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Cheddar Caravan Club Site

Cheddar Caravan Club Site

Routes nearby the club site.
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Laura Cass
aktualisiert am: 01.07.2021
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The Caravan and Motorhome Club

Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 15,3 km
Dauer 4:17 h
Aufstieg 394 hm
Abstieg 394 hm

Possibly the most scenic route I've done in the Mendips, starting at Axbridge Reservoir this route takes you to Callow Rocks Quarry, then across ...

von Andy Walker,   Community
Schwierigkeit leicht
Strecke 11,2 km
Dauer 2:57 h
Aufstieg 147 hm
Abstieg 146 hm

An interesting route starting at the top of Cheddar Gorge, heading to the highest point on the Mendips Beacon Batch, circling around Charterhouse ...

von Andy Walker,   Community
Mountainbike · Somerset
Cheddar, Mendip Hills (MBK345)
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 23,4 km
Dauer 6:40 h
Aufstieg 548 hm
Abstieg 548 hm

A lovely ride out onto the moors that also explores some of the great singletrack in the woods at Rowberrow Warren and includes the stunning ...

von Mountain Biking UK Magazine,   Mountain Biking UK Magazine
Wanderung · Somerset
Shipham, Mendip Hills
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 11,3 km
Dauer 3:14 h
Aufstieg 278 hm
Abstieg 273 hm

A Discovering Britain walk exploring the western Mendip Hills

von Royal Geographical Society,   Royal Geographical Society
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 9,1 km
Dauer 2:35 h
Aufstieg 246 hm
Abstieg 246 hm

One of the most scenic route I've done in the Mendips, starting at King's Wood this route takes you across Wavering Down to Crook Peak with their ...

von Andy Walker,   Community
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 13,1 km
Dauer 3:52 h
Aufstieg 400 hm
Abstieg 400 hm

Velvet Bottom to Cheddar (Circular) Via Long Wood and Black Rock

von Sam & Snooper,   Community
Schwierigkeit leicht
Strecke 7,5 km
Dauer 2:41 h
Aufstieg 261 hm
Abstieg 261 hm

A great afternoon out with the family. Views from the top of the gorge span across it and Somerset.The walk finishes with a trip down Jacobs ladder ...

von Sam & Snooper,   Community
Strecke 22,4 km
Dauer 7:38 h
Aufstieg 535 hm
Abstieg 533 hm

This ride climbs the Mendips twice, from north to south then vice versa, offering panoramic views out across the Bristol Channel and over the ...

von Nick Cotton,   Nick Cotton
Schwierigkeit schwer
Strecke 4,9 km
Dauer 2:27 h
Aufstieg 60 hm
Abstieg 61 hm

A night hike in the Mendips offer a rare opportunity to witness a host of nocturnal goings on as well as the magical dawn chorus.Distance 3¼ miles ...

von BBC Countryfile Magazine,   BBC Countryfile Magazine
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 11,1 km
Dauer 3:07 h
Aufstieg 215 hm
Abstieg 215 hm

A walk from Winscombe down the Strawberry Line to Axbridge (coffee stop), then up over the Mendips to Shipham (lunch stop) and back to Winscombe.

von John Mash,   Community