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Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho Route

Walking Up Kilimanjaro Via the Lemosho Route
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Top schwer
9,4 km
2:15 h
662 hm
662 hm

Leaving the Shira plateau behind head up to the Lava tower, A walk down the Barranco valley to Barranco Camp.

von Jim EARLAM,   Community
4,4 km
5:01 h
456 hm
394 hm

A climb up the impressive Barranco wall followed by a traverse along the mountain which is getting ever closer.

von Jim EARLAM,   Community
Top schwer
3,4 km
4:03 h
627 hm
2 hm

A walk to base camp, the summit bid is getting closer, great views of the mountain.

von Jim EARLAM,   Community
Top schwer
8,4 km
11:17 h
1.240 hm
1.233 hm

It’s arrived! You are about to achieve an ambition and climb to ‘The Roof of Africa’.

von Jim EARLAM,   Community
4,1 km
1:58 h
0 hm
882 hm

You’ve achieved an ambition and fulfilled a dream. Make sure you take it all in before heading down. It’s a long way and you’re going to be very ...

von Jim EARLAM,   Community
Top schwer
12,4 km
4:56 h
5 hm
2.269 hm

A celebratory walk from Millennium Camp to the finish at Mweka Gate which provides a great last view of the mountain you came to climb. Well Done.

von Jim EARLAM,   Community
Top schwer
4,3 km
2:29 h
402 hm
23 hm

Short acclimatisation walk through the forest to the sound of crickets with colobus monkeys in the trees.

von Jim EARLAM,   Community
Top schwer
7,6 km
5:51 h
876 hm
155 hm

Leave the forest behind and enjoy ever expanding views over Tanzania into Kenya, cross the Shira ridge and descend to Shira 1 camp.

von Jim EARLAM,   Community
9,2 km
5:35 h
464 hm
61 hm

Walking along the Shira Plateau with views of Kili all the way. Leave packs and climb up to Shira Cathedral before a further climb up to Shira Huts ...

von Jim EARLAM,   Community