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Old wooden bridge spans the River Brenta at the romantic village Basano del Grappa

Pedalling Prosecco, Padova & Venice

Explore the magical cities of Venice, Vicenza, Padova and Treviso. Enjoy a leisurely wine tasting in the Prosecco Vineyards. Drink in the beautiful Veneto region of Italy. This gentle cycle tour is packed full of renaissance architecture, medieval towns, romantic villas and fine food and wine. 

The art, architecture and culture of Italy’s Veneto region are the legacy of the ancient Republic of Venice which existed for over a millennium from the late 17th century until 1797. This easy going cycle tour visits the jewels of Veneto including Vicenza, shaped by the vision of the great architect Palladio, Bassano del Grappa, renowned for its fiery liqueur and castles, the Prosecco vineyards below the medieval hilltop town of Asolo and of course Venice and the fishing villages of the Venice Lagoon.

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40,6 km
2:20 h
105 hm
39 hm

From Vicenza you cycle north towards the picturesque town of Marostica, famous for its two castles castle and the giant chessboard in the main square.

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
62,2 km
3:15 h
262 hm
357 hm

Your day begins with the only real uphill section of your ride to Asolo. Your reward is one of the most beautiful medieval hilltop villages of ...

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Rennrad · Treviso
Treviso to Mestre/Venice
44,4 km
2:30 h
10 hm
28 hm

Leaving Treviso behind you follow the course of the River Sile to Casale and then on to Mestre, the mainland of Venice.

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
Rennrad · Venezia
Mestre/Venice to Chioggia
45,7 km
2:30 h
48 hm
53 hm

This is the most exciting day, pedalling on two narrow islands that divide the Adriatic from the Venice lagoon: Malamocco and the island of ...

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
53,6 km
3:00 h
23 hm
7 hm

Today you can look forward to pedalling along the two rivers that carried trade in and out of Venice over the centuries that it dominated the ...

von Macs Adventure,   Macs Adventure
61,3 km
3:30 h
96 hm
41 hm

Shortly after starting your day you will pass through Padova, a great city of art and learning, before reaching Costozza on your way to Vicenza

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