although it's not the furthest walking day today, it ...

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure