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Inspirational Mountain Biking Routes UK

Mountain Biking is now more popular than ever with a growing number of specialist centres are springing up across the United Kingdom. You don't have to be an expert rider to appreciate some custom-made trails. That said, not all of the areas are strictly for mountain bikes.  So If you're looking for inspiration then we've got you covered with this inspirational list of routes below.
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Hannah Cox 
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Karte / North London off-road mountain biking loop
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 34,3 km
Dauer 13:23 h
Aufstieg 490 hm
Abstieg 490 hm

95% off-road loop on footpaths and bridleways thru Hertfordshire countryside start New Barnet Station via Hadley Wood, nr Potter’s Bar, thru Five ...

von Ben King,   Community
Karte / Fritham Gravel mtb route with cafe stop
Schwierigkeit leicht
Strecke 29,3 km
Dauer 13:43 h
Aufstieg 220 hm
Abstieg 220 hm

Gravel track loop across some of the best and quietest parts of the New Forest

von Ros Harper,   Community
Schwierigkeit leicht
Strecke 24,6 km
Dauer 2:11 h
Aufstieg 43 hm
Abstieg 44 hm

An interesting cycle round Rutland Water, this route does the shortened 15.25 mile route. It can be extended to over 21 miles by taking in the ...

von Jim Storer,   Community
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 30,8 km
Dauer 2:37 h
Aufstieg 37 hm
Abstieg 38 hm

Route around the Beater trail and line burner trail at Thetford forest.

von Ben Howard,   Community
Schwierigkeit leicht
Strecke 16 km
Dauer 2:26 h
Aufstieg 493 hm
Abstieg 494 hm

A great little ride, but one that still packs a reasonable punch. Good moorland trails lead onto some superb technical singletrack before finishing ...

von Mountain Biking UK Magazine,   Mountain Biking UK Magazine
Schwierigkeit schwer
Strecke 27,7 km
Dauer 13:17 h
Aufstieg 752 hm
Abstieg 752 hm

A great low-level ride for all conditions, with refreshments and bail-out options. Good for intermediate riders, though still tough physically.

von Mountain Biking UK Magazine,   Mountain Biking UK Magazine
Schwierigkeit leicht
Strecke 11,5 km
Dauer 1:14 h
Aufstieg 98 hm
Abstieg 98 hm

A nice, easy, gentle ride around reservoirs and an 1820s viaduct, providing great views out across the Firth of Clyde, with easy navigation ...

von Mountain Biking UK Magazine,   Mountain Biking UK Magazine
Schwierigkeit schwer
Strecke 12,8 km
Dauer 1:10 h
Aufstieg 51 hm
Abstieg 51 hm

The Red Trail is suitable for proficient mountain bikers with good off road riding skills. Good quality Mountain Bikes needed to tackle this route.

von Jack Hutton,   Community
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 56,2 km
Dauer 4:44 h
Aufstieg 39 hm
Abstieg 36 hm

This is a great cycle route taking you along the coast on NCR 2 to Shoreham before heading inland along the celebrated Downs Link Cycle path that ...

von stephen bell,   Community
Karte / MBR The Long Gap, Brecon Beacons
Schwierigkeit schwer
Strecke 33,4 km
Dauer 5:17 h
Aufstieg 615 hm
Abstieg 618 hm

Distance: 35kmClimb: c.1,000m

von Rhyadd Keaney-Watkins,   Community