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High Peaks & Lakes of the Rila & Pirin

Explore the majestic peaks of the Rila and Pirin mountains as you follow the high trails through authentic Bulgaria—past jagged peaks and glistening lakes. Reach lofty trailheads by road, cable car and chair lift as you trek through some of the Balkans’ most spectacular alpine scenery, including the region’s highest summits.

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Musala Summit
14,2 km
4:40 h
645 hm
647 hm
Begin your adventure by scaling the Balkans’ highest summit—Musala (2925m/9596ft)
von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
18,7 km
6:40 h
1160 hm
1157 hm
Discover the 7 glacier lakes along this trail and be blown away by the magnificent scenery.
von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Wanderung · Bulgarien
Polezhan Summit
6,9 km
2:44 h
581 hm
581 hm
Set off for the Polezhan Summit (2851m/9354ft) which arguably offers one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Pirin.
von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Wanderung · Bulgarien
Cirque of the Banderishki Lake
7,8 km
2:46 h
406 hm
407 hm
The most strenuous of the choice of today's walks, walk up to Banderishki Lake.
von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure
Wanderung · Bulgarien
Vihren Summit
7,3 km
3:39 h
923 hm
926 hm
Summit Mount Vihren today, a tough but rewarding walk. 
von Minna Harshbarger,   Macs Adventure