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Burrs Country Park Caravan Club Site

Burrs Country Park Caravan Club Site

Routes nearby the club site.
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Laura Cass
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The Caravan and Motorhome Club

Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 9,4 km
Dauer 2:40 h
Aufstieg 255 hm
Abstieg 255 hm

Park for free on Square Street, Ramsbottom, around the corner from the Railway station.Took 4 people 3 hours leisurely.

von Michael Prais,   Community
Schwierigkeit leicht
Strecke 4,6 km
Dauer 1:25 h
Aufstieg 173 hm
Abstieg 174 hm

Peel Tower is visible to the eye from many locations across the Greater Manchester. On a Good Day this circular route offers impressive views ...

von The Urban Ranger,   Community
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 26,2 km
Dauer 7:11 h
Aufstieg 531 hm
Abstieg 530 hm

Town to Holcombe Moor and back, lasso shape clockwise

von Matthew Schofield,   Community
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 24,6 km
Dauer 6:36 h
Aufstieg 339 hm
Abstieg 339 hm

This circular walk from Bury takes in the Tottington Lines, Peel Tower at Holcombe, Pilgrims Cross, Bull Hill, Buckden Wood, Stubbins, Nuttall Park ...

von Matthew Schofield,   Community
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 18,3 km
Dauer 4:54 h
Aufstieg 279 hm
Abstieg 280 hm

Gentle hike

von Matthew Schofield,   Community
Karte / Deepley Vale Circular from Gallows Hill
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 6,8 km
Dauer 1:48 h
Aufstieg 89 hm
Abstieg 90 hm

Great short walk. Slightly boggy in some parts of the first half of the walk but doable even the day after lots of rain in January.

von Michael Prais,   Community
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 9,8 km
Dauer 2:41 h
Aufstieg 208 hm
Abstieg 210 hm

From Car Park drops down to the Irwell river and follow it north to then ascend to Moor Road and return south optionally ascending to Peel Tower.

von Eric Crichton,   Community
Wanderung · Rochdale
Cheesden Valley, Lancashire
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 9,7 km
Dauer 2:35 h
Aufstieg 155 hm
Abstieg 156 hm

An intriguing walk among the gaunt, skeletal remains of Victorian textile mills that litter the moors and gorges above RochdaleDistance 6 miles (10 ...

von BBC Countryfile Magazine,   BBC Countryfile Magazine
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 6,6 km
Dauer 1:48 h
Aufstieg 144 hm
Abstieg 157 hm

Gentle(ish) walk to the Tower and over the moor. A bit boggy in parts but no navigation problems in good weather. Nice views across Manchester and ...

von Dave Carr,   Community
Karte / Peel Tower Ramsbottom
Schwierigkeit mittel
Strecke 11,3 km
Dauer 2:20 h
Aufstieg 302 hm
Abstieg 299 hm

Sunday 20th March, Sunday stroll to Peel tower Ramsbottom via Holcolmbe Moor, visiting Irwell Brewery Taps.

von Adrian Clark Camramblers Walking Club,   Community